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Broken Hearts

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Violet, a young PR representative, is extremely loyal and committed to her college boyfriend Matt.They’ve been together for nine years. Violet and Matt went on a date at a restaurant and she thinks Matt is about to propose. She got the biggest shock of her entire life when Matt told her he was ending their relationship Violet’s friend Sophie suggested they go to the club as a way of getting Matt off her mind. Violet and Chris's path crossed at the bar when Violet was trying to get rid of a guy bothering her, she thought Chris was good-looking and whispered in his ears to pretend to be her boyfriend. Is this the beginning of something new? Will Violet give love another try? Will Violet and Chris find solace in each other?

Chapter 1

Lauren Park’s office, Violet speaking…. … okay I will get back to you with that information” She returned the receiver to its place.

It rang again and she picked it up. “Lauren Park’s office, Violet speaking”

“Hello can I speak to Lauren please”

“Hold please” she walked to Lauren’s office “Lauren your mother is on line 3”

“Tell her I am busy she should call me at home”

“okay” she walked back “sorry Mrs. Park she is in a business meeting can I just take a message for her?”

“Just tell her I will call her at home”

“yes Ma’am” She placed back the receiver in its place. This was the day-to-day life of Violet James, answering phone calls for the prominent Lauren Park. But tomorrow was gonna be a game changer for her. Lauren had finally listened to her pitch and she could finally be an agent. The signing was given to Lauren she passed it off to Violet as a trial. She was excited and happy. Finally, she was going to use her talent instead of answering calls all her life Lauren was going to use her skills for the first time in three years. The phone rang again and she picked it up with the anthem “Lauren Park’s office, Violet speaking”

“Hello Vi, it’s Matt” at the sound of his voice she relaxed in her chair and smiled

“you gonna get me fired Matt.”

“no, I won’t I just really need to talk to you about something”

“Really what is it?”

“Well, I can’t talk about it on the phone so dinner tonight at 8 at our place?


“I’ll see you tonight”

“see you tonight” she placed the receiver back in place smiling. She picked cell phone and walked to the bathroom. She dialed her best friend Sophia. Sophia and Violet met in college and have been friends since then. She picked on the third ring.

“Hello Sophia I think Matt is gonna pop the big question tonight”

“Seriously? How sure are you?

“ He said he wanted to talk to me this evening and he sounded very serious”

“I am so happy for you whereas I am still going to the club to get some and not a single decent guy”

“ Sweetie I am sorry about that”

“it’s alright I’m so happy for you Vi. You are finally getting all you deserve. A good job and about to become an agent and you’ll soon be married I am so happy for you”

“Thank you so much. I better go before I get fired. I’m sure there are like a gazillion messages from my telephone by now for Lauren”

7:30 Violet mouthed as she took a quick look at her watch. If she didn’t go for her date now, she was gonna be late but she had to stay because she was getting ready for her big day with Akeem Harlem to be signed with Lauren.

“shit I gotta go my parents are coming in tonight,” she said as she looked at her watch.

“I can’t exercise how grateful I am for giving me this opportunity”

“don’t kiss my ass, kiss theirs then kick it” she walked out of the office and to the elevator. Violet ran got her jacket, keys, and bag, and made a run for the stairs. She ran to her car got in and drove to the restaurant. She applied more lipstick pushed up her boobs and got out of the car and then smoothed her gown. She put on her jacket and walked to the door. A man at the door asked for her jacket and she gave him and then walked to the lady in front of a large podium with a large book on top.

“Do you have a reservation ma’am?”

“Yes under Mr. Llandaff's table for two”

“Right here miss. Mr. Llandaff is already here. Right, this way” She led her to where Matt was sitting sipping a glass of wine.

“Sorry I’m late babe I was doing some finishing touches on my presentation tomorrow”

“it’s alright” the waiter came along and handed them the menu and left to come back when they have decided.

After a moment of silence, Violet looked over the menu and asked “so many good things today what are you gonna order”

“I don’t know it’s hard to tell a lot is really good”

After another moment of silence passed, Matt put the menu down on the table and reached for Violet’s hand.

“you know I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a while now and I don’t know how to say it but…”

“Whatever you’re gonna say I say yes” she smiled excitedly.

“Really yes?”

“Yes, Matt o I have to call my mother she will be so excited to hear the news”

“Seriously? I thought she was gonna take it badly”

“Why would she? I mean this is so great”

“Really?” confusion was written all over his face

“Yes.” She held his face “o I have waited for this day my whole life”

“Really” he arched an eyebrow

She stood up and held his hand “Yes I will be your wife”

“What?! Wife?! What are you talking about?”

“The ring Matt. Or are you not asking me to marry you” she sat down and looked at him. He ran two fingers on both eyebrows.

“look I don’t wanna marry you, Violet. I’m breaking up with you”

“What are you talking about Matt we were in a good place why this now”

“look I cheated okay”

“well that’s okay you are forgiven”

“no multiple times Vi and with the same girl. It’s just we weren’t going anywhere with this and I thought you saw this coming too”

“do you love her?”

“Look Vi I’m so sorry that this is happening like this….” She wasn’t looking at him but at the space beside him. Oblivion. She didn’t even hear him calling her name. All she saw was the space beside him and the feeling of the hole she was falling into.“Get out”


“Just get out” she breath so heavily probably from the hot tears falling down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry it had to end this way Vi” He stood picked up his jacket and walked away.

It took Violet a minute or two to stand up pick up her jacket and walk out. She got into her car and started to drive. She stopped at a liquor store and bought a large bottle and got back to the car and started to drink it while driving and crying simultaneously. She got to her apartment in tears and was already drunk. She staggered to the couch and threw herself on it in tears. Taking sips from her bottle wondering why things went the way they did. What was the problem? Was it her? Why would he do this to her? All these unanswered questions. She slides into an unrestful sleep in the early hours of the morning.

Chapter 2

Awoken by the sound of her ringing phone, she jerked up confused. Her head was aching and the light rays from the windows shining in her eyes were causing more of the aching. She twisted and turned until she was able to pull herself to sit up on the couch. She racked her hands through her scattered hair and searched for the ringing phone around the couch and in her bag. She found it and turned it on. Ten missed calls from Lauren and a text that said “WHERE ARE YOU” All caps.

“Shit” she exclaimed running to her room. “No time to shower “she murmured as she pulled off her clothes. She ran to her closet and pulled out a black skirt and a chiffon top with flowers and stiletto heels and slipped them on quickly. She put on deodorant and a lot of her perfume and made a run for the door picking up her jacket, purse, and phone. She took the elevator down and walked quickly to her car entering and putting the key in the ignition. She tried to kickstart the car but it won’t budge. She ca


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