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Fake Bride

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Lauren and Leslie are two identical twin sisters with different personalities. Lauren got engaged to Caden, the second son of the richest man in America but a day before her wedding, she had heart failure and needed treatment as soon as possible. She was flown to Korea and her twin sister Leslie was told to pretend like her to get married to the second son. What happens when Laura returns to claim her original right? Will Caden be able to tell who he had fallen in love with? What is the fate of these two sisters as they fight their way into the heart of Caden Max Holton?

Chapter 1

Leslie's Pov

"Who is this Larry?!!" I yelled sarcastically at Larry; my soon-to-be ex-boyfriend.

Larry was my boyfriend whom I loved and trusted with my whole heart, I have been having suspicions lately that he was cheating on me but I chose not to believe it because I concluded her had no reason to but here he was right in front of me under the sheets and sweating like he just arrived from a marathon race.

"Leslie, what are you doing here?" He asked; startled by my presence.

I smirked at him and walked towards him and without warning I uncovered the bedsheet and found nothing. I was still suspicious since he was visibly shaken but he grabbed the sheets from my hand and covered himself.

"It's not what you think, okay? I can explain." Larry stated as he tried to hold my hand.

"Get your filthy hands off me!" I yelled at him.

"Babe!" Larry cooed.

"Don't you dare!" I warned him.

My eyes trailed from his guilty look down to the sheets that covered him, I noticed a part of the sheets was still intact and I didn't open it, his eyes trailed mine and he knew what I was up to immediately I drew closer, before he could protest; I uncovered the sheets totally to see a close friend of mine, I chuckled softly to myself.

"Wow! I never thought you could do this Pauline, You always criticized Larry and said he wasn't your type." I said in disbelief.

Pauline hid her face in shame but I wasn't in for her pretense so I simply turned my attention back to Larry.

"It's over between us Larry," I told him.

I turned back and went for the door when I suddenly remembered something, I turned back to look at the two who were now covered in the sweat of their sins.

"By the way, you look good together. You are a perfect match." I pointed at both of them and stomped out of their hotel room.

I went to the bar in the hotel and ordered some whiskey, though I acted tough, I was deeply hurt, I had loved and trusted them both yet they betrayed my trust and I desperately wished that it was all a dream and that I would wake up to the reality that they were loyal to me but the pain reminded me that I wasn't hallucinating.

I didn't go home that night because I was broken but instead lodged at the hotel. The next morning I cussed loudly as my loud ringtone woke me up. I grudgingly took the phone and checked the caller's ID; it was my mom and I picked it up instantly.

"Hello m..." I said drowsily.

"You have to come home immediately, Les!" My mother's voice cried out over the phone.

"What is it, Mom? Is something wrong?" I asked as I was now fully awake.

"It's your sister, she's unconscious," Mom replied and I could tell she was crying.

"I'll be home in a few minutes," I said and hung up.

I didn't bother to bath so I wore my clothes as fast as I could, picked up my handbag and ran out of the hotel room, the room service called me back to check out but I paid no attention to him, by the time they had reached me I had gotten into my car and drove at a very high speed, something bad had happened to my sister and I had to be there.

I arrived at the gate to our Estate a few minutes later and honked loudly, the gatekeeper opened the gate as fast as he could and he greeted me as I drove in, I ignored his greetings and turned off the ignition of the car as soon as I was in, I left my bag and the car door open and ran into the mansion.

“Mom, Dad!” I called worriedly as I walked into the sitting room.

“Leslie!” Mom cried out and I quickly gave a warm hug.

"Where's my sister?" I asked impatiently.

She took me to Lauren’s room and there, I couldn't believe my eyes. Before my eyes, my twin looked half-dead. I crashed to the ground and softly held her hands. They were cold and I knew she was in severe pain.

“Tomorrow is her wedding day but I’m afraid that she won’t be able to make it." Her doctor said, I lifted my head to see the doctor whom I didn't notice at first.

"It’s better to get her treated immediately, we found a donor in Korea, she has to get operated on immediately.” Mom explained.

I sniffed as tears rolled freely down my cheeks, my twin was lying unconscious and had to leave the country on the day of her wedding, being the younger of us both, though we were twenty-one years of age yet she had taken care and always looked after me like my mom would.

Lauren suffered a heart disease ever since we were young, she had undergone countless surgeries and had the best doctors attend to her. We are the third richest family in the city and it was no news yet that she had to suffer this way. I stroked her palm gently and kissed her forehead.

"You'll be fine Lauren, I promise," I said to her.

I spent a few more minutes there and the doctor advised that she be left alone for a while so I had to grudgingly leave.

“So, what decision did you make?” I asked Mom as we left Lauren’s room to the sitting room.

“Lauren and the wedding are very important to the family, this is just wrong timing,” Mom said and sniffed.

“Your mother is right, Choosing between the both of them is difficult,” Dad interjected.

“What are you talking about? You can’t choose between your daughter and the wedding?” I yelled at them and stood up angrily.

"Leslie." My mother cautioned.

“Her life is on the line right now and you're bothered about the wedding? Is this some sort of sick joke? Are you that heartless? I mean absolutely nothing is more important than Lauren’s life right now! Not even the darn wedding!” I yelled angrily and walked out on them, heading to my room.

“Leslie!” They both called out to me but I ignored them.

Lauren is engaged to the top richest family in New York, son. He is the second and last son of the Holton:'s family.

I went abroad when I was sixteen years old and came back a few months ago because of the problem my parents were facing at the company.

Due to my dad’s carelessness, he was deceived into signing millions of dollars in contracts that ended up very badly.

The company was in big trouble.

When I came back, my parents said that the Holton family wanted to help the company but in return, they wanted me to get married to their second son.

They didn’t know I was back in the country and they wanted me back so we could proceed with the wedding. But Dad said no, that Lauren was better than me. It was better to marry Lauren into the Holton family than me as I was very clumsy and brought nothing but trouble.

So, the Holtons family agreed and set up a blind date between Lauren and Caden. According to the Holtons, Caden liked Lauren and was willing to marry her and they were both engaged. Tomorrow is the wedding and Lauren is lying unconscious on the bed.

That evening, Lauren’s condition worsened and my parents had no choice but to book a late-night flight to Korea. Mom said she was going to go with Lauren while Dad stayed at home with me.

“What about the marriage tomorrow? shouldn't we tell the Holtons it won’t be possible and cancel the wedding?” I asked my parents.

“Sit down Leslie, that is what we want to discuss with you before Lauren and I leave,” Mom said and she looked very serious.

I sat down on the couch and stared at my mom.

“You know that Lauren and you are very identical, right? And outsiders cannot tell you apart right?” Mom asked.

I raised my eyebrows but just nodded my head.

“We can’t cancel the wedding as it means a lot to us if we go bankrupt, we won’t be able to afford your sister’s surgical bills,” Mom said.

“Get straight to the point, Mom,” I said impatiently.

“You will have to get married tomorrow in place of Lauren,” Dad announced.

“What!” I yelled in disbelief.

Chapter 2

Leslie's Pov

I burst into laughter as I stared at my parents, there was no way they were serious about what Dad said so I laughed at them and expected them to join me but instead they frowned.

“We are serious Leslie!” Dad yelled at me, making me abruptly end my hysterical laughter.

“No, you're not Dad." I insisted.

"I am and you're going to do as I say!" Dad said sternly.

"And why should I?" I asked daringly.

"Why shouldn't you? You have never done anything tangible except bring trouble to us all, the least you can do is save your sister some face!" Dad yelled.

There, Dad was doing it again, comparing me with Lauren, he loved to remind me of how successful, dutiful, and obedient Lauren was and how I was nothing but a pain in the ass to him.

“You are right, Dad! You said yourself that Lauren and I are different, why should I take her place? What if I get caught? We may look alike bu


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