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CEO picked her

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Heloise, the Brook family's adopted daughter, was merely a pitiable tool they used to shield their biological daughter, Coral, from harm. She suffered abuse in the Brook household from a young age and was eventually discarded and left to fend for herself in the harsh and hellish slums of BlueWolf Mountain, teeming with mentally ill, disabled, and sinister individuals. Then one day, Reginald Wordsworth, the enigmatic and domineering CEO of the PHOENIXFELL Empire's first conglomerate, Reginald Wordsworth chose her, and brought her out of the slums. Her fate took a dramatic turn as she embarked on a quest for revenge. She pretended to be a mental patient and engaged in a battle of wits with Reginald, unraveling the mysteries surrounding the enigmatic head of the first financial conglomerate. At the same time, Reginald also discovered that she was not an ordinary person. ******** she had ever been penniless, but Reginald,the big cheese, was irresistibly drawn to her and highly pampered her. ******** " Heloise, an abandoned baby, a dirt poor!" Someone said before he saw Heloise signing dozens of real estate agreements, while dozing off. " Heloise, has no backing. Why is she so arrogant?" Someone said, and then he saw Phoenixfell's first conglomerate's tycoon Reginald Wordsworth publicly announced his marriage to Heloise. "Heloise, I know, she couldn't give birth a long time ago!" Another person said, and then he was beaten by Wordsworth's little young master, "Mommy can't give birth, so where did I come from?"

Chapter 1: He came across her in the slum

The BlueWolf on PHOENIXFELL Country border was a solitary mountain surrounded by cliffs.

This was a slum.

The helpless elderly people who lack self-care ability, the severely disabled, and also the psychotics were all thrown into the mountain, left to fend for themselves.

There was no internet, no electricity, and no supply of daily necessities.

There was no law, no constraint, either.

This was the purgatory of the world.

The dark sky cast a layer of black in this mountain.

Below the old dying tree, a young girl sat huddling on the ground, her pale clothes covering her fragile body, her long hair falling down, and her face terrifyingly pale, stained with blood.

Heloise was biting her nails; her eyes were calm and indifferent as she looked ahead.

Someone loitered around naked; Someone jumped off the cliff in an attempt to escape; Someone silently sharpened a stone and cut his wrist.

It had been quite common for Heloise since she was abandoned here by Brady Brook, her foster father, three years ago.

Heloise was Brook's adopted daughter.

She hadn’t been aware of the fact that Brook's adopted her until three years ago.

The Brooks believed in a weird superstitious master's statement when Coral, Brook's biological daughter, was born, that Coral’s life would never be a bed of roses.

She would be haunted by illnesses and disasters while she was a child, and at the age of eighteen, she would suffer a horrible disaster before dying in an exotic land.

Only by finding another girl with a birth time similar to suffering everything on her behalf, could Coral escape the disaster.

And Heloise was the very one who received it.

When she was young, Brook's would feed her various medications to keep her in constant pains and illnesses. And she was even forced by Brook's to get engaged to an old man who was nearly sixty years old when she reached the age of 18.

She resisted desperately and stabbed the man with a knife, but failed to escape.

Immediately after that, Brook's locked her up in BlueWolf Mountain as a psychotic.

Three years had passed.

Heloise didn't know when she would lose her life in such an exotic land, as the Brooks' wished.

“Da da da da…”

The sound of a helicopter suddenly came from the sky.

Heloise looked up and saw dozens of copters hovering over the mountain, with the sound of propellers spinning almost piercing people's eardrums, making a tremendous noise.

What's going on here?

The copters stopped at the edge of the cliff, and a group of psychotics rushed up in a swarm with curiosity, surrounding the copters and attempting to climb up, as zombies besieging.




After several deafening gunshots, the birds in the forest dispersed soon, and one after another, people fell down, with huge bloody holes on their foreheads.

Someone was shrieking in fright.

A group of men in black suits were standing in the distance, holding guns in their hands.

Heloise slowly crouched behind a tree with her lips tightened.

Did PHOENIXFELL Country finally decide to destroy them all here? Was she going to die?

What is the meaning of her life in this world, just to suffer miseries on Coral's behalf?

She was not convinced, really not convinced.

She desired to survive; she desired to revenge!

“Mr. Wordsworth, this place is far from the shantytowns in the center of the slums, and most of them are psychotics, who were driven to the woods, and the annual mortality rate is as high as 50%.”

Two queues of men with guns were the first to enter these withered woods.

Heloise sat stiffly under the tree, with the muzzle of a rifle pointing in her direction.

It seems, she was the next to die.

She lowered her eyes and saw a pair of shiny pointed leather shoes creaking on the fallen leaves, walking past her.

Suddenly, the sound of the fallen leaves being trampled on suddenly stopped, and the leather shoes were changing direction towards her.

The owner with the leather shoes was facing her head-on.

A sharp gaze fell on her.

Heloise suddenly felt the overwhelming pressure, which made her hardly gasp for breath.

“Is she a psychotic?”

A man asked in a deep and ice-cold voice, with an innate dignity.

He towered above her, and his words pierced her ears like bullets, and a chill surged through her whole body.


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Chapter 2: He picked her out

Hardly had his voice faded away, Heloise's hand was grabbed, and the electronic lock ring on her slender wrist was revealed.

Inside the electronic lock, there was the identity information of all so-called psychotic people when they were sent to this slum.

In order to be accepted by the slum, the Brook’s had Heloise’s identity forged as a mentally ill and homeless individual without the ability to take care of themselves.

Someone scanned with his cellular phone and reported, “Mr. Wordsworth, it's a psychotic definitely.”

“Any detail?”

“She was sent over here three years ago, 21 years old now, without specific identification information. She should be a homeless woman diagnosed with schizophrenia.”

“21 years old.”

The man repeated the number with a gloomy and contemptuous tone, “This woman who should have been in the slum since birth was not discovered and sent over till the age of 18?”


What does it mean to be in the


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