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Depend On Me, Mr CEO

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Roxanna Hart, a 25 years old finally gets a stable job as a cleaner at Hilton company. Her life changes after she crosses path with the CEO. Find out how the hatred of a cleaner towards her boss turns into friendship, then love. Does their love stand the test of time even when money, status and authority is involved or when their financial status is overturned. When the cleaner becomes CEO and the CEO is jobless, would their love and friendship thrive?

Chapter 1

Kissing her mom’s cheeks and saying goodbye to her, Roxanne Hart shut the door and began running down the streets. Getting to a particular spot, she stopped to catch her breath.Checking the time, she brought out an old wrist watch and was shocked to see that it was 30mins to the interview. She had been working part-time to assist her mother who worked so hard to provide for her.She saw a job advert in a newspaper a customer was reading at the café she worked at and took it when he left.Hiltons Company was looking for cleaners to hire. So she wished she could be lucky to be hired. Immediately after checking the time, she decided to use her last penny which she had saved for transport. She had no time to use the bus or train which was cheaper, so she waved down a cab. After giving the necessary information on where she was going, she opened the door, got in and closed it. Throughout the drive, she kept bringing out her wrist watch to check the time. She was so nervous and kept patting her cheeks. When the cab arrived at the famous company, the driver asked her what was going on, she hurriedly told him about the advert for cleaners. She got into the company and was surprised at how large and beautiful the building was. It looked like a magnificent castle. She had never seen such before in her entire life.She could not help but be awed by how great it looked. She wondered what it felt like to work in such an environment and wished desperately to work there so as to help her mum.With that, she was determined to work hard in this interview. She walked into the main building and found a young lady at the reception. She greeted the lady and asked for directions to the office for the interview.Looking at Roxanne with disgust, the receptionist scorned and sighed and finally answered, “it is at the first floor, the second door by your right, can you operate the elevator doors, I hope you do not get too scared”.Roxy was so ashamed, even though she did not know how to operate the elevator and wanted to ask, she just kept mute after everything that just happened. She was determined to operate the elevator by herself.So she walked away from the crowd at the reception that was laughing at her. She walked to the corner where the elevator was and stood for a while. After sometime, a young man walked towards the elevator and she watched his every move till he got in and the doors shut.Immediately, she went to the elevator and tried opening it, after a while, it opened up. She was surprised but happy. She went in, and remembered the man pressed a button before he left.She wondered what the button was and what it was for. She remembered the rude receptionist who said the interview was on the first floor. So she pressed 1 and it began moving. She was grateful and happy that she did it by herself.She was terrified as it began moving. Holding on to the walls, she clutched her clothes and bag closely.When it finally stopped, she finally breathed, she had been holding her breath for so long. She quickly rushed to the door of the elevators.She was so afraid and scared. She immediately ran out but mistakenly bumped into a young, handsome man who smelled billions.“I’m so sorry, I’m almost late”, she said and rushed out leaving the stranger speechless.She got to the office and met lots of people waiting. Luckily , immediately she got there, and the interview began.When some had done the interview and left, she finally saw a place to sit. After a while, she was the only one left, and she entered the office.Standing at the door, Roxy could feel how fast her heart pounced. She was so nervous and unsure.“Control yourself Roxy, you’ve got to do your best. Don’t be intimidated. Fighting!”, She assured herself.With that, she took long strides towards the interviewers who were keenly watching her. But she wasn’t intimidated, she held her head high.When she was very close, she greeted me and took her seat. Her interview officially began.When she was done answering all the questions asked, she could see slight smiles on their faces. She was so glad, she impressed them.After that, she left, after dropping her email. She left the Hilton company with a broad smile on her face. She decided to take a walk in the neighborhood. She got to a park, sat down to rest for a while, got out a pen and began scribbling on her diary. That was a habit, Roxy learned from a girl she met at a café and grandma. Thinking about her grandmother, brought a bigger and brighter smile on her oval face, her dark brown eyes shone brighter.She wished she could provide for her mom and she secretly said a prayer to the God her grandmother always prayed to. God always helped grandmother, so she prayed for the first time by herself. She hoped he listened to her too.She imagined her grandmother’s wide grin across her lips, and smiled. After some time, she got up ready to go back to her town.She kept staring around, wondering the road to help her go home. She stood there for a few minutes, she was lost.She saw a woman with her child and approached them, hoping to find her way.“Good day ma, please how do I get to the nearest bus station?”, She said.“It’s quite a distance. I think you should take a cab. But the bus station is 8 streets away. “City Bus Station”.“Thank you very much. I’m so grateful”, she said with a smile.She stood waiting for a cab but couldn’t get one, so she decided to go to the bus station.Unknown to her, a black tinted car was trailing behind her.

Chapter 2

She got to the bus station and was lucky to board the last bus of the day. After 45 minutes, she got to her destination. She alighted and walked home.She met her mother, holding a picture of her grandma. Grandma Belle was her favorite person in the world but death had to take her away. Her demise was still so fresh to both mother and daughter. They’ve lived for more than 20 years together.She hugged her mother tightly and led her into the house.“Mother, grandma wouldn’t want us to continue this way”, she said.“I know, my dear but I miss her so much”, she said sobbing.“I miss her too. I know she wouldn’t want us to waste our lives over her. We would never forget her “, Roxy replied.“Okay “, her mom said.“So, how did the interview go?” Her mom continued.“Well, it was fine. I’d tell you all about it later. But first, we need to eat”, Roxy said.“Oh, that’s true. I’m sorry I forgot. What w


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