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Carla is a carefree young woman who doesn't care what the world thinks or says about her. She just does her things her way. She's a proud wh*r* who hooks up with a lot of men for a living. Her life was going just fine until she met Jayden Romans. Jayden is one of the big shots and rich billionaires in the country. He doesn't really have a stable relationship because of his cold and ruthless character. She saved his life on the first meeting which he couldn't forget. He meets up with Carla at a club and after having her for one night, he's not willing to let her go. Carla is not interested in long time commitments but Jayden will do anything to win her over despite the fact that his family are against their union. Will Jayden's spoilt and ambitious sister let her brother be with a wh*r*? What about Jayden's dubious ex? What happens when Carla runs away with Jayden's money or Isn't she the thief?. Stay tuned for more Brought to you by Sherry Pearl [Light Pearl]

Chapter 1


I walked into the store and got all the groceries I needed. I didn't miss the look in the eyes of those people who keep staring at me. I may look like a b*tch but I don't care what people think since it's my lifestyle.

Men crave to be with me because I have a very blessed face coupled with a nice body shape to go with it. Who wouldn't want to be with a girl like me?.

I'm Carla Gates. I'm an orphan with no notable family member except for my best friend Joyce who lives with me in my apartment. Unlike me, Joyce has a good-paying job and she's also very humble. Yet she never judges or criticizes me as other people do.

I went back to my apartment. I have a meeting with one of my clients today and then I have to go to the club later on. My job is what people call me, a

wh*r*, a sl*t call it whatever you want I don't care. I've been doing this for years now and I'm not about to stop anytime soon. This is what I have been doing for a living for a long time and I am not about to stop anytime soon.

I dressed up and set out to meet with my client at the hotel. I am very careful dealing with my clients as I don't want a long time commitment for now.

I've had some cases where some even want me to be theirs alone. But I feel like they want to control my life so I had to stop talking to them.

I can't have any man tell me what to do with my life. Relationships s*ck. I don't think I ever wanna try that.

I got to the hotel and went straight to the room where we're supposed to meet. I didn't take long there. I did my business and walked out of there. He pays well and that's what I like about him.

I walked down the road searching for a cab since I couldn't find one yet. I waited on one side of the road when I noticed a nice car at the far end of the road. That's a Porsche and it's the latest model. Whoever owns this must be rich.

I'll go check if it's a man or not. Although the car seems strangely parked, I wonder why. Maybe I should just stay away from trouble and go to my home.

Nah. What could happen?.

I walked straight to the car and knocked on the glass. I tried to look inside but couldn't see much, though I saw someone. I knocked on the glass for a long and didn't get a reply. F*ck*ng idiot. I'll just leave.

The door creaked open when I turned to leave. That's when I turned back and saw a shocking sight.

"Oh my God! Mr are you okay?." I asked trying to check on the driver who's gasping for breath.

Is this like an asthmatic attack or what? Why am I still here anyway?. I made him lay on the chair and tried my best to revive him. I quickly did a

google search on my phone about first aid and I followed the result.

I wonder why he's gasping for breath because it doesn't look like an asthmatic attack. Whatever it is, he's finally gaining his breath back. Which means I can leave.

I finally had enough time to look at his curly dark hair and green eyes. He looks so handsome and wealthy. He's not supposed to die on the road.

"Mr... Are you okay now? Should I call an ambulance for you?." I asked him.

Why am I even asking him stupid questions when I'm supposed to just call an ambulance to come to help him. I don't have all day to spend here and what if something else happens when I leave.

He finally managed to look at me he's staring at me and that seems a bit awkward for me. His eyes are kinda dark and I'm wondering why.

"On second thoughts, I'll call the ambulance now," I said again.

He grabbed my wrist and stopped me from making the call. The way he grabbed my wrist was so strong that I felt instant shock waves run through my entire body. What just happened?.

"Don't. Don't call anyone." He finally said.

His voice is okay, and since he can hold someone this strong that means he's okay.

"Okay... Can you let me go now? You're hurting me."

He let go of my hand and rested his head back on the chair running his fingers through his hair. I can't believe I'm drooling right now. It wouldn't hurt to have a taste of him right? But I like to leave them hanging and make them beg me for it first not the other way round.

"I guess you're okay now. I can just go home and mind my business. Excuse me." I said trying to leave and he dragged me back again.

"What can I do to pay you back for helping me?." He asked.

I wouldn't mind getting some money. What else could I possibly want from you?. Except he wants us to have some fun. You know what, I'm leaving. I can't possibly let him control me. He looks like someone who's gonna start asking for weird things if I stay longer.

"Nothing. I'll leave now. Bye."

I rushed out of there successfully this time. I finally got a cab and I hailed it home. My mind couldn't get off him, don't blame me. He's something to keep watching, he has good looks and all that stuff.

"Carla are you okay. You seem out of this world. You didn't even notice when I came to him. That's so unusual and unlike you." Joyce said bringing me out of my thoughts.

I sighed, "Sorry Joyce. I've just been imagining crazy things in my head." She smirked, "I'd like to know about these crazy things too. Tell me about it." I rolled my eyes.

"You're crazy Joyce. I'm not telling you anything." She pouted giving me a puppy face.

"Even with that face, I'm still not telling you. How was work today?." I asked changing the subject.

"You're changing the subject. Work was great anyways. I got some wine on my way." She replied.

"Wow. Thank you, baby. See why I love you. Lemme kiss you."

She got up with a scrunched face, "Eeeww I'm not lesbian okay?."

She rushed out of the room and I began laughing. I always know how to joke with her. At least she cares about me without judging me at all. That is one thing I like about her.

By evening I got dressed and ready to go to the club. I left the house after saying goodbye to Joyce. But all through I couldn't get that man I helped out of my head. I wonder how he's doing and if he's still alive.

He should be since I already helped him control his breathing. I feel like I should have waited and gotten to know him.

It's not worth it. I should just forget him and face my work. He's gone and I'm going to face reality, I think I made the best decision.

Chapter 2


Just a few days later, I met this rich dude named Jerry Hank. He's a rich businessman and he's quite handsome too. Of course, we spent the night together and he wanted my contact. I gave it to him and made it clear to him that he only has to call me for business and strictly business. Nothing more.

I'm going to the club tonight to get wasted. I don't care what people think of my lifestyle. I am clearly whatever you think I am, life has made me this way. I have learned to embrace it and keep living my life the way I want.

"Are you leaving already?." Joyce asked me as I came out of my room dressed.

"Yes. Do you wanna come with?."

She shook her head, "Not today Carla. I am really tired. Perhaps some other day."

I shrugged, "Suit yourself. Just make sure you get enough sleep. I'll see you tomorrow. Good night."

"Be careful!." She yelled after me.

"I will


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