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Debonair Deceit

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In the bustling world of law, meet the enigmatic legal virtuoso, Adrian Sinclair. A gentleman in appearance, he is the unparalleled devil's advocate, a name that sends shivers down the spines of countless wrongdoers. Adrian is the undisputed champion of the courtroom, where his polished suits and courteous demeanor are but strategic tools in his arsenal. Enter the newest addition to his law firm, Emily Harper. As a typist and clerk, she expected a routine job, but little did she know that beneath the genteel exterior of her boss lay a cunning and formidable legal mind. Adrian's reputation precedes him, and clients flock to him, even if the cost is steep. Emily, however, is skeptical. A gentleman of Adrian's caliber couldn't possibly be the alleged "genteel hypocrite" others spoke of. Despite the rumors surrounding the infamous devil's advocate, she sees only kindness and sophistication. The turning point comes when Emily accidentally witnesses Adrian in action in the courtroom. His demeanor transforms, revealing a sharp, ruthless edge. The revelation leaves her astonished—her mild-mannered employer is, in fact, a legal virtuoso capable of outsmarting any opponent. As Emily delves deeper into the legal battlefield, she uncovers the truth behind Adrian Sinclair. The facade of a genteel gentleman conceals a legal maestro, ruling the courtroom with intellect and ruthlessness. The discovery marks the beginning of Emily's entanglement in the stormy world of law, where Adrian Sinclair reigns as the indomitable king. This is a tale of intrigue, mystery, and legal acumen—a story where the unveiling of a genteel hypocrite's true nature marks the inception of Emily's journey into the tempest of the courtroom.

Chapter 1 Unexpected Offer

In mid-June, as various prestigious universities in Hong City prepared for graduation season, Emily Harper , a recent graduate from the Chinese Department of Hong City University, found herself like many others, searching for a suitable job.

While she was browsing job postings online, her phone, placed next to her notebook, suddenly rang. Glancing at the screen displaying "Mom," her expression turned grim.

After hesitating for a moment, she reluctantly answered the call in a low voice, "Hello, Mom."

A timid voice came from the other end of the line, "Emily, when are you coming home?"

Upon hearing this, Emily Harper almost immediately refused, "I'm not coming back. I'll stay in Hong City for work."

"What?" Her mother seemed startled, hastily adding, "Hong City is so big. What kind of job can you find there? Your father said he would help you find a good job..."

Emily Harper couldn't help but sneer. Her father had passed away more than a decade ago. The man her mother had remarried, aside from being lazy, only seemed interested in asking for money. Help her find a good job? Who did he think he was? Was the so-called good job working as a hostess in a bar, or perhaps being his mistress? Emily took a deep breath, restraining the questions on the tip of her tongue, and coldly said, "Tell me, how much does he want from me?"

There was a moment of silence on the other end, and then a sound of quiet weeping.

Emily rubbed her temples and said, "Mom, no matter what you say, I won't go back. If you don't want to divorce him, then don't try to persuade me to return. There are things I don't want to tell you. You continue with your life. As for money, I'll find a job soon. You're my mom, and I can't let you suffer, but I won't let myself starve either. I'll deduct my living expenses and send you the rest. That's it."

After saying this, Emily quickly hung up the phone and resumed sending out job applications.

Although she was an outstanding graduate from Hong City University's Chinese Department, she no longer cared about the size or status of the companies. She applied for simple secretary positions, realizing that the money she earned from part-time jobs during her studies wouldn't be enough to cover several months' rent. She had to find a job quickly.

While applying for jobs, Emily noticed a well-known law firm in Hong City was recruiting a secretary with attractive salary and benefits, including fixed holidays. Without hesitation, she submitted her resume. Later that evening, she had plans to attend a graduation party organized by her classmates. Since the organizer was one of the wealthiest students in the class, the venue was a high-end bar in the city.

Emily, looking at her limited wardrobe, chose a foolproof black one-shoulder short dress. She quickly put on her shoes and tidied her hair. She had already done her makeup before applying for jobs, so she was ready to go.

Taking the subway, she arrived at the bar just in time, relieved to see two classmates still outside. Running towards them, she heard Eric saying, "Emily, slow down. Don't run in those high heels; what if you twist your ankle?"

Next to Eric, Yolanda rolled her eyes at him and said to Emily, "Come on, let's go inside. Everyone is waiting."

Emily nodded, entering the bar with Yolanda and Eric. Eric was the one sponsoring the party tonight, a typical rich second generation from a local real estate family. Thus, nobody objected to his choice of the venue.

The bar had a fantastic ambiance, truly one of the top entertainment spots in Hong City. Emily followed Eric, observing the vibrant surroundings. Passing by servers and guests, they couldn't help but turn and glance at her. Their gaze was both suggestive and revealing, just stopping short of asking, "Beauty, want to join us?"

Emily wished she could throw a stone with "Not interested" written on it at their faces. These guys, only focusing on women's chests and legs, when would they grow up?

As they approached the inner part of the bar, the music grew louder. When they reached the designated area, Emily noticed that their seats were close to the dance floor. The seating arrangements seemed chaotic.

"Eric, are we staying outside? Why not get a private room?" Emily couldn't help asking Eric.

Eric looked embarrassed, "I initially thought about it, but everyone said it's more lively here, with a better atmosphere."

Emily nodded, acquiescing to everyone's preference. She, a negligible figure, decided not to pick faults. Her seat was towards the back, almost next to the dance floor. Wanting to move closer, she found the other girls were unwilling to give up their spots, so she reluctantly took her seat.

This seemed to be a common problem among women. A beautiful girl was pleasing to the eye, but if she was too beautiful, she could attract envy, especially someone like Emily, who exuded an indescribable charm in every move. It was challenging to win the liking of other women.

During her school days, Emily had few friends. She was only close to Yolanda. She was already used to being excluded.

With everyone present, the drinking began. After a while, people started arranging to go dancing. Emily resisted for a while but was eventually pulled into the crowd by Eric.

Everyone danced to the music, and Emily stood there, feeling out of place. Reluctantly moving with the crowd, her movements were subtle, not blending well with others.

Several female classmates whispered to each other, looking at her with disdain. Amidst the loud music, Emily could barely hear words like "poor" and "seeking attention."

Though accustomed to being isolated, these words still struck a nerve. She thought of leaving, but just as she lifted her foot, she felt a hand on her backside. Startled, she quickly turned to find a man walking away.

She could only see his blurry profile—a tall, well-dressed figure. His facial features were exquisite, with fair skin like polished porcelain. From what she could see, he was undeniably handsome.

He walked away calmly, as if the incident had nothing to do with him. However, Emily deliberately chose a spot with mostly girls behind her. No one else would have touched her besides him.

A strange sense of injustice welled up in her. Perhaps it was due to her mother's phone call, the classmates' hurtful words, or the pressure at home. Whatever the reason, she followed the man out. She didn't want to confront him; after all, he was a grown man. She simply wanted some fresh air and coincidentally followed his path.

After walking for a while, she realized he was gone.

He really walked fast, likely a habitual offender. Emily sighed with relief, ignoring the curious looks around her. She quickly left the bar, and the moment she stepped outside, the air became noticeably fresher. It

brought her some comfort.

Standing on the street, Emily watched the bustling crowd of people. Her eyes felt a bit sore. She didn't want to stay in this place any longer.

Thinking this, she took out her phone and sent a message to Eric, informing him that she was heading home early. Then, she walked towards the subway station.

After she left the bar's entrance, a low-profile black Lexus slowly passed the spot where she had stood. The car window was open, revealing a refined and handsome man driving. This man was none other than the one Emily suspected of touching her in the bar.

Inside the noisy bar, when Eric realized Emily was missing and rushed out, he found her message on his phone.

Looking at the screen, he felt a deep sense of loss. He lost interest in continuing the party.

The troubles of a wealthy young man were always different from those of someone like Emily, who had spent years solely focused on earning money to pay for her education.

Now that she had graduated, she had to figure out how to earn enough to sustain her life.

Luckily, she received responses to her job applications quickly. Sorting the companies by size and benefits, the top-ranking one was the Jì Ān Law Firm.

Jì Ān meant "clearing after the rain," and the name of the firm sounded refined with meaning. Emily had a positive impression of them, and combined with their reputation and good benefits, she prioritized applying to Jì Ān Law Firm. After some brief interviews with other companies, she eagerly went for an interview at the law firm.

The law firm was located in one of the tallest office buildings in Hong City, second only to the Rui Heng Investment Bank Tower. It occupied the entire thirty-second floor, showcasing its immense scale.

When Emily arrived for the interview, she wore her only set of black professional attire. She carefully tied her slightly curled black hair into a bun, hoping to leave a good impression.

However, upon reaching the firm, she realized how many people were competing for the job. This quickly dampened her confidence, as compared to other candidates, she lacked the advantage of legal knowledge. She estimated that she had come here in vain.

While waiting for her interview, Emily heard some commotion at the entrance of the firm. Many staff members were saying the same phrase, "Hello, Attorney Sinclair."

Curious, Emily followed the source of the sound. A well-dressed man walked out of the entrance. He had a slender and tall figure, broad shoulders, a slender waist, and a cold demeanor. His jet-black eyes, fair skin, and delicate features made him appear like a character stepping out of a comic book.

He walked with the grace of an aristocrat, exuding an air of elite sophistication.

What surprised Emily the most was that this person looked familiar. Just a few nights ago, she suspected him of being the one who touched her in the bar.

Emily couldn't help but frown. She was unsure if she had mistaken him because that night, she only saw a side profile. And if she recalled correctly, this attorney's full name should be Adrian Sinclair, a world-renowned lawyer. Even someone like her, who didn't follow current events closely, knew him. It was unlikely that such a person would behave inappropriately in a bar. Perhaps she had been mistaken.

Lost in her thoughts, Emily lowered her head and focused on preparing for the interview. She didn't realize that Adrian had gone into the innermost office.

Later that day, Emily was the last one called in for the interview, although she arrived much earlier than the others.

She was puzzled. Why did she, who came early, get called in last?

The person conducting the interview was the head of human resources, a female supervisor named Fiona. She wore a professional suit and had a beautiful face, speaking to Emily in a gentle tone. Emily knew that despite the position not requiring legal knowledge, many law graduates had already interviewed for the job. Her chances were slim.

As expected, the interview ended quickly. Emily thought she would hear the typical "wait for our notification," but to her surprise, Fioana said, "If there are no issues, you can start working tomorrow. I'm Fiona. We'll be colleagues from now on."

Emily looked at Fiona in astonishment. She had expected a different outcome. Even though the job didn't demand legal expertise, her chances seemed slim considering the number of law graduates who had applied.

As Emily was leaving the office, she felt a bit dazed. Fiona had only asked her about her age, residence, and salary expectations. How did she get hired so easily?

Walking out of the office, Emily, still in a state of confusion, encountered Adrian, who was holding a briefcase and about to leave. Another man was talking to him.

The man quickly left, and when Adrian saw Emily approaching, he glanced at her with his dark, slender eyes, lifting the corners of his lips in a cool and good-looking smile. He said something.

He said, "Remember to wear stockings when you come to work in the future." With that, he turned and left.

Emily looked down at her straight legs. Without self-deprecation, she acknowledged that they were fair and slender, truly beautiful. The one-piece dress she wore just reached her knees, and there was a sl*t on the right leg. It looked perfect in every way. But wear stockings? Emily glanced at the female employees inside the firm, all of them indeed wearing stockings. It seemed to be a rule.

However, how did Adrian know she got the job?

Chapter 2 A New Beginning

Getting a job at the JIAN Law Firm relieved Emily of a lot of pressure. She was elated on her way home, and her beautiful face, coupled with a genuine smile, drew attention from passersby. Having grown accustomed to being noticed over the years, Emily silently took out sunglasses and a mask from her backpack, heading towards a less crowded area.

Back home, Emily planned to wash and hang up all her clothes. Since she didn't have many outfits, she aimed to keep the only professional suit she had as neat and clean as possible.

Just as she was about to get busy, her phone suddenly rang—a text message from Eric, inviting her for coffee. However, it was already late, and she had a lot to prepare for the next day of work. She explained the situation and requested his understanding.

Eric, a reasonable person, quickly replied, giving up on the coffee plan and congratulating her on finding such a good job so quickly.

Seeing the message, Emily smiled. Although Eric


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