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Boss In The Sheets

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Rose said to herself: "He's real. He’s shirtless, it's the same chest I licked and kissed yesterday, the same lips that pressed on mine, and the same eyes that made me dripping wet just by looking at me with desire. Sam is not a dream nor a version he’s real. As real as my dining room, as real as the s*x we had yesterday, and as real as me losing my virginity to him."

Chapter 01: First time

His hands on my lower waist, trying to adjust my core so that he had better control, he spread my legs and leaned to kiss me, this time he went for a steamy kiss, his tongue visiting every corner of my mouth while his hand moved very lightly and smoothly from my belly to my breast that he cups, squeezes it, then starts giving me shivers when he playfully rubs my nipple.

With one hand this man can make me visit outer space and bring me back using the other one.

His other hand went for my skirt, he lifts it, making sure my thigh senses his huge hand, to which my thong didn't seem to be a barrier to give my whole body an electric shock he went with two fingers from the back to the front of my p*ssy until I started moaning only then he slides his hand under my underwear to feel how wet I was.

At that exact moment, the intensity of our kiss rose, and his hand went for my neck, leaving my boob hungry for his touch, but every inch of me is greedy at this moment.

His hand in my hair is probably where I wanted it but the moment he slid to the front to have my head in control and stay still wherever his tongue push me, little did he know that I loved his hand on my throat kind of choking me, a passionate kiss, with little waves of pleasure from the hand he has on my cl*t and an edge of roughness with the other on my neck.

He's taking my breath away, literally.

Right there and then, he got all my body senses confused. He slowly pushed two of his fingers inside me while his thumb messed with my cl*t, pleasure traveling all over my body at that moment he stops, and moves a foot aback eyeing me head to toe.

My eyes barely open, my lungs gasping for air, and my legs spread, I'm still clothed but it's just a skirt, that hides nothing.

I'm all exposed and vulnerable to his presence along with my nakedness, I'm at his mercy now, to let me off my misery and join me in my exposed state or keep the upper hand, and I prefer the inner hand if you ask me.

He murmured something I didn't catch, my mind has shut down for now, it's out of service, my body is serving him now.

" What!?" I asked confusedly. He looked at me with a gaze ready to devour me in one bite, " you're so hot goddamn" he said while smirking and leaning closer to me then he tried to remove my underwear, the only thing that hides my untouched cave, my virgin lands, his hands are the first to be here, his hands the ones other than mine who made me taste pleasure.

He moved a step back again he murmured something but this time I could read his lips it said perfect but I couldn't care less cause I was blessed with a view that made everything matter less, he took off his shirt and then locked his eyes with mine I could feel the tension spreading all over the room shaking everything in it, or it's me who's shaking at his sight, in desire.

I lift myself from the bed and reach for his belt and then his pants keeping our eyes locked, I can feel how hungry he was and the slower I move to harder it is for him, I cupped his package and oh my god he's packing; I removed his pants and underwear and his erected c*ck popped out as if it was in a surprise box.

I looked at it with admiration.

Unconsciously bit my bottom lip and then looked back at his eyes, "Do you want to do it?" He asked.

I kiss the tip, "I hope this is enough of an answer " winking, then s*ck it a few times before my tongue gets involved, hearing his groaning made me want to give him more, I pushed more inches in my mouth, my tongue going everywhere while sucking.

"Would you please be a bit rough with it, the sucking," he said, pleading gasping for air. When I did as he requested, the groaning kept rising then I stopped and gave his balls a lick and s*ck*d them carefully, at that instant he moaned, I went back to the p*n*s, kissed the root, gave it a lick until I reached the tip, and started sucking again rough as he liked it. We have that in common.

Once I felt his pre-c*m I stopped, I wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine he seemed to like it because he chuckled when I looked at him, he kneeled in front of me and kissed me feeling the desire in his tongue.

He picked me up from the bed hand on my bare butt covered by my skirt and my arms around his neck for support and so that I can control the kiss, he put me on the desk, slid both hands on my thighs, stopped kissing me, then stripped down my thigh high stockings and started to shower my thighs with kisses, licks from my knee reaching my inner thigh.

My wet c*nt has been waiting for a while now, he sips my wetness like it's a Slurpee licks me from the vagina to the cl*t, and sucks my cl*t a few times giving me all kinds of feelings.

Then he started showing his real skills when his tongue went inside me whenever he moved it someway I felt electricity everywhere, he then went again to cl*t giving it a few licks, and started sucking again when he pushed two of his fingers inside me discovering the virgin area of my vagina, this made the rubber I had in hand break into two.

I couldn't handle the pleasure, I looked down his hair seemed to be the best place for my hands to discover, he then looked at me, and Oh my god his eyes made the pleasure double, my breath started to shorten; when he saw me at that state he stopped. Teasing is his forte.

He gives my cl*t a kiss and then slides his finger out and through my wetness to reach my cl*t and pushes it like a button and then rubs it in a circle twice and takes it directly to his mouth and licks his fingers. It seems he didn't want to waste my wetness.

He looked at me with a smirk, I smiled back and he said with a chuckle " Are you ready for the real show ?"

the real show? he can't be serious, this man is going to make my brain shut down or addicted and none of them are in my favor, Sir I don't even know how you could read my body like there were instructions on every inch, How come you know my body too well, not that I'm complaining, but it feels like his body fits every inch of mine.

My brain stopped thinking when he got closer to me penetrating my vagina with his c*ck slowly and carefully, he kept his eyes on my face, trying to read it.

The speed he chooses is perfect, I can feel the pleasure mixed with pain, but I can endure the latter.

When it hurt more than it pleased me I shouted "Stop" he immediately took it out and took a few steps backwards.

"I'm so sorry, Did I hurt you" With worry on his face, I looked at him "Come closer, I still need you", "Are you sure?" He asked, and I nodded.

He tried again, slowly pushing the tip to my entrance, then his shaft, he stopped but I thought I could take more of him, so I encouraged him until he was all in. What a pleasure, his d*ck in me didn't feel like my old clitoral self-made pleasures. They just don't measure up.

He kept his thrust slow and soft, whenever I got comfortable with something until I didn't experience pain, and he didn't worry.

His hand went under my legs and he lifts me while he was f*ck*ng me he turns around beelining on the bed and gave me a few thrusts while standing before he puts me on the bed, his d*ck left my body and it feels like my blood is low on drugs, dammit I'm already addicted.

He kissed my mid-thigh going up to my belly then my boobs, where he stopped and gave them an admiring gaze only to start kissing my mouth. Right then I felt his manhood entering me and by that I mean my whole being, he was moving back and forth, locked his eyes with mine, and whispered" Your tightness is making me lose it, Can't get enough " I replied with a moan, then said "I like your big boy, so let's both not get enough" we both chuckled and then I asked " what's your name, I wanna moan it " I felt him getting harder inside me he said without hesitation " Sam, Samuel".

I looked at him with desire this time and said his name he seems unsatisfied "Didn't you say you want to moan it ", I said "Well you gotta make me moa-" Before I finished my sentence his lips went for my nipple; his hands had different missions the left one went for my other nipple and the right hand went for my cl*t while he's f*ck*ng me with his wooden fat c*ck, all I could do is try to take a grip of his shoulders I imprint my nails on them moaning "SamuEULLLLLL"

The moves get faster and more precise until I reach the climax of the orgasm that I've felt through my nervous system.

My body felt weak for a moment, I couldn't breathe, I called him "Sam" and he looked at me with desire. I knew he didn't c*m yet, so when our eyes met I tried to flip him over, and he let me be on top.

I started to ride him slowly and steadily his facial expression changed showing the pleasure he senses; his hands went to my boobs as I leaned towards him, he lifts himself and hugs me then go for my *ss I keep riding him, but my speed isn't enough for him.

He stands up, lifting me like I weigh nothing; he then has me against the wall, I lift some of my weight spreading my arms on the wall for support, while he takes care of the legs spreading, then he fucks me like there's no tomorrow his eyes on mine, " Samuel, your wand is magical" I whispered on his ear and bit his lower ear lobe.

I felt his c*ck harden even harder and he f*ck*d me faster this time.

He looked at me and asked "What's your name" I replied " Rose, Roseanne" I imitated his answer because I knew what he meant he wanted to moan my full name just like he wanted me to moan his, as he keeps f*ck*ng me I feel the orgasm coming I told him and he said "Me too, Rose" we moaned each other's names and came at the same time.

He gave me a gaze full of admiration this time without a drop of desire and smiled while taking me back to the bed where we lay facing the roof for 10 seconds, Then he turned to face me and I did the same.

He said with a bright smile on his face "Nice to meet you Rose" I replied feeling my eyes sparkling " Nice to meet you, Sam"

He tucked my hair behind my ear and kissed me on the cheek, he checked his watch he said surprised "Rose, it's 2 am" We'd been going for four hours Wow it felt like 20 minutes, " It didn't feel that long, you probably should sleep in, it's too late" he looked at me with hesitation, "close your eyes already" I said while I looked at the other way. I could feel his smile, he slithered to get closer to me, his arms around my waist and his body against mine I adjusted myself to fit in his lap, he kissed my shoulder and we slept in each other's arms.

Chapter 02: Good Morning

I woke up to the ring of my alarm, a song I used to love now HATE. Turned it off and swiped my hand over my bed. I felt disappointed since it was empty.

I half opened one eye to make sure there was no one, and yes, my only companion now is emptiness.

Was yesterday a dream? It did actually seem like one; the sex felt more than real. I still feel lips on mine, hands all over me, and my insides are begging for more. It's not like I don't want to feed your lust, guys, I just can't.

I thought I lost my virginity to the hottest man I always dreamed of, but apparently, it's just a dream and a wish I haven't checked off my to-do list yet, and maybe never.

I got up from bed naked, went to the kitchen with the guidance of my half-open eyes, and turned on the coffee machine. Beelined to the bathroom to wash off the wet dream I had, and hopefully the lingering desires, when I was inside the bathroom was steamy, okay someone was here so my dream w


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