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Don Vittorio: VOLUME II

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Six years have passed since Ellis Barker made the difficult decision to leave Vittorio Amorielle's life behind. After facing a series of tumultuous events, she chose to start anew in Seattle, carrying with her the secrets that Don Vittorio so eagerly yearned to unravel. What could have driven Ellis to distance herself from Vittorio, leaving behind everything they had experienced together? Why did she choose to depart at that moment? And now, what has brought her back to New York, after so many years of absence? The answers, laden with mystery and significance, are on the verge of being unveiled.


Alexandra Gahrn

Review after the novel completion

A really good book. Efter the end in The first book it lefts you wanting and needing to read book number two. At first I didnt know that this is a triology so I didnt like The ending of The book. But when i read The comments i found out that you get to enoy reading 2 more books. So I got very happy to learn more sbout The story and I hope The last book is as good as The first 2.

March 11, 2024

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