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Daddy's Hot Sauce

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One of the hottest bachelor in town is Anders Winston. Many girls were dying just to get near to him because rumors spread so fast that he is a king in bed, but he never cared those women, they're just a play time with him and once he caught you in his arms you'll never wish to miss a chance to be with him alone all throughout the night. Emily was just a simple girl who wants her life to be in a simple way but after she bumped someone, everything in her life has changed. She has to consider everything before getting herself into something that she might regret in the future. He is a master chef, a billionaire, a bachelor and a playboy, but no man is perfect, just like us, Anders Winston has its' own secret too; a dirty little secret and no one has ever knew about it. What if they are meant to be? Will circumstances will take its' lead? Both are not sure about each other and hiding their feelings is the best way for them to be together. All might be part of their relationship but none of them will be part in their journey.

The Playboy

I was staring at the ceiling of this hotel room after I had a pleasurable night with this woman, here on the bed lying next to me. I picked a stick of cigar from its box on the table beside of this bed and lit it up. I tried to avoid this addiction that I have, but I couldn’t help it. It was really satisfying for me to smoke after a wild s*x with a woman, besides it’s also my stress reliever at work.

“Where are you going?” she asked while trying to cover herself with the blanket and lean her back on the head board.

“I settled everything”

The woman suddenly changed her facial expression, from a seductive look, her brows raised up high and just stared at me while I was picking up my clothes on the floor.

“We still gonna hang out right?”

I didn't answer her back and just shrugged my shoulders while looking at myself on the mirror hanging on the wall.

“They're right. You’re cold as ice. No wonder you..”

“Shut it!” I exclaimed and looked at the mirror with sharp eyes to her. I turned her back to step closer at her. “Or you'll get hurt.” Then, I grinned like a devil.

This is my routine after I made out with someone for a night. I never looked back nor talked with them again. I crossed them out in my head and just act like a stranger whenever we met by chance.

I never believed about love, it will make your life miserable. I saw my friends became crazy about the woman they loved, besides women are complicated. I never experienced to have a serious relationship. They flirt with me and as being so generous to them, I gave the best night they could have ever imagine.

I shook my head as I remember countless woman that I went on. I was about to leave the place when I heard someone mentioned my name.

TV Newsflash

News anchor: Anders Winston, the highest paid chef and one of the hottest bachelor in the country has seen with a woman last night. Are we expecting wedding bells here? Or Is this some kind of flirty thing again?”

News Anchor 2: I guess he's not yet getting married. He’s a hottie in this country and maybe he wanted to explore?”

News Anchor 1: Well. He might be jerk? Anyway. Next news is about..

I smirked as I heard about the news on TV. They're right about my name and my profession as well. I just turned my back and kept walking at the hallway until I reached the parking lot, wherein I parked my black Bentley sports car. I never heard any good news about me. All these paparazzi were so crazy about my life, they were waiting on every mistakes that I would do.

As I stepped closer to it, I also pressed the button on my hand to make a loud noise from the car. I hop inside and started the engine loudly just like in a competition. I was driving smoothly until I approached this main road on Lunar Avenue. It was the traffic jam that got my patience, so I pressed the button to turn on the music.

It was a classical music, the doctor told me that I needed this type of music in my car which I did and honestly it helped me a lot to cool down my temper. In return for my voluptuous psychiatrist we had a one night stand, the last time that I visited her clinic.

I knew that the first moment I stepped on her clinic, she desired for me, my body.

I was listening to the music when my phone rang and when I checked on the screen, I immediately lower down the volume of the music, then I answered the phone.

“What's happening son? Who was that girl on the news? You promised me that you'll stop doing this. We had an agreement son remember so why..”

“Calm down mom.” then I massaged my temples

“How can I calm down if you’re ruining your future, our family! For..”

I cut the line without saying goodbye to my mother. I felt even more annoyed this time so as I saw the red light turned into green, I speed up my car like a racer and when I arrived at my house in an exclusive village at the business capital of the city. I got off and throw my keys to my assistant.

“Evenin’ Mr. Wenston.”

I continue walking straight to his kitchen and grabbed some juice from the fridge. I drank it all up and my assistant was not even surprised about it.

I took a deep breath and said. “Too formal George, so?” he asked and George, my assistant smiled at me and said. “Alright. Anders, I’ve got your schedule here sent by your secretary..” then he opened the white folder and I did not let him finish his words.

Anders made a gesture to his assistant to stop for a while. “Hire another secretary, I fired the last one today.” I said and walked through the living room and sat comfortably and put my legs on the table and my hands were on my head and closed my eyes.

“What’s my schedule tomorrow George?” I asked while my eyes were closed.

“Tomorrow at nine o’clock in the morning you should be at the Culinary Arts Academy to have a seminar with the students. In the afternoon your mom will be at your office. She wanted to have your time..” he couldn't continue what he was about to say because I immediately interrupt him.

“Cancel the afternoon until evening one.”

George didn't answer me back and just nod his head to me.

I didn't mind if I cancelled those appointments. All I wanted was to rest because for the past three months, I had been working hard like an ant.

I stood up and decided to be in my room so I grabbed my phone from the table I just passed by on George and didn't mind at him.

When I reached his room. I shut the door and lit up a cigar then grabbed the whisky bottle.

My phone rang once again and this time I answered it without any hesitation.

“What's up ice man!” I heard a man giggled on the phone. “Maybe I should call Zach Snyder and tell him that he needs to add you as one of his character in Justice League. What do you think?” then he laughed so loud on the phone.

I slowly shook my head, I knew how crazy my friend. I pressed the loud speaker button and sip my whisky.

“Shut up Dave! What do you want?” I asked.

“Nothing. I just wanted to invite you at my daughter's first birthday party next week.”

“Oh the party! I mean Children's party.” I said

“Don’t you ever forget the date Anders or else..”

“Black mailin' huh.” I said while the cigarette was in my mouth.

“I'll tell everyone your biggest secret Ice man.”

“*ssh*l*!” I exclaimed and smoked again.

My friend laughed so hard and that made me so annoyed. Then, I sipped again the liquor from the shot glass.

“I couldn’t imagine your face, man! I was just fooling you.” Then my friend tried to make a serious conversation with me. “Good luck on your new career tomorrow man. Check out for your next target and..”

“F*ck you Dave!” I exclaimed to my friend and cut the line then throw my phone in front of my dog.

A glass of liquor at night will keep me relaxed all through the night. I was sitting on the luxurious couch with a gold lining on it and leaned my back while spreading both my arms on the couch. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and suddenly an image of a woman appeared on my dream.

Meet by Chance

The sound of his alarm clock beside his bed made him awake at six in the morning. It was a normal day for him, as he gets up and did his workout every morning. Every morning before he started his day he needed to do the treadmill for almost thirty minutes and every time that he stepped his foot on the treadmill he remembered the days when he was in junior high.

One of the most unforgettable days in his life wherein he lost the competition. He was running like a cheetah when his watch vibrated. Then, another workout for him, a hundred push-ups. The routine that he did every morning was not just a simple workout for him. It helped him to focus for the entire day.

He knew how stressful his work and all. After a couple of minutes of resting his body lying down on the floor, he grabbed his towel and took a warm bath. No one knew that Anders loved to stay in the bathroom for thirty minutes and more in the morning before going to work. As he went out of the bathroom Anders imm


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