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When he chooses the one considered as a traitor to the throne to get back to his fiancée and ends up falling for her. To many people she is the reason he might loose his crown as the next king of the kingdom but to him she is the best thing that ever happened to him. Everyone finds them odd but she is his strength to the power seat. Prince Alex lost his crown just because of a s*x scandal between he and his maid Emily Everyone underestimated their union because no one sees anything good coming out of their union, his parents sees their union as a wrong step while Emily and Alex proves how love conquers by supporting each other to becoming a powerful person.

Chapter 1

I stood at the door of prince Alex three bedroom luxury apartment with my heart hitting my chest hard.

I had his clothes in my hand but I hate to just come across him but I just have to come across him each day because I am assigned to take care of so many things for him although I understand that free s*x is among why I was employed for him because his mom always complained of him coming with too much of girls. I am more like his personal maid.

Because I haven't let him have a taste of me , he yells at me.

I slowly knock on his door and his personal guard walk open the door for me.

I walked in with his clothes.

I walked into his private closet which is a whole room to arrange his clothes.

I wanted to go but I decided to ask him if he needs anything before I would go to sleep.

I knock and no one answered, I knocked again and he answered.

" Come in" he says.

I walked in and I began to feel strange, I began to feel hot inside of me, I try to control myself but I couldn't.

I quickly wanted to ask questions and leave.

" Sir ,........." the next thing he walked closer to me and threw me to the bed, I tried struggling even though I was becoming weak and have no power over what I am currently feeling inside of me.

I feel horny right now, I needed someone to touch me right now, I was wet already.

I managed to struggle but he over powered me and tore off my dress, he began to kiss me roughly and before I knew it we were both naked and before I knew it I was no longer a virgin, I felt the pain but didn't care because my sense were not working right, he went several times on me with me wanting more.

Finally after our wild s*x we drifted into sleep, I didn't wake up until we turn and hit each other's arm in the bed.

I slowly opened my eyes and next I heard the prince yelled out.

" What?! At the sound of his name , I opened my eyes and wanted to quickly jumped out of the bed instead I fell off the bed.

I was scared , my body was in serious pain , I was going to stand up when I saw his legs that he was already in front of me.

I used my hand to cover my chest and shaking. I quickly sit up, I move back in fear with tears dripping down my face while he follows me.

I could see anger written all over his face, I am yet to know what happened to me.

I moved back and my back hit the wall, he bends crouch down before me and he burst into laughter.

" You should have said you are ready to have me, I would have given it to you from every angle that you wanted it, I used to respect you a lot that you are different from every other girl that has worked for me but you are no different" he says.

Tears dripped down my face as he said those words.

What a pity I didn't know how sweet you tasted, we were wild last night but I didn't do it the way I use to picture it in my head but I never knew you know so much about spiking one's drink" he says and it was at that moment I began to think back to one of the maid who had come to me with smoothie saying that was what she wanted to have that night that I should drink it but then I remember we were about five that drank the smoothie and I said inside of me.

" Why was I that affected that I was behaving that way? Why did I wanted s*x so badly last night that I couldn't control my myself? I asked myself inside of me.

" Why are you crying? That's a crocodile tears you got what you wanted and since you started it we will have it in my own way this morning" he said , he drag me up and I began to plead with him , he drop my hand and I move back, I hit my back on the wall, he walks towards me , he trapped me in the wall, I didn't force you, you came to me on your own" he says.

He moves his hand to my thigh while he has his one hand on the wall with his face close to mine like he was about to kiss and the door opened.

" What?! A female voice yelled.

I looked towards the direction of the woman and it was his fiancée Rose who stood rooted and shocked to her even I stood shaking with tears dripping down my face while she stood tapping her feet on the floor, tears streamed down her face too.

" So it was true? When I saw that video of you online , I never believed it , it's fine" she says.

I feel really scared for my life right now, I manage running behind Rose to the door and she turn to me.

" Little wh*r*! You do not need to go away , you can have home to yourself isn't that what you want?! She yelled.

Tears dripped down my face because how it all happened was is still not clear to me yet I am tagged a wh*r*.

I slowly strode out of the room while Rose walked past me, I had to pause for her to walk away but she turned back instead.

" Even if you like lay with him five million times, he will never marry a girl like you, you will remain a wh*r* to him just like every other girl that has thrown herself at him and as for the Video whoever sent you does not love you because you just dig your grave " she said while the prince run after her trying to wear his shirt.

" It's not what you think baby"he says while she increases her pace and he follows her pleading.

I tears stopped at once and began to think of what video it was.

Chapter 2

I climbed down the stairs and I could hear murmurs about Video circulating, the way Prince Alex men were staring at me looks suspicious, the atmosphere felt awkward, I had to walk faster and rush out, I rush towards the maids quarter and I saw the maids and servants gathered watching something and I walked closer and as they noticed me they all left one by one while my sister Cassie who also walk in the same palace came running to me with worries written all over her face.

" Have you seen the trending video of you and the prince? She asked.

" Video?! What Video? I asked in surprise.

" Oh, you haven't seen it? She asked.

" No" I replied.

" It was a video of you and the prince having a wild sex and it looks like a raped stuff, both of you nakedness is out there, people have been sharing and talking about it" she says to me.

" A sex video of me and ........" I said with tears dripping down my face.


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