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Deal With A Billionaire

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When Veil Hart finds herself in an entangling twist with the play boy CEO 'Ander Rodriguez' she can only choose between saving her father's life, or letting him die. The story's preface explores themes of Lust, Possessiveness, a heartbreaking past and later... Love. Narrating an initial lust filled contract relationship destined to blossom. 1.Exposition: We learn about Vanessa and her family's pitiful situation. *Inciting Incident: Veil and Ander meet at a nightclub. 2.Rising Action: Ander Rodriguez pursues his sexual desires for his secretary *Ander and Vanessa meet for the second time in what turns out to be the most awkward job interview. *Veil wishes to escape the one job she's always prayed for, just so to avoid a man as Ander. *For his emotional peace, Ander frustrates Veil. 3.Climax: Ander proposes a relationship with Veil in exchange for a greater course. *To save her dieing father, Veil agrees to Ander's proposal. *Unwanted feelings creep in. *Ander tries to control his emotion. *Veil gets pregnant, and finds out Ander's horrible past. 4.Falling Action: Ander slowly embraces his emotions. 5.Resolution: Ander weds Veil. Title: CEO'S possession.

Chapter 1_Job Hunt

In the spaced parlor of a three-bedroom apartment, adorned with comfort requirements of a flat-screen TV, aironditioning, a modest-sized refrigerator, comfortable couches, and a glass table in front. With pictures of a light-skinned brunette hanging on the walls.

On the glass table sitting in front of one of the two lemon couches, a bunch of local newspapers lay scattered across the table, a few others on the floor, and come across the other couch. Two brunettes sat across the table, ransacking the papers.

Gazing at a particular heading on the paper with apt uncertainty evident in sea-green eyes, Veil let out a long sigh she didn't think she had been holding. Her expression was one of innocent frustration.

"I don't think I can cope with the job of a bartender."

Flipping the pages of a paper with the picture of a male model as its cover picture, the other brunette gave a glance at the paper in Veil's hands.

"You're not working in a bar, we'd find something better."

Veil bit on the walls of her lips, silently holding back the urge to cry as she stared fixated on nothing in particular.

"When?" Her emotions almost gave her away with that one question. "We've been doing this all day, yet... nothing." She sniffed back the tears that at the moment threatened to run over her.

June shot closed the paper on sensing Veil's tears in her sentence.

"Why not just let me help?" June queried" I can get you a job with just a phone call since you don't want my help with your dad..."

Yeah! Her dad. He was the only reason Veil was urgently needing a job. Diagnosed with Chronic heart disease, he's been in the hospital for months. The doctors said only a heart surgery can save his dying heart. A surgery worth millions of dollars. How'd she ever be able to get such a whooping amount? Hence her search for a job in the most bizarre way. Why bizarre? Because of her kind of qualifications, she should be waiting for approval from one of the leading companies in the country. She hadn't been in a hurry to get feedback from them. Well, that was before her mother, Mrs. Smith got laid off from her job. Mrs. Vera Smith had been a lecturer at the state's University and a source of income for Mr. Smith's treatment. With the job of a lecturer, Mrs. Smith had been financially safe and unbothered but, until the ailment of her husband...

"No June. You've done too much already. You sorted out our three months bill when dad was almost sent out of the hospital, at the expense of your career. You have your own life to live, I won't let my family's troubles be a burden to you. All I ask of you right now is that you don't get tired of searching through these too many local papers with me."

June sighed. She already knew beforehand that this would be her answer. It was only sad that in such a situation, her best friend could still choose working hard for her needs, over accepting help.

"Fine!" June could only agree. "We'd continue searching, hopefully, we'd find something worth your efforts."

At the mention of the word 'effort', Veil laughed ironically. If it had been before, a job worth her efforts will be the only thing on her mind, but not now.

"I wish that's the case right now, something worth my effort."

June exhaled calmly. She could only wish she had the right kinds of words to eliminate the sad energy around her friend.

Afterward, the duo carried on their search quietly. Along the line Veil dozed off to sleep. June stared at Veil with pity. This friend of hers was just too stubborn and yet so innocent. If only she would just accept her help. Sighs. She left the parlor, for her room and returned with a blanket. She proceeded to cover it over Veil and then went on with browsing the newspaper.

Veil woke up in an empty apartment. The stack of newspapers had been arranged into two bunches. Yawning tiredly, she reached for her phone on the table while still lying down. She had initially wanted to see what the time was, but she instead turned her data on, unknowingly.

Seeing that it was a few minutes past the hour of eight (8), she concluded that June had already left to have fun, as she'd usually do on Fridays. She lifted herself to see if probably June had found something, but, seeing the way the papers were arranged neatly in a stack, she could tell that there wasn't any hope. Sighing hopelessly, she just let her body slump back on the couch.

'If only life could be a little fairer for her family.' She thought. She was at the brick of tearing up when her notification tone interrupted. She nonchalantly picked it up, but what she saw in the next second spiraled her from her position. Sitting properly this time, she brought the phone so close to her eyes for clarity's sake. It was an email from the HR department of 'Kingston groups, the largest and most influential company in all of Mexico. A company that majors in versatility. They were inviting her for an interview the next day.

"Tomorrow!" She screamed out of excitement.

Overwhelmed With excitement, and not having an idea of what to do next, Veil picked up the apartment's keys, and her wallet from the table and dashed out of the house. The only person she had in mind at the moment was June.


.... She needed to share this superb news with her best friend. She was certain that June would be so pleased to hear the news. With so much exhilaration, she flagged down an incoming taxi.

"Llévame a Hyde." She told the driver who simply nodded and zoomed off. Seated with an enthusiastic heart, Veil tried to reach June severally, but all efforts proved abortive. She could only hope against hope that she wasn't in the company of a man and alcohol. She knew how out of control June could get when tipsy.

"We are here ma'am!" The driver told as he brought the car to a halt. Veil glanced in his direction with surprise. Did she just hear him speak English?

"Usted hablas inglìs?" Veil inquired.

The young driver turned to look at her with a playful expression.

"Of course ma'am. I speak in English."

Veil, embarrassed, could only facepalm herself. She had thought the young man to be one of the many locals who only understood Spanish. Meeting his gaze, she muttered an apology to him. And ...why did he look too handsome for a taxi driver? With such rich facial features, he looked more like a model.

He gave a light laugh at her innocent expression. And when Veil gave him his pay, he smiled and rejected it.

"Because you're my last for the evening, I won't charge you."

Veil stared blankly at him. Why was he offering her a free ride??

"Are you sure about that?..." Veil inquired.

"Yes ma'am." The handsome driver answered with that same smile.

"Thanks a lot, I'll get going then." With that, Veil alighted from the car. Stepping out, she wondered why the car felt so luxurious. Why did she only feel that now? Watching the car zoom off into the distance, she suddenly realized why. She had boarded a Bentley. Was that why the handsome driver refused to collect money from her? She faced palmed herself. If only she had looked properly, she'd have seen the customized plate number on the back.

On Mexico's highway, in a Bentley Mulsanne, the driver's apple phone rang.

The driver answered the phone with a grin.

"Hello, mother! I'm in Mexico for a few more days, something important just came up."

Chapter 2_ Club

Veil trailed behind a group of young girls in mini-exposing dresses as they made their way through the entrance hallway. Under the blue lights, she could see a few couples making out, and hear groans and moans and soft music playing. The more they walked down the hallway, the louder the music got. Reaching the end of the hallway, she entered a place where the music was at its loudest. The room was more like a hall and was crowded. She stumbled upon a few insatiable love-making lovebirds, some drunks, coughed once and then twice at the choking smell of cigarettes. In less than five minutes, she was already regretting the decision she made in a state of excitement. Why didn't she just sit back and wait?

First time in a club and she was already hating the idea of it.

How was she supposed to find June in such rowdyism, and that too, with such lights?

As she moved around searching for June, a group of drunk dudes in the company of three drunk ladies quaked her


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