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Casabella Smith, a twenty-five year old young lady with beautiful looks, free-spirited and an orphan. After the death of her parents, her uncle took her under his care but made life miserable for her along with his wife and their twenty-three year old daughter. Her looks was that of a goddess which made everyone love her instantly by staring at her but something happened which in turn changed her life forever and she decided to take revenge but with a new identity, name and lifestyle. Mark Clinton, a business tycoon in his early thirties and still a bachelor, a hard man from the surface but a softy from the inside. He has searched and yearned for true love but to no avail until he met Casabella. She came as an angel and filled his life with true love, care and happiness to the point he decided to do a deeper research on her but what he found out about her made him…

Chapter 1

Casabella’s POV

If you're given two options, ‘Life or death’, which will you pick? I know everyone will pick ‘Life’ to live but to me I’ll pick ‘Death’ meaning to die.

You all might think am crazy and stupid but my story will make you understand why I picked that? But let me tell you guys how it all started in details.

My name is Casabella, for short Casa or Bella whichever you prefer; I’m twenty five year old, jovial and carefree with everyone but that’s if you’re nice to me but if you treat me badly I know how to straighten and shape you.

I’m an orphan, I lost my parents when I was just seventeen but my uncle took me in but taking possession of my parents wealth for himself and promising to take good care of me until I was of right age before handing my father's wealth to me but all that was just a lie, it was all made up to take my parent’s wealth for himself and his family.

He never for once loved me or my late parents, he was only after their wealth. His wife and their daughter, on the other hand, hated me right from the beginning because I was the apple of my parent’s eyes. I was cherished with all the good things of life but that shattered when they had an accident on their way back home.

I have been living like a slave in their house ever since. They treat me like an outsider making me do all the house chores and all that.

I vividly remember when I finished college at the age of twenty three, one night, I told my uncle I was ready to take over and manage my father’s companies and properties since I studied business administration in the university of Cambridge in London instead he beat me to a pulp calling me different names together with his wife, Lora and their twenty three year old daughter, Annie.

Ever since that day, I lost the voice to ask for my father’s properties. I took it as fate that the wealth wasn’t meant to be mine just yet but I made a promise to take it back when I become stronger and successful someday.

Lora and Annie's hatred towards me was always increasing every single day and even when my parents were still much alive, they never for once took me as someone related to them; they were only faking it and never cared about me.

After that, I wasn’t given the freedom to leave the house, even when I got a job to work with a big company, Lora being envious and since Annie got rejected from the same company, she told my uncle never to let me work but work within the house by cooking and cleaning the house every single day which he gladly agreed .

But every single day, I pray to God to take my life just like he did to my parents because it is pointless living when you don’t have freedom to do anything. I wish someone kind will come save from the hell of these evil people who call themselves my family in the presence of everyone. And I promise, once I become someone big and great, they will regret ever treating me badly.

Today, my uncle told me I was gonna attend a party with them. I was happy not because I was gonna have fun but it's been over a year since I stepped my foot outside the world, I don’t even know what the world looks like now. I just want to feel the natural air of life outside this house and that’s all I can only ask for.

He bought a beautiful black long dress with a red stiletto and handed it over to me. At that moment, a worried thought clouded my head, "I hope they are not planning to send me off or sell me out?”

Later that day Lora and Anne came over to my room to mock me like always.

“I don’t know why she has to attend the party.” Lora, my aunty chortled, staring at me with disgust.

“Mum, I just hope she hasn’t influenced dad into getting her that pretty dress and shoe.”

“She can’t do that, not even in her lifetime. I know my husband pretty well, he only got that for her not to make her wear rags to the party and cause him embarrassment.”

I kept mute standing there and listening to their irrelevant words and stares and lost in space.

“Didn’t you hear what I said to you?” Lora roared to my face.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.”

“She’s such a b*tch. Mum, how could she deny not listening to what you uttered.” Annie snarled.

“She just added more to the ones I mentioned. Look b*tch, you’re gonna scrub the floors in this mansion and you have got an hour to finish up and report to me as soon as possible so I can assign other work to you.”

“Okay aunty but I can’t finish up the work in an hour.” I responded.

“I don’t care and you have got to make it happen or face my wrath.”

“I will do it.”

“Get outta my face and set to work.” She snapped and I walked outta the room.

I head downstairs and get all the necessary things to carry out the work. I just had to obey what she had said only to avoid my uncle’s punishment and also prevent being starved for two days.

I need to finish up with the work before we arrange to leave for the party. I still don’t know the reason why my uncle wants me to attend the party with them but I hope it is not to make fun of me.


I was all dressed up in the dress with the stiletto with a little bit of powder and lips gross to look good. I just want everything to be simple. “Yes, you’re good to go.” My subconscious advised. I was still contemplating whether I should follow them or not when I heard a yell downstairs.

“We don’t have much time to wait for you b*tch, so make it snappy” Lora barked. I should have known she would do that since it's her character.

“I’m coming!” I yelled, checking myself in the mirror with a satisfactory look before walking outta the room.

I walked downstairs and saw the family- Uncle Andrew, Lora, and Annie all glaring hard at me.

“What did I do? It’s not like I asked or begged them to let me tag along or something.” I thought.

“Let go.” My uncle said and stormed out.

“If not because you’re needed at the party, you wouldn’t have left this mansion at all.” Lora hissed and walked out.

“Ugly b*tch!” Annie growled at me and followed her mum.

I'm only overlooking her attitude to avoid trouble from her mother, if it wasn't the case, I would have given her a sounding slap and caution to limit the way she talks and acts rudely to me.

“Whatever, like I care also, devil’s advocates.” I muttered.

I seriously can’t wait to feel the atmosphere after a very long time. “Arrhummm!!” I sigh anxiously and trail behind them.

I step outside the house, feeling the natural air of life. I inhale the air making it pass through my body before exhaling it out. This is called the natural air of life.

“Are you coming or not?” Annie glared at me from the car door before hopping in.

I rushed to the car and got in the back seat with her while my uncle was in the driver’s seat with Lora beside him.

“Don’t you f*ck*ng say a thing to my board of directors, investors and clients, if not you’re gonna get it from me. They just want to see you, that’s the only reason you’re attending the party, nothing else.” My uncle warned, sternly.

“Okay sir.” I replied feeling deeply hurt. How could he be this heartless after all my dad, his elder brother did to him.

“Good.” He murmured and started the car before zooming outta the mansion.


We got to the party; the place was looking extremely beautiful with different elites.

“Compose yourselves.” He muttered to me and Annie while Lora and him locked hands together acting like a perfect couple.

"Couple my feet." I thought.

They're always hitting on each other in the house yet act cool in front of strangers.

“Welcome Mr. Smith.” An old man, not really old, maybe in his 50’s or so, walked towards us.

“Mr. Henry, it's so nice to see you here.” My uncle replied and shook hands with the man.

“Look who we have here, Mrs. Smith. You’re looking gorgeous as ever.” He said.

“I’m flattered, Mr. Henry.” She replied and giggling like the b*tch she will forever remain.

“It’s not a joke, Mrs. Smith.” Mr. Henry assured and diverted his attention from her to me. He was staring weirdly at me like I did something wrong to him. I was already shaking in fear due to what my uncle was gonna do to me when the man’s eyes lit up instantly like someone who just saw a diamond.

“You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen tonight, your beauty is one of a kind.” He admitted and went down on one knee and took my right hand placing a soft kiss with everyone’s attention focused on us.

My uncle's eyes were already bloodshot along with Lora and Annie.

"Dear God! What has this man gotten me into?" I mouthed silently as all eyes remained on us.

Chapter 2

Casabella’s POV

To say I'm not shocked and speechless as everyone is an understatement. My uncle, Lora and Annie kept glaring hard at me with hatred which I can't relate to.

“What's wrong with this man? He just got the attention of everyone right on me or did he know me from somewhere?” I conceited staring speechlessly at him.

“You’re such a beauty dear, I wish you were my daughter, I would have being the luckiest father of an angel as you.”

I felt cherished and loved at the mention of those words, my dad always utters words as that to me, I just wish he was right here with me.

“Thank you for showing kindness to me.” I uttered slowly, bowing my head down as everyone grazed, creating an uneasy effect on me.

“Do excuse me sir,” I added and left his presence going to a path that led to the restroom as their graze on me was still following me.

The moment I got to the passage, I sigh in relief as my hands were on my knees as I kep


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