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Control Me Crazy

Control Me Crazy

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Author's note : Princess_Diana and AmaneDian are the same author. Please be wise, and understand this before reading the story. Escape while pregnant! Rasha Liane was forced to flee because she was forced to abort her fetus by Edward Clark. Edward is a rich handsome actor, impregnates Rasha, and doesn't want to take responsibility. While running away, Rasha accidentally meets Kevin Rosh, with a misunderstanding then they are married by force. Known only to Kevin and Rasha, Kevin made an agreement so that after giving birth, Rasha had to leave the house and Kevin could return to be Lucia's lover. manipulative moments, abusive love, selfishness for the sake of greed, all wrapped up in one story. Can Rasha find happiness?

Chapter 1

"Abort your fetus. I will give you $ 40000."

A deep and cold voice suppressed a woman's courage to speak. A woman with a slightly bulging belly was holding her belly as if she were protecting the baby she was carrying from the man in front of her.

"Why? Don't you want to abort your womb?" The man once again spoke.

"Edward, let me live with my babies. I don't want to lose them," the woman cried.

"Rasha, you want to ruin my career? Everyone will stare at me with disgust because I've got a high school girl pregnant. What else do you want? Do you want money? How much do you want? Is $40000 too little? Fine, I'll give you four million dollars." The man named Edward brought his face closer to Rasha's.

The two people were arguing in the middle of the silent night. But they didn't argue in an ordinary room but in the abortion room. The woman's body was already wearing nothing but a blanket, just waiting for a signal from Edward. After that, the woman's womb would be forcibly aborted even though it would endanger Rasha's life.

Edward Clark, a famous actor, aged 28 years. He has played roles in more than 30 films. Too busy, yet too rich. Plus too handsome, and any woman willing to give their body to make love as much as anything with Edward. And it put Edward to good use.

Meanwhile, Rasha Liane is a high school girl who will soon finish high school. An 18-year-old girl who is too beautiful and often has bad luck because of her beauty. Now she is even pregnant by a handsome actor, but he will forcibly abort her womb because the man does not love her.

Back to the current situation, Rasha complained of pain because Edward pressed her belly tightly. Rasha was afraid that Edward's actions would hurt her babies. Rasha was crying. She had no other way out but to beg for mercy from Edward.

"Edward, let me raise my babies. I will never disturb your life again after this," Rasha pleaded.

Edward snorted, glancing at her belly protruding from under the covers with a sinister look.

"And let my career be destroyed? Do you think I'm stupid? After I let you go and let you give birth to those children, you will use them as a weapon to rob my wealth," said Edward. "I will fail to get engaged to the woman I want if that happens."

Edward turned around. He immediately called the people outside the room.

"Quickly do the abortion process, don't let the fetus in the woman's womb remain intact until I enter this room again," Edward said, full of anger.

Rasha gaped. She was in shock. Rasha's tears flowed profusely, and the medics came in and held Rasha's body. Rasha could feel the equipment used to abort her fetus starting to touch her body.

"It won't hurt, you'll---"

"No!! I beg you... Let me go. My babies want to live. I want to be a mother," said Rasha hysterically.

"I don't have much time---"

"After you came home, your children were waiting for you to come home and call you. You smiled and looked at them happily," Rasha said, cutting off a woman who was a medical expert there.

Inside the room were three people. Rasha and two medics. They both fell silent upon hearing Rasha's story.

"The beautiful life of a mother, carrying their children while cooking their favorite food. Even so, is there any other mother who has the heart to destroy a mother's beautiful dream?" Rasha sobbed, and she spoke again. "If you want to abort my womb, then I beg you, stab my chest with those scissors. I would rather die than live with the loss of my babies."

The woman looked at Rasha with an inexplicable look.

"Doctor Fransisca, we don't have much time. Mr. Edward will---"

"Hey miss, I don't know what your name is. There is a window beside the sink. Go through that window. I won't be of any help other than that, I still have my children to protect. This is your last chance, leave now or not at all."

The doctor could only look away, not wanting to look at Rasha's face after that. Rasha was silent. Her lips trembled. A miracle came to Rasha, Rasha was silent and froze for a few seconds.

"You still don't want to go?" The doctor spoke again, bullying Rasha so that Rasha would wake up from her reverie.

Rasha without making a sound immediately took the thin blanket and left through the window. The doctor and her assistant watched Rasha leave, there was fear inside them because they had abused Edward's opportunity and orders. Edward was indeed cruel, but the humanity that they had was still inside of them both.

"Now what should we do?" The doctor's assistant asked, starting to panic.

The doctor then peeked from the window. Rasha was no longer visible, meaning Rasha had gone far.

Trays containing medical equipment were accidentally dropped by Fransisca. The commotion was enough to invite Edward's attention to enter the room. Edward had trouble getting in because the room was locked inside.

"What happened?!"

Edward and his bodyguard came in and found the room was a mess. Fransisca and her assistant accidentally fell to the floor and looked weak.

"The patient ran away, she escaped through that window." Fransisca pointed to one of the windows there.

Seeing that Edward immediately got angry, he went berserk while slamming the medical equipment there.

"DAMN IT!!! WHY THAT GIRL CAN RUN!!!" Edward then pulled the collar of one of his bodyguards. "Quickly find Rasha at any cost, make her miscarry and bring her before me. I will never calm down before confirming that Rasha miscarried."

Edward turned to the two medics and said. "You won't get any payment from me. You're still lucky I didn't make you two die. You are useless."

Edward then left the place to look for Rasha's whereabouts that same night. Meanwhile, the two medics could only sigh in relief because they were still safe from a dangerous threat after thwarting Edward's plan.

While waiting, Edward looked uneasy. Then he glanced at his cell phone. There was an incoming message. Edward's eyes glanced sharply with a wide grin on his face. That must be a message that Edward had been waiting for.

Chapter 2

"Hosh hosh hosh." Rasha was out of breath, and running while pregnant was not a good idea for Rasha. But, Rasha has no other choice.

Rasha then stopped for a moment, her belly hurt. She could feel the intense contractions in her belly, she might have a miscarriage if she ran any further.

"It hurts so bad, sob sob. Hold on my babies, sorry to make you all suffer like this," Rasha said while holding her belly.

Rasha keeps walking even though her belly hurts a lot, she can't stop when bad people are chasing her. Rasha can only find a place to hide as the only way to survive.

A car parked not far away, a red sedan that stood out quite in the dead of night. Who parked that car there? Of course, only silly people, but Rasha still doesn't care.

"I think I'll be safe in here," Rasha said. Rasha slowly got into the trunk of the car and lay down there.

Shortly after that came a man, a casual look but still looked


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