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Divorced Wife For Billionaire

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My perfect husband, the man I fell in love with and gave everything to, has humiliated me along with his mistress. I can't believe I've been living in a fantasy. I have been left as a joke, looking to undermine all my self-esteem, deceived and without youth. All that's left for me to do is focus on my work. Who does that millionaire think he is to try to steal from me? He won't get a minute of my time. I've lost my memory. How did I get on this plane? Why do I feel like I had the best night of my life? This mysterious mob man has brought me to the other side of the world without me being able to realize it and the worst thing is... I love it.


Under their feet there was only water, a seemingly endless lagoon. Clara looked at her husband with lost, loveless eyes, full of bitter disappointment. Meanwhile, time raced on, and her heart could not bear this sudden revelation.

An unforgivable infidelity, he denied. That anger when you know that someone you trusted has lied to you all your life.

The man just shook his head and tried to calm down the situation and the people who could not suppress their astonishment. It was a shameful situation and, as always, Lucio tried to keep up appearances so as not to be judged, because his reputation was always impeccable. Clara looked like a princess in chains in her purple and blue embroidered dress, covered with that deep red color that stained her cleanliness. She no longer cried, she could not even cry out in anger, this infidelity had gone too far.

“Clara” She heard her people, her followers, worrying for her safety. They rumbled in his confused mind. “Get away from there!”

She did not want to turn away from her main work, the fruit of her labor. Only the husband continued to deny, his voice burning. The other young woman, carrying the child in her arms, had with her the can of red paint with which she had defaced the precious sculpture. The child was crying all the time.

This girl, too, was hurling all kinds of curses at the man whom Clara had considered her faithful husband for so many years and with whom she had lived for more than ten years. A polite, kind and handsome gentleman, but with a cold and broken heart. Her infidelity could be heard, now she could not ignore it no matter how much she wanted to close her eyes.

Lucius still held the bouquet of red roses for his beloved wife while his lover cursed him with her baby in tow. Her name was Cielo, a young woman to whom life had not smiled once.

Cielo woke up that morning with the fear that her child was gone, as if the night could take him away from her. She saw him in his crib and recognized in him the eyes of her father, the man she loved and hated at the same time. He knew Clara, the official wife of his lover, he knew that that day was the opening of his art gallery. The woman was a talented woman from a good family and on the best way to become famous. This gallery symbolized the beginning of her rise to greatness. Cielo had never expected these possibilities, because she was the second in the bunch and always the least loved daughter.

When she saw herself in the mirror, she realized that she had to do something, because things had gone too far and the little one depended only on her. Lucio did not want to take care of his firstborn, and now they both had to face the consequences. She had to leave her mark so they could not go on living as if nothing had happened while she cried.

On the contrary, for Clara the day began with sunlight and the surprise breakfast her husband had prepared for her. On the blankets she saw a box wrapped in blue tissue paper with a wonderful gift that bore a dedication.

"To dream beuti artist."

In the impeccable calligraphy that distinguished him and that was extremely neat and detailed. Clara put on her morning dress and walked barefoot across the room with the box in her hand to discover her gift. Under the tissue paper lay a golden brooch in the shape of a swordfish, set with precious stones, a magnificent piece. When she saw it, she was immediately delighted and wished she could wear it on her big day.

Her husband came into her room with the breakfast tray, and the two of them chatted over coffee. It seemed like a dream come true, counting down the hours until her grand entrance. She had worked on this piece for so long, searching for every detail of the sculpture, every color to paint it. It was a woman, made entirely of plaster, beautiful and with expressive eyes. It was the figure of a woman made of water, with long wavy hair mixed with seaweed, with a dress in the tones of a gentle ocean that seemed to sway. The colors were cold, blue, light blue and a little green, forming the harmony of the sea.

She would be in the center of the exhibition, where Clara would give her talk and hold her photo session. More than a thousand invited guests would attend her creations, which made her a little nervous. But Lucio had spoiled her from the first hour, and that made her feel pleasantly accompanied. Before leaving for her meeting with fame, she closed her eyes, grateful to be living this dream life with a faithful and attentive companion. She walked through the hall before the audience arrived, looking for a detail or something that was missing, but everything was in perfect order and the service of the house paid great attention to her.

She was very beautiful, wearing a long dress and an updo that elegantly gathered her reddish-brown curls. She wore her favorite coat, fastened with the brooch her husband had given her that morning, and high suede shoes. Her jasmine scent filled the whole room and covered her wish that everything would go well.

The main guests of honor included her sister Estela, her sister's husband, her mother and two of her best friends, as well as the family gardener, whom she considered a good friend. They were near the main construction site and were the first to congratulate her. The moment had almost arrived.

Clara prepared her opening speech, introducing and explaining her main sculpture. With a smile on her face and slightly trembling hands, she strode forward.

"The woman in the water represents me, completely. I have to be honest, I have always liked flowing through the ways of life with this freedom. I feel that in creating her, I left a part of myself there, of my youth and my presence, of the love I possess in each day I walk. This means for me to be able to breathe deeply the peace and silence that complete every human being and to dive into the waters of the Eternal.

A special thanks to those who accompany me unconditionally, because without them I would not be who I am now, for the love they give me. But above all, I thank Lucio, my husband, who has done everything to make me realize all my dreams"

As she said these last words, a tear rolled down her cheek, emotion overwhelmed her. In front of her, Lucio carried a large bouquet of red roses, which he presented to her at the end, making her heart rejoice again. Her sister and mother applauded incessantly, and she felt the pride in her chest. People took photos of the sculpture and admired its beauty, a truly gratifying work.

At the end of her presentation, Clara bowed in gratitude to her small audience without smiling.

Cielo managed to get through the front door and took advantage of the emotional moment by hugging her baby to her chest. She had not cried until then, but now they were both crying. With the four-liter jar in her other hand, the girl had a dubious goal in mind, a wake-up call that would take her far.

With a shout as her main entrance, Cielo pushed forward and found herself facing her lover and the woman. She intended to smear Lucio with paint, which she failed to do, so she spilled the paint on Clara and her sculpture. Enraged by the contemptuous looks of his lover and everyone present, he punched the plaster woman and she fell to the floor. She screamed and finally brought the secret to light, she had to be heard.

“You tried to kill my child!” she repeated, tears streaming down her eyes. “You used me and then you were going to kill me! Tell her, tell your wife who I am, tell her once and for all!”

Cielo spoke the truth she had buried inside for so long, whereupon her lover turned pale and began to deny everything. The audience did not understand what was going on, with a noise that resembled a scandal, and the infidelities that appeared.

Clara stared, transfixed, at her husband's other wife with the child they shared in her arms. She was covered in red paint, as if bathed in blood, with disbelieving eyes and this storm of truths that she could not process. She saw her husband with the lie on his face and a bouquet of flowers in his hands, a dream man. The beloved looked at her with eyes full of anger, eager for revenge that they would share. There was a photographer who took the most shocking picture of all, capturing the exact moment of their suffering. When Clara realized the fantasy world she had been deceived into, she collapsed to the ground on her knees and saw her sculpture in pieces. In the photo, the bloodied woman was crying to a water woman who was completely broken. This picture would later become the winner of a prestigious competition and the most famous picture ever. No one would forget the face of the spurned Clara, heartbroken and broken art on her knees and humiliated. But the woman would not forget Cielo or Lucio or all those who had ever harmed her.


The red of her body shocked everyone around her, now with another desired effect, something planned. This time it was her dress that caused excitement as she walked towards the podium with an accurate look. Cielo was also there, with a gray skirt and her green eyes, head bowed, waiting for the verdict.

Lucio, on the other side, with a fixed gaze, expressionless. Clara could not take her eyes off him, still in love with this man full of intrigue. She could not look at him without wanting to regret it, without turning around and returning to his arms. She could not hesitate, moving forward was her only way, and being the talk of the town made her a stronger person than she ever thought possible. She loved him, yes, and she wanted him too, but that would not erase the deceit and betrayal.

The music that enveloped the place was unsettling, no one knew what was going to happen there.

Hours before, her husband, since they were not yet divorced, had come to meet her befor


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