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Young teenager, 18 years old, Adriel Rivera, brought up from a poor family, had an encounter with a rich guy Liam Harris heir apparent to the Harris Conglomerate at a grocery store. They later met at Adriel's friend's birthday party which happens to be the birthday party of Liam Harris Cousin. Adriel was surprised to see the annoying guy she met at the grocery store. Having finished high school she dreamt of entering college, before writing her exams she decided to walk round the school of her dreams and unfortunately got knocked down by the car driven by Liam Harris. Will these encounters spark love for them or hatred?And will Adriel ever fall in Love with a guy she had an unfortunate encounter with?

Chapter 1



My Mom called out, making it the third time she has called my name. I stood up sluggishly from bed with my sleepy eyes, walking slowly to the kitchen with my hair scattered and my face looking oily and dull.

"Adriel, it's 8am already and you are still sleeping!!!" said my mom while hurriedly preparing breakfast.

She turned and looked at me when I didn't say a word and got shocked when she saw my face.

" Gosh Adriel you look more like a ghost, go wash your face and get your hair covered, make it snappy" she said.

I walked slowly to the bathroom, washed my face and covered my hair then walked back to the kitchen.

I'm Adriel Rivera, an 18 year old newly graduated high school student, Am from a poor family, my mom work as a cleaner in a hospital while my dad is a carpenter.I attended a public high school in order for my parents to be able to save cash for me to go to a University, I mean Stanford University my dream school.

I want to study business in order for me to be able to free my parents from the hands of poverty.

My mom turned when she heard a foot step.

" You look more human now," she said, smiling.

I walked into the kitchen and started gathering used dishes to wash.

"Oh I almost forgot you need to go grocery shopping for grandma Elisa today" my mom said.

" Not again" I said grumbling.

Grandma Elisa is an old woman who lives next door, she has no kids, she lost her husband a year ago. She walks with the help of a walking stick, she certainly can't go grocery shopping herself.

I sluggishly washed the dishes and got the dinner table prepared.

I, my mom, my dad and my sister Ava had our breakfast. My mom and dad went to work and dropped Ava off at school.

I took my bath and went to Grandma Elisa's house. She gave me her credit card and lists of groceries to buy, I said my goodbyes and took a public bus straight to the grocery store.

When i got to the grocery store, there were lots of people, plenty of aisles, tons of tasty treats to spend money on.There are different departments in the grocery store, so they can be difficult to navigate if you don't know your way around.

I located a shopping cart when I entered the grocery store, I grabbed it and started walking through sections in the grocery store. I took out the lists that were given to me by Grandma Elisa, looking through sections to find what I was looking for.

After putting on my cart some ingredients I've seen, I walked to the other section of the grocery store, I took out the list again and looked at it looking for the next ingredients to buy then I saw it written there boldly 'tomatoes', I looked at the sections where tomatoes are located then I saw that the tomatoes were few.

Without tomatoes the ingredients to make a meal won't be complete, I need to get it.

I started running with my cart towards the tomato section when I got almost close , I saw a tall guy having the physique of a male model with his fairer skin and his Teutonic-gold hair looking like a casual jumble moving fast towards that area too, he was walking fast.

Then I ran closer and I noticed his crescent-of-moon eyebrows were thin and narrow. He carried an imperious nose well and his angular cheekbones carved down towards a flinty jaw. usually the look of a model, very manly.

We both got there at the same time, so I placed my hand on the tomatoes very fast.

" I came here first" I said breathing heavily

"We both got here at the same time" he replied immediately.

" I'm taking it all" I fired back with a frown on my face.

Chapter 2


Class was exhausting, I walked to my car, started the engine and drove to my apartment.

'I'm so hungry' I said inwardly.

I looked through my kitchen, opened my fridge. It was empty.

Am tired of ordering food and eating fast food.

I missed home, I missed food prepared by Mr butler.

' I need to fill my fridge and buy some groceries' I said to myself 'I need to prepare some home cooked meals, it's been a while' I thought and nodded my head in agreement. I picked up my car key, walked to my car and zoomed off to the grocery store.

I'm Liam Harris, a 23 year old, 3rd year student of Stanford University Business Major. I am from a rich family, my mom and dad travel a lot for business deals and meetings. As the heir apparent to the Harris Conglomerate, I had to study business to take over my parent's business.

I located a cart at the corner of the grocery store when I entered, I took it


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