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Can I still love you?

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"I can do anything just to get your forgiveness," said Allen with the pleading tune, he knows that he can't be forgiven for the mistake, he has done, he knows that was unforgivable but still, he wants to get 2nd chance, "did you think, getting forgiveness is so easy? NO, IT IS NOT, I can never forgive a man like you, a man, who hurt me to the point that I have to lose my unborn child, I will never forgive you" shouted Anna on Allen's face, she was so angry and at the same, she wants revenge for the suffering she has gone through, what will happen between them and why does she hate him so much, come on, let's find out, what happened between them. fellow me in Instagram: Hanna_swetha_author Facebook: Hanna_swetha_author

Chapter 1 Please forgive me

Anna was standing on the balcony, staring at the sky, which is not so beautiful without stars but, it still looked pretty. A small sad smile curved on her small cherry lips, thinking "The sky is still the same, just like my life, I thought that I ended this life and started a new one, but no, my life dragged me back to this place and told me, "no Anna, you are dreaming, you belong to this hell and can never leave from here".

She took a long sigh and turned around to get inside the room when she saw Allen, her husband and the man she hates most. She is forced to love him, just because of the title "husband". She shook her head a little and took her steps straight toward thier room, but stood in the way, blocking her from getting inside. She raised her head to look at him, trying to ask, what does he want now? Her beautiful brown eyes, which are filled with hate are starting right into him.

Allen's felt hurt but he forced a smile on his perfect life, making him even more handsome. He is one of the most handsome men that she has ever seen but, that is not a quality of someone in terms of love. she doesn't even care about his looks when he once treated her like trash. The way, a man or a woman behave is more important in any relationship rather than looks.

Allen hurt her before and did everything that can never be forgiven, But this time, he changed himself into a better person for Anna.

Anna tried to pass through him, but he stopped her by grabbing her shoulder and pulling her to him, then he hugged her from the back, placing his shin on her shoulder, leaning towards her ear, and whispering in his deep s*xy voice "baby, can you give me company? I want to watch the view just like you did".

Anna's face twisted in irritation hearing this, but then suddenly, lips curved into a smirk, then she turned her face to look at him, and replied with her usual cold voice, almost sarcastic "yes, master, as you wish", She just wants to make him feel guilty, by behaving the same way, she was treated in the past by him.

Allen's face twisted in pain as he remembers the things that he want to forget and move on, then start a new life with the woman he loves but for her, it was totally the opposite. She just hates him so much that she doesn't even like to look at his face, while he is trying his very best to make her his with love.

Anna always tries her very best to avoid being with him or talking to him, so he is here, trying to be alone with her, at least for a few minutes. He wants to make her change his image in her heart but it seems like she doesn't want that and is always making him guilty.

Allen is overconfident even after knowing what Anna is thinking about him but, he just believes in his love and at the same time, he knows that Anna doesn't have any other choice but to stay with him, and this made him sure that she will never leave his life and will love him one day, just the way he loves her.

Allen started to walk towards the edge of the balcony while hugging Anna and taking her with him. He hugs her from the back as he saw the view in front of him with a beautiful smile on his handsome face as he can be with the woman he loves. While Anna is angry but she doesn't want to fight right now, so she just stayed silent.

"even if there are no stars, the sky is still beautiful right?" Allen asks in his deep beautiful voice while placing a small kiss on Anna's head. he is trying his best to show his love for Anna through all the little actions but, this is only making her angry.

"yes, Master, just like my life, in which you turned dark without any light!" Anna replies back in her mocking tone, making him sad and she does want to make him, knowing his love for her.

Allen's face twisted in sadness and his heart clenched in pain hearing that. He took a long sigh and turned her to face him gently. He doesn't want to hurt her anymore and is trying his very best to make himself look good in front of her so she will be with him.

Allen slipped his hand around her waist and made her sit on the island, Anna's body froze as she grabbed his shoulder, afraid that he might fall down and he hugs her so close to him. Allen brought his face so close to her that his lips are almost touching hers.

"I know that I made a huge mistake, no, a sin, and I did treat you really bad and that is past me, but now, I changed, I will never treat you like that! and never even wanted to hear you call me Master! more over, you never called me master before! but why now?" Allen asked, staring at her honey brown eyes with his deep blue eyes, full of love, sadness, hurt, pain, and fear.

Anna stopped for a sec, losing herself in that look, but then she pushed all those feelings and said, avoiding his eyes "you... you asked me to call you that, right?", "but that on our first night! and after that, I never asked you to call me that right?!" Allen argued back, so she can stop, with the same intense gaze.

"I couldn't do what you told me before so I am doing it now! what do you want me to do?!" Anna asked again, a little louder. Allen took a long sigh and said gently with an almost pleading voice "can you please not call me master, I just don't want to hear that from you".

"but you are my master, right? I always do all the things that you tell me to do, just like a slave obeying her master! even now you are asking me to obey you. You are kind enough to marry women like me, who don't have anything!, who just comes from a normal middle-class family!, you are kind enough to look after me and not do anything to my family, so I have to be good enough to call you master, but not in front of your parents, as you don't want them to know anything about us, right master?" Anna said, trying to make him guilty. She can't forgive him and at the same time, is angry because of him asking her to forget everything, which she can't do. So she is continuously reminding him and herself, how horrible of a man he is.

Allen felt guilty and heartbroken again because she has been doing this for the past 6 months. No matter how hard he tried to work things with her, everything ends in him being heartbroken or guilty or both. He took a long sigh and told with a small sad smile "I know that I was a horrible human but now, I changed and that was only because of you and only for you! I will never do anything that will hurt you, so please forgive me ok?", he said, while placing a soft kiss on her right cheek. Her body froze as she turn to look at him when he placed a small kiss on her lips, her mind went blank and she don't know what to do but then she pushed away as soon as she came back to her sense.

Allen felt hurt, as he moved back a little, without stopping her. Anna got down from the island and stared at him. He took a long sigh and took her hand on his with a smile and said "came on, we should go back to our room, it's getting cold".

Before getting an answer from Anna, he carried her in the bridled style and walks inside their room. Anna got so used to this that she didn't even react but she didn't look at his face.

Allen took her to their bedroom and placed her on the bed gently, he went to the other side of the bed and lays down next to her. Allen moves closer to Anna and hugs her from behind and kissed her head, and told: "Have a good night baby".

Anna didn't react or even flinch from any of these things as this is so common in her life. just like the way she hates him.

They both fall asleep. He always tries to control his anger in front of Anna, after she returns back. She insulted him so many times using the love he has for her, but he never tried to do anything to hurt, her because he wants her to see how sincere he is and that he changed for her, but her hate for him never decreased.

Next day morning,

Anna woke up from her sleep and sat on the bed, and turns looks around the room but, she didn't find Allen, and she didn't care about that. she did her morning business and came down for the breakfast. When she saw Emma, a small smile cruled up to her lips and "good morning Emma".

"good morning sister - in - law," Emma greeted back in her sweet voice with a huge smile on her beautiful cute face. Emma love Anna and treats Anna like her family. Everyone in Allen's family love Anna and she does love them as her family too.

Anna saw the dining table was covered with delicious food while walking down the stairs. Then she turns to looks at her mother-in-law, who is working in the kitchen. she walks to her mother-in-law with the same smile on her face and hugs her from behind while telling "good morning mother - in -law".

"good morning dear, did you have your breakfast?" said Mrs. James with a smile.

"no, but soon, mother-in-law, and where is father-in-law and grandpa?" asked Anna in confusion as she didn't see them in the dinning room.

"They both are sitting in the living room, didn't you see them?," asked Mrs. James with a smile, as she turned her head and looked at Anna,

"No, I didn't mother-in-law, Then I will go to them," said Anna with a smile, while her mother-in-law nodded her head.

Chapter 2 Cold hearted person's cute expression

Anna went out to greet her father-in-law and grandfather. Then she went to have her breakfast, she sat next to Emma when the maid walks up to her and started to serve the food. Anna took a spoon full of rice and ate it, she likes it and continued to eat her breakfast, when she observed that Emma is not having her food and is staring at Anna, so she turn to look at Emma and asked in confusion "why are you staring at me, without having your breakfast, Emma?".

"I am just following the rules, waiting for you to complete your breakfast," Emma said with a smile, unbothered. "what? what are you talking about?" Anna asked in confusion.

"How is today's breakfast, Anna?" Mrs. James asked, sitting next to Anna.

"It's good, mother-in-law, but what is the rule that Emma is talking about?" Anna asked again in confusion.

"the rule made by the chef, we have to follow it because he is strict," Mrs. James sa


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