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Eve of the Festives

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Kendra Armstrong finds herself stuck to Jaime Espinoza during a mistake she did during her first day at work, which led to their forced marriage at the eve of the festive, putting Kendra at a vulnerable position with her ailing boyfriend Dannie. "Everything happened during the festive season right? I told you, sometimes we loose the ability to choose our destiny because those with money choose it for us Kendra." On his death bed, Dannie spoke. It was also during the eve of the festival season, and this threw her in a fit of anger and sadness. "Dannie, you'll be fine." She cried. "I see my end. But I have something to leave behind for you. You sacrificed your happiness for my sake, I can't pay back that. But I can do something." "I don't need anything Dannie, I don't need sacrifices. You've helped me a lot." "No. Listen to me, Grandfather is on the life support machines, when I die, please take my heart and give it to him."... During the festival season I found someone, and later lost someone in return....

Chapter 1: Thought I said no ladies


“Mr. Espinoza, this is the festive season and as we know the media is always alert. That calls for you keeping your records clean for the sake of your high profile. Please, make sure you avoid festive scandals.”

The assistant's voice came through the earpiece.

“We know sometimes it’s hard to shy away from your lifestyle for a while but this calls for the success of your business. You’re a high profile and anyone can do anything to mess your position. Please… take care.”

After cutting off the connection, Jaime Espinoza stepped into the elevator and waited. The guards all lined up to ensure their boss' safety. He looked around, his eyes showing nothing but dissatisfaction.

“Boss, this way. The media is waiting.“ the guard said.

Jaime Espinoza stood silent for a while before brushing off.

“Am in no mood.”

This was the famous festive season, Christmas, parties, auctions and all the festivals that came with the year ending. And this year, he really was in the spotlight as always. That called for leaving his lifestyle for a while as his assistant had said earlier over the ear piece.

Jaime Espinoza dialed a number and it went through immediately. The person on the other end became alert.


“How is the arrangement for the night?”

“Cool. Everything is set according to your taste boss. No mess!”

“No ladies!”

He cut off the receiver and his eyes travelled far off. The files his right hand man carried reflected in his eyes, and he found it too hard to live the way he was supposed to live in this season.

It was just a matter of thirty or thirty one days or so, but to him, it was all eternity. How can he live without ladies? S*x? Definitely that would consume a good amount of his patience. But for his own good and for the reputation of the company, he still had to do it.

Big Nation Hotel

After being assigned a job just earlier the same day, Kendra was obviously feeling happy having to start a new life. She didn’t have a place to stay yet, and she wasn’t given enough time to look for any. Either way, she still felt this whole struggles would pay.

Talking over the phone with her boyfriend, Kendra was amidst tears.

“That former Job… I regret accepting to start over there. I didn’t know life in town was this hard. Dannie!”

“Hey my dear, life is not a straight line. We go through all that struggles so we could grow stronger.” Dannie said over the other end.

“I know… I almost slept on the streets!” Kendra said sadly, obviously emotional.

“I'll read a story book for you. You know I always do that!” Dannie comforted her and she silently stopped to listen to him read.

But it didn’t take long before she was called in. She cut off the receiver, her face a bit relaxed as she walked over.

It was already getting late, but being a new worker and a hustler, she was not going to complain.

“You'll be cleaning the upper floor for the visitors. Be careful because we have special visitors today… a special visitor to be precise!” the person in office said.

“Ok sir.” Kendra obeyed and was immediately led to the elevator and disposed off to the top floor.

She didn’t really complain but started work right away. It was tiring, but she knew her labor was not in vain. That kept her going anyway.

Darkness crept in and Kendra looked out through the transparent glass. The city below shone and the street lights lit up the streets. It was a good sight since she had come from a less developed area. She placed down the cleaning equipment as her phone vibrated. It was a call from grandpa.

“Kendra, are you ok?” grandpa asked. “You told me you dropped your job. Life in town must be hard for you. Just come back home!”

“Grandpa… don’t worry about me. Am pretty fine after getting a job in another big hotel!” Kendra replied with a smile and she heard him sigh on the other end.

“That's good.” Grandpa laughed happily. “Evan is here and wants to talk to you.”

There was shuffle and a little voice came through. “Aunty!”

Exactly, she was an aunty to Evan. His brother had managed to just have one child before he had perished in an accident. Grandpa had just her, and Evan to call relatives.

“Evan!” Kendra became emotional. She missed this little soul. “You’re doing fine right?”

“yeah… and today, a helicopter passed on top of our home. Does it belong to Mr. Espinoza?” Evan was so possessed with this rich man.

“Probably.” Kendra laughed.

They talked much. Kendra was specifically happy to tell little Evan that she got a job and would be coming home come new year. Evan was actually happy that he would be seeing her soon. He was only twelve, but his attachment to Kendra was quite good.

Jaime Espinoza walked into the room after taking his medically checked meals. He stepped out of the elevator and his right hand man opened the door for him. Jaime Espinoza closed the door and walked into the room. He stood stranded on the bedside, there on the bed lay a young lady with pretty pale skin and next to her was a pile of washing materials. “I thought I said no ladies!” Jaime Espinoza pulled the cover off the lady and a completely naked body met his eyes.

Chapter 2: Come for your Resignation


She was completely asleep, her eyes closed like some mermaid at peace. Her long hair was scattered all over the bed with her hand slightly covering part of her pale face.

She looked extremely tired and worn out. Her cleaning uniform was carefully placed aside and in its place was a completely lithe body placed in full view before his eyes.

This temptation was already before his eyes. Not temptation actually, he had slept with uncountable women and she was no exception. He felt what he had felt before…

He immediately tore away his shirt, forgetting his assistant’s warning earlier. It was easier to accept, but difficult to stay by the rules and he was already having his heart race.

His trousers fell down, and as he lowered his body to kiss the sleeping beauty, he heard several clicks of the camera. Startled, he looked back and the door closed back, the journalist disappeared into the dark corridor.

“Hell!” He cursed, grabbing the cover fo


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