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Chasing Argo Greensmith

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Natalia Punongbayan is a truly remarkable individual. In short, she's capable of anything and can easily ruin people's lives with her mind-bending powers. As a skilled con artist, she knows exactly how to play the system and how to get her way. She's a chameleon and can get away with anything. However, her world was turned upside down when she failed a mission. She intended to target a man she had previously seduced, and she feigned to be pregnant in order to fool him. She made the mistake of attending the incorrect wedding, and as a result, fate began to turn the tables on her. Argo Greensmith, the groom, was insistent about not letting her leave because he wanted her to suffer for what she had done.

Chapter 1 Wrong Wedding

I TOOK big steps as I entered the churchyard. From here I heard the Priest's sermon.

My heart beat even faster when my feet stepped inside. I swallowed and briefly visited the crowd that attended the gathering this afternoon.

Based on the posture of the church, this wedding was actually spent and prepared. I also pay attention to the media covering the wedding.

"Tss, good timing." I smiled devilishly.

I straightened my wavy hair and pulled down the dress I was wearing. You can do it, Natalia! This mission is for your future. And for your dream to go to Hongkong.

My attention focused on the couple getting married. I arch my brows while scanning the whole body of the groom.

"Hmm, to be fair, he has big shoulders and a broad back; what more might he be if I could view his entire body?"

I pulled the man's picture out of my sling bag and turned my attention back to the groom. His shoulder width didn't exactly match the one he wore in the photo, but that didn't matter because I was already here and there was no going back, Natalia.

I took a deep breath before I spoke.

"Stop the ceremony!" I shouted inside the church.

"I stepped inside when the Priest had finished speaking. I ignored the guests' murmurs and smacked of the camera in my face.

"Stop the wedding! There will be no wedding!" I exclaim.

"What is happening? Who's this babe?" The bride had to ask the groom, almost stunned.

The woman on the bench got up, and I knew she was one of the parents of the bride.

I gave her a smirk and looked straight at the altar.

"Me? I'm the only woman that man got pregnant with!" I pointed to the man behind me.

The bride turned to me. I was momentarily stunned by her beauty. More artistic in her appearance. Not only that, she also looks like an angel because of her silky milk-like complexion.

She turned to face the man who was now looking directly at her.

"What's this, Argo?" She took off her veil and tears began to flow.

My tongue is firmly bitten. Natalia, please. Don't be affected by her sobs. Remember you are better than her when it comes to acting.

And the groom man turned to me. His eyes held a wave of total anger. Those black orbs that were ready to tear my heart apart thrilled me.

I quickly looked down at the photo I was holding after returning to the man who was now ready to eat me alive.

Oh sh*t! Why his features has not matched the man in the picture? He has thick eyebrows and a sharp nose. His hair is curly and brushed up to make it perfect. I gaped openly as I observed his tight sharp jaw with blazing brown eyes and those plumped red lips that were ready for a kiss.

"Who are you?!" His voice echoed all over the place.

I blinked and crumpled the photograph in my hands.

I'm dead, and the man in the picture isn't the one who's in front of me. He wasn't the man we were discussing by my friend Rosario last night.

"Who is this pregnant woman, Argo?" The bride asked, tears streaming down her cheeks.

I'm stuck. My entire body shook. Add in the different camera lights that splattered across my face.

"I don't know her, believe me, sugar." He covered the woman's two cheeks but she didn't want to touch by him anymore.

"I trusted you, but you broke all my trust. You impregnate a woman you barely know? How could you explain this to me, huh?" She pushes him forward.

"No, sugar. Please, believe me. I don't know that f*ck*ng woman."

The man turned back to stare at me as if he wanted to stop my heart from beating.

I took a quick swallow. Natalia, you've got to be kidding me. What have you done to cause such a disaster?

"There will be no more weddings, and don't ever speak to me again!" the woman exclaimed, her eyes welling up with tears.

She slapped the man in the face before leaving him at the altar. I was almost tempted to close my eyes as I saw the man's expression turn to what the bride did.

As she approaches me, my feet are firmly planted on the ground. She came to a complete stop in front of me.

"You'll pay for this, f*ck*ng b*tch!" she said as she slammed her hand into my shoulder, stopping me in my tracks.

"Argo, I'll never forgive you for what you did to my daughter!" a specific groomsman's voice rang out throughout the church.

"Please, dad, allow me to explain everything!

When he came down from the pedestal and attempted to chase the bride, he was snatched by a man.

"What do you think you're going to do, huh? You can't just forget the stupid thing you did to my sister."

"Take off your hands my friend if you don't want your brain to explode on the floor!" said the man who squeezed the neck of the man who confronted the groom.

At that moment, everything seemed to go awry. Some crying was heard from the two ladies who were there and arguing on both sides.

Oh sh*t! This is really a disaster!

Before I could take a step away from the scene, someone grabbed my arm tight. Because things happened so quickly, I didn't have time to run and escape.

"Get in the car!"

He almost threw me inside the white limousine before he drove fast.

My hand was shaking as I quickly grabbed my phone from the bag.

F*ck, Rosario, I went to the wrong wedding!

Chapter 2 Con-Artist

MY HANDS were shaking while typing a message to Rosario, but the man grabbed my phone quickly and threw it out the window with a lot of force.

My mouth opened wide in shock. I blinked and spoke.

"What the heck?!" I spout out.

But he didn't say anything to me. As he crossed the road in a direction I didn't know, he was looking straight ahead.

For a moment, I kept looking at him. In a short time, he's gotten more handsome. His chiseled face looks almost perfect. And those goddamn lips...

His sharp jaw movement swallowed me up. Then the cell phone was taken out of his pocket. When he got a call.

"How's Florisse doing?" he asked in a quieter voice.

"Okay, take care of her in the meantime. I'll call you later." He has ended the call and is now driving for real.

As we approached the precinct, I hurriedly raised my back in the car chair.

"What are we doing here, exactly? My mou


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