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CEO'S Affairs

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Can an affair transform into lasting love? An affair can become long-lasting love when both parties are in love and are ready to do right by each other. This often happens when the person being cheated seems to outperform the present partner. You might get confused if you are really in love or not. This a great affair emotional and romantic affair between the CEOs These affairs lead to something And brought circumstances various affairs take place in this novel, Bisola was gnawing for s*x she had to bankrupt her family for her lover. Amelia was in love with the CEO she had an affair which brought a mess to her. Find out what happens in the book

Chapter 1



Amelia POV I woke up gently, to some noise, as usual, mom, and dad arguing again I muttered some words, stood up from my bed took a shower, and finally came out from my bathroom looking at myself, inside the mirror, oh my GOD I could not believe that I am beautiful, a beautiful girl, no money, no friends, mom, and dad love arguing both day and night because of money, but they care for each other. Anywhere I go too they never appoint me because I am too beautiful, and no one is willing to appoint me [was beauty a crime], but today I am determined to find work, so I decide not to PUT on anything attractive. so, I put on my shabby gown that can't show any of my figure eight and busty chest. I put on my shoe holding my certificate along and went straight downstairs to eat, but I lost my appetite for food when I got downstairs. As usual noise again all the time, you this silly woman you took the money in my pocket my dad said mom replied 'what! You this STUPID drunk man, I never touch your money. I had to interrupt them by saying Enough! Am sick and tired of the way you both behave, I am going out again to seek employment and try to find something useful to do before am back. I could not eat again I left home empty, ok I said, and I was annoyed I stumped out of the house walking around the whole street from company to company. Finally, after some hours, I tried crossing the road when someone dragged me back I saw a handsome charming guy dressed in a white singlet showing his muscles, putting on a short boxer with a headphone around his neck, putting on a snicker as well. I was still admiring him when I heard a voice…' hey be careful next time, you try crossing the road without looking at the coming vehicle…', I could not believe it. so, I almost kill myself, I hate saying the word thank you, but I had to say the word 'Am grateful thank you for saving my life I appreciate it so much' he chuckled and told me to be careful next time he whispered something into my ear 'looks beautiful in that junky dress' when I heard in saying that I was seriously annoyed and terrified, I tried shouting back 'son of a b*tch' but he was far away I was not happy at all because I was unable to give him the taste of his medicine. I walked a little more distance and I saw a company looking for a model I was pleased and anxious I could not believe it, I got the shape and my light complexion with my brownish long hair I walked into the company named 'MODEL OF ADVERTISEMENT' mere looking at the name they hired a beautiful model for the advertisement. I enter the company it was massive and beautiful it was a 7-story building I guess, I was so happy I have found the perfect job for me, I walked directly into the company, I walked straight to the receptionist's office I found a lady in her 28th so Beautiful chewing gum rudely, I walked up towards her 'hello, please am here to apply for the model job'. Furthermore, I said, but she did not reply for a while she looked at me up and down and asked me to turn around and I did so, she told me her name was liva and in return, I told her my name was Amelia, she asked for my age I told her I was in my 28th also she was delighted that she found her peer we were still talking, and many people were walking up and down carrying files or document from one department to another. Finally, she offered me a seat in the CEO waiting room there I saw another lady called Ava LIKE seriously these companies are mostly for beautiful ladies everyone passing was just beautiful even the men too were handsome, I sat down beside her, and she was putting on a red cloth exposing her chest a little and her hair packed a ponytail she crossed her legs I sat down beside her waiting for the CEO to call us in, she shifted a little, but I was not convenient I was very uncomfortable because she did not shift at all she was trying to claim the whole seat as hers well as for me, I tried enduring the inconvenient she took her phone which kept her busy for the main time. Unlike me, I was just watching, finally, live walked in asking Ava to go in that the CEO was waiting for her, and she stood up and left, I was the only one left in the waiting room, For hours I was tired of sitting and am hungry because I did not eat anything from home, my tummy kept on rumbling I tried not to make it sound after some minute or let me say 1 hour 12minute I saw Ava coming out with a letter I think she got approved. Furthermore, Ava came out sweating a little I also noticed her zip was worn out I don't know what entered me, but I said …'hello your zip has worn out…' she replied …'do you mind helping me to zip it up it not worn out some unzipped it…' I said yes and that I would help her I zipped it up for her, but she did not even say thank you I was so angry and terrified she walked past me like a lame lady who can't walk anymore I looked at her in surprise I wonder why she was walking like that cause when she entered in there in the first place she walked normal but..........she came out like a whatever I don't care am anxious that I would also get approved. It was my turn I walked into the office gently, I opened the door, but the office smells terrible. I tried figuring out the smell, but I can't get it

Chapter 2


It was my turn I walked into the office gently, I opened the door, but the office smells terrible. I tried figuring out the smell, but I can't get it. I looked everywhere it was indeed a model office it was full of different types of magazines, I quickly try to take a look at the CEO, I was so shocked and annoyed it was that same guy who saved my life and abused me without wasting time I summon up my courage saying …' you son of a bitch you think you can abuse me anyhow, karma caught you shameless guy like you am going to deal with you…' I said. Not even thinking of what I was saying I was supposed to be in a pitiful eye, so he could favor me I just had a loose mouth I knew it, all he could do was look at me saying …' who? What the hell do you KNOW WHO you are TALKING to, are you mentally disturbed or what, who? Are you…? I was already boiling because he was ignoring me acting as if he had never seen me before, I


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