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Heloise, the Brook family's adopted daughter, was merely a pitiable tool they used to shield their biological daughter, Coral, from harm. She suffered abuse in the Brook household from a young age and was eventually discarded and left to fend for herself in the harsh and hellish slums of BlueWolf Mountain, teeming with mentally ill, disabled, and sinister individuals. Then one day, Reginald Wordsworth, the enigmatic and domineering CEO of the PHOENIXFELL Empire's first conglomerate, Reginald Wordsworth chose her, and brought her out of the slums. Her fate took a dramatic turn as she embarked on a quest for revenge. She pretended to be a mental patient and engaged in a battle of wits with Reginald, unraveling the mysteries surrounding the enigmatic head of the first financial conglomerate. At the same time, Reginald also discovered that she was not an ordinary person. ******** she had ever been penniless, but Reginald,the big cheese, was irresistibly drawn to her and highly pampered her. ******** " Heloise, an abandoned baby, a dirt poor!" Someone said before he saw Heloise signing dozens of real estate agreements, while dozing off. " Heloise, has no backing. Why is she so arrogant?" Someone said, and then he saw Phoenixfell's first conglomerate's tycoon Reginald Wordsworth publicly announced his marriage to Heloise. "Heloise, I know, she couldn't give birth a long time ago!" Another person said, and then he was beaten by Wordsworth's little young master, "Mommy can't give birth, so where did I come from?"


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