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When Sarah Rown was pregnant, Bryan Smith vowed to take responsibility for his actions. But in truth, Bryan moved out on his own to pursue his studies at an Australian university after Sarah became pregnant. Bryan returns and meets Sarah after being gone for seven years. Bryan was shocked to learn that Sarah's child was his biological child. Sarah Rown gets wed to Bryan's best friend, Joshua, despite Bryan's attempts to win her affection back. Joshua has a very volatile personality and even shows possessiveness toward S arah. Can Bryan save Sarah from her wedding? see the continuation of Sarah Rown's story

Chapter 1

"Don't you love me, Sarah? Come on, you have to prove that you love me," said Bryan to Sarah, a girl who has liked this guy for a long time

Bryan Smith Xavier is one of the most handsome guys on campus, not only that, but he's also the most popular, lots of girls want to get him but his gaze turns to a cute girl with long hair named Sarah Rown

the girl was very shy even Sarah knew that the girl had never dated anyone and she wanted to be the first in the girl's love

"How can we make out without getting married, Bry? I love you, but I don't dare if I have to surrender myself to you" she said afraid

Bryan approached then rubbed the girl's cheek with his finger to make the girl close her eyes with a trembling body

"If you don't want to do it, it means you never liked me, fine, if that's your decision, then don't expect to get my love," Bryan said, standing up and fixing his shirt buttons.

Sarah had lost her mind, she loved that man so much... Sarah's hand immediately grabbed Bryan's wrist and made the man turn around and stare at him

"This is the first time for me Bry, I've never had s*x with anyone, and I'm very scared, I'm so afraid that after this you will leave me," said the girl bowing

Bryan sat back down next to the girl then laid the girls on the bed and kissed her on the lips

Sarah Rown didn't resist in the slightest with his touch, even when his fingers began to open one by one girl's clothes, she could only be silent without the slightest rebellion

at least by doing this, Sarah could prove to Bryan that Sarah loved him and was willing to do anything for him

their eyes met and they kissed again, Bryan touched Sarah's cheek and rubbed her face very gently then kissed the girl's breast and made Sarah close her eyes.

a sensation that was the first time he felt, getting a kiss on her breast made her blood flutter violently even Sarah couldn't resist his every touch.

Bryan opened both of the girl's thighs and then equalized hers on the girl's still chaste hole


Sarah gripped the bed sheet tightly to hold back the pain in her intimate area, it felt like something was splitting her into two

"Stop it hurts" the girl groaned

Bryan didn't care, he continued to pump the girl's pleasure hole and made Sarah bite her lower lip to hold back the pain

"How do we stop, your warm hole is very enjoyable Sarah Rown" sighed Bryan while continuing to surround the girl's innocent body

Sarah gave up, she let her chastity disappear because of her love for the handsome Bryan who had liked him for a long time.

Sarah and Bryan sighed, enjoying their s*x.

and only that voice could be heard clearly in a small hotel, Bryan was so enjoying the holy girl's body and stomping hers deeper and deeper

he also gripped Sarah's hair tightly when he was about to get climax in his intimate

"Oh Gosh"

"Shh ahhh"

The man was lying next to Sarah Rown, while the girl just stared at the ceiling with her body aching

the handsome man kissed the sweet girl's cheek then pulled the blanket and let Sarah rest after her first s*x.


Sarah sat in the campus cafeteria, her eyes shifted to Jake..he is Bryan's close friend

The girl got up and approached the man

"Jake, can I talk to you for a second?" she asked

Jake, who was holding a girl at that time, immediately turned and turned toward Sarah Rown

"Yes, What's up?" he asked

Sarah looked nervous when she had to ask the man But it's been a month since the romance incident, Bryan didn't even look at all so it's only natural that he dared to ask his best friend

"Where's Bryan? Do you know where he is?" asked Sarah Rown at once

Jake chuckled at the cute girl

"This is the hundredth time asked today, lots of people are looking for Bryan," he chuckled

Sarah frowned in surprise, she didn't understand what the man meant

"The meaning?" asked the girl

"Didn't Bryan tell you earlier? He moved to Germany three weeks ago because of his father's request," said Jake

Sarah took a step back, her lips trembling

Bryan left without saying anything even after he had s*x for the first time?

the girl almost fainted from shock, How will she be after this? What will happen if the girl gets pregnant because a month ago Bryan did not use protection during sexual intercourse

scared as well as sad to be one at the moment, Sarah couldn't say anything... she immediately turned around and ran then cried in the back of the toilet

She felt like the most stupid girl in the world for believing in the man's words, now what should she do? even the man has gone somewhere.

" ruined my life," said the girl, sobbing


7 years later

"Cook delicious! I'm tired of your cooking that's all," Josh said annoyed as he threw a few dollars in front of Sarah.

"But we haven't paid off Bread's debt with Miss Sonia," Sarah said softly


Sarah fell to the floor when Josh slapped her cheek so hard it caused the corner of her lip to bleed

"Arghh... Josh" Sarah screamed

Josh stared at his wife with an annoyed look

"Tell Mrs. Sonia... after payday, I will pay off all her debts," Josh said in a loud tone then stood up wearing a jacket and went climbing his used car

Justin came out of hiding, then hugged his mother while wiping her tears

"Mom, are you okay? Your mother's lips are bleeding" he said as he hugged his mother back

Sarah smiled broadly then stood up and grabbed her son's wrist

"Do you want to eat? I prepare corned beef and eggs" she asked softly, she tried to smile even though her cheeks still felt numb.

she must be strong for Justin's sake..because only that child is the reason for living until now

"Mom...Dad finished the vegetables?" asked the boy again

Sarah smiled broadly and rubbed her son's face then kissed his head

"Dad likes spinach... that's why he finished all of it, now you eat it with just eggs and corned beef," said Sarah

the child smiled broadly and nodded, Sarah's eyes looked happy to see her only son, but her heart was broken because her husband often did crazy things by beating her mercilessly

this was the umpteenth time that Josh had committed violence, even Sarah Rown had been hospitalized when the man beat her and broke her hand

the woman was completely helpless, she was an orphan girl, 3 years ago her father had followed Sarah's mother away forever

Now she only relies on her life from Josh, the husband she married seven years ago

Sarah Rown is not even allowed to work and can only focus on home and family


Chapter 2

Sarah held her son's hand and said, "Come on, let's go to school, mom has already put burger nuggets in your bag."

After moving and locking the door, she went alongside the dashing and endearing young Justin.

The next-door neighbors, who lived a few houses away from Sarah, said "Morning, Sarah" as they passed Mrs. Onew's home.

"Good day, madam! You reportedly landed a part-time job. Could I ask you for some information regarding a different part-time job?" said Sarah

The elderly woman shrugged.

"Currently, I haven't discovered any other employment for you, but if I do, I'll let you know," she said.

Sarah smiled, and she then stepped back with Justin.

Then Mrs. Onew recalled that new employment was available at an opulent home not far from here.

Despite their discussions, Josh stopped Sarah from taking a part-time waitressing job.

Sarah was only permitted to work as


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