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Fall in love with the philandering CEO

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Born in an orphanage at the age of ten, she thanked him for meeting Uncle Long Legs. He not only generously sponsored her to study, but also took care of elementary school, middle school and high school. Rooting and sprouting occupies the most important position. When she suffered an unexpected bullying incident and decided to grow up and never get married, she was physically and mentally traumatized and wanted to commit suicide by jumping into the sea. It was he who stood guarding her outside the intensive care unit for three days without eating or drinking. He fixed his eyes on her and said with a smile: "Xiaoxue, you are not as good as Prince Charming. I will help you find Prince Charming." At that time, she was weeping bitterly in the breast of her adoptive father. To her, only he was her Prince Charming. When she graduated from high school and entered his family company to work as his secretary, they changed from a simple relationship between adoptive father and adopted daughter, and participated in the year-end masquerade held by the company wearing a mask. She danced with him like a royal princess. Waltz, he confessed his love for her, the dance ended at midnight, she was like a runaway Cinderella, leaving behind a satin white high-heeled shoe, and when she left, her heart was lost on him like a glass slipper , but she was unable to confess, and he, who was handsome and handsome for half a month, wanted to be her cousin-in-law?

Chapter 1

In 1990, July 27, for the general public, the day passed a new day, tearing off the old calendar and replacing it with a new one, but it was very important in the heart of Ren Jingxue, a nine-year-old elementary school girl. because it was her parents who held a birthday party for her, the house of the old apartment on the third floor was spotless and the walls were hung with happy birthday strips.

Ren Jingxue has a melon seed face, bright and unforgettable features, a pair of bright eyes full of warmth, long black hair shiny scattered on the shoulder, a beautiful girl who looks beautiful before she is an adult.

"chocolate cake and Italian muffins." Wen Mei reached out and touched her daughter's head and smiled lovingly.

"Wow! My favorite chocolate cake! "wearing a high-waisted dark purple ribbon velvet dress, with a Victorian-style coat, Ren Jingxue, who is gentle and elegant in temperament, smiled.

At this birthday party, Ren Jingxue invited 20 girls in her primary school class to attend.

She thought she was the happiest child, thinking that the female teacher in kindergarten once said, "A child with a mother is like a treasure, and a child without a mother is like grass."

It is rare that my father, who seldom stays at home, is now celebrating her birthday at home.

"Lesser Snow, if you are the birthday boy, blow out the candles. Close your eyes and make three wishes in your heart. "Ren raised the corners of his mouth slightly on a cold day, showing a smile of interest.

"mm-hmm." Ren Jingxue nodded, smiled, blew out the candle with closed eyes, made three wishes, and then asked Wen Meiqin to cut small pieces of chocolate cake with a fork for the girls in the class to enjoy.

Ren Lengtian used to call his daughter Lesser Snow by the nickname. Now he walked slowly to the round chair where his daughter sat with a gift box in his hand.

"Dad, is it my birthday present? You want to give it to me? Ren Jingxue was originally eating a small piece of chocolate cake. When she looked up and saw her father open the gift box, it was a romance novel by Xi Jian (my blue). She liked reading romance novels best, which was much more enthusiastic than fairy tales.

"Why don't you thank your father quickly? it's rare for him to buy you a present." Wen Meiqin smiled faintly with a mist in her eyes.

Ren Jingxue ran to Ren Lengtian's waist, hugged her leg and smiled: "I will cherish this love novel."

"mm-hmm. "Ren reached out and touched her forehead on a cold day:" this is a good boy. "

Suddenly the phablet phone in the pocket of the cold weather rang, and he took out his phone to answer: "Hello!" I am Ren Lengtian, Sophie, you are back home, waiting for me to have dinner at the sunken nightclub. Okay, I'll be right there. "

"Today is Lesser Snow's birthday. Can't you stay at home with us more often? Wen Meiqin blinked, her voice a little hoarse and choked.

"No, I have business to do. I'm the most handsome cleaner in the science park." Ren's cold face was expressionless and quickly turned away.

"Dad, why doesn't he always have dinner at home? Ren Jingxue asked doubtfully, weeping.

"your father, he probably doesn't like the way I cook. It's not delicious." Wen Meiqin knows the real reason, but in front of her daughter, she doesn't want to bother Lesser Snow.

She wants her daughter to have a happy childhood memory.

After the birthday party was over, Ren Jingxue sat on the bed reading my blue, accompanied by the pudding dog doll given to her by Wen Meiqin.

President! I don't seem to have met this big shot by my side. When I'm an adult, I'm going to have a CEO boyfriend, too.

Ren Jingxue sang that she had to, and her eyes were full of warmth.

"it's great that my father didn't treat my graffiti writing white paper as garbage." Thinking that her father finally agreed with her writing, Ren Jingxue felt very satisfied and smiled happily.

However, hearing her daughter's happy laughter outside the door, Wen Meiqin burst into tears when she thought of her husband's flirtatious love affair and knowing a mistress. She's so miserable!


In September, on the opening day of the school, Ren Jingxue stayed at home in the apartment with a cold. Wen Meiqin cooked porridge and pickled melons, and won the influenza prize at a young age.

Ren Jingxue eats porridge and then eats pickled melons. She wants to recover early and start writing novel stories. She wants to become an online writer and tell her stories online.

Before she knew it, Wen Meiqin's smile was less and her sad expression was more. She wanted to save her feelings with her husband Ren Lengtian, who had worked hard to be a cleaner.

They are married because of love, not the order of their parents, or the traditional way of dating.

”Snow, go to bed first and wake you up when your father comes back. “

"OK." Ren Jingxue nodded and went to bed.


On September 10, after three days of thunderstorm, Ren Leng had just returned home to rest, but was ready to go out to eat with beautiful young girls.

Wen Meiqin could not hold back her temper any longer. The seemingly estranged couple opened the window to speak frankly.

"I don't allow you to go out. I'm not the only one who owns the child. I have to deal with the matter of raising the child."

"I'm still young and handsome. Why should I be trapped next to you, a yellow-faced woman?" Ren Lengtian drank angrily.

"You......" Wen Meiqin cried bitterly, ate a large bag of powder, stared at him, and his heart was full of twists and turns. Unexpectedly, he was so unkind. How could she have looked at him with all her heart and soul? She was really met with inhuman!

"It's no use committing suicide. I'm going to marry He Meiqi." Ren Lengtian spoke out the name of the mistress he knew with impunity.

"I took the antidepressant medicine from the department of psychiatry." Wen Meiqin was expressionless. She was already disheartened. "If you are still in Jingxue, you should stay at home and don't go out with other women, can you?"

"I'm sorry. I think Jingxue is just the shadow of her writing. She likes writing novels as much as I do. I'm proud of that. I have no other feelings for her." Ren Lengtian said calmly.

Then, Wen Meiqin knew that she could not stop her husband who had gone away.


At a private nursing home in Zhudong Town, Hsinchu County, vegetable money is added on October 10, and each orphan child can eat an extra stewed chicken leg.

Ren Jingxue looked at this old Japanese bungalow with bored eyes.

She has been here for a month. Her father Ren Lengtian and his mistress he Meiqi died in a series of car accidents.

She did not know, until the traffic police asked, she learned the news from her mother Wen Meiqin, she did not even see the last face of her father.

She hung her head quietly, ate stewed chicken legs, saw that her mother had never appeared to see her, and suddenly knew that she had been forgotten by her mother, and that she was an abandoned orphan girl.

She believed that her mother loved her and was unsure of her father's love, which proved that her father did not care about her and did not want her.

As time went by, her mother Wen Meiqin visited her once after half a year, and then she never saw her again half a year later.

Soon she stayed in the Fuxin nursing home for a full year.

Chapter 2

Recently, there is a popular story about a legendary figure in Taiwan's business circle. In 2000, Tang Shaofei, the general manager of Tang's Information Technology Company, founded the company with an annual income of 300 million U.S. dollars. Many people are also eager to buy.

Tang Shaofei is still very young. He graduated from Harvard University in the United States at the age of twenty. He is a handsome, majestic and uninhibited handsome man.

Hong Kong, at twelve o'clock in the middle of the night, Tang Shaofei finished the cooperation case of multinational corporations discussed with the client in the German business center, and he immediately wanted to eat Hong Kong-style dim sum after returning with a full load.

"Tezhu Li, I have a three-day vacation. I want to go back to Taiwan to see sister Die Wan's art exhibition, and visit Grandpa Tang by the way."

Li Tezhu is a boy, who has been with Y


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