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Billionaire's Ghost Wife

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Two years of flash marriage, she gives her everything into it, thinking one day she would be able to steal his heart. A marriage where no body knew that she was Krish Goenka's wife who was known to be the most eligible bachelor and the richest man of the country, she tried everything, still he looks her as a burden to him as the marriage itself was forced on him. He treated her like a show piece on his home that doesn't worth his attention and precious time. A marriage that was nothing to him but everything to her as she kept giving a chance to this marriage until she finds out that he was seeing another woman. How could she still beer it? Finally, she took the final decision as she left his home leaving him a note of a goodbye. But, who has expected that her disappearance would drive the cold hearted CEO crazy? He gave the cold warning to all his men either to find his wife or leave the job. “ Sir, the woman you are looking for is actually dead for two years, ” “ What??? ” What was that? If his wife was dead, then who was the girl living with him for two years, a GHOST? Author's Note : The story is not paranormal, keep patience and join the thrilling ride of Krish's journey to find his wife, Abha.

Chapter 1

“ H..hello.. C..can I talk to Mr. Goenka? ” she asked, holding the telephone in one hand and pressing her bleeding stomach with the other.

“ Sorry Mam, Mr. Goenka is not present right now, ” a lady replied.

“ Miss, c..can you connect my phone to him, it's very important, I need his help, ah ” she bit her lips and moaned as the bleeding was getting worse.

“ It's not possible, he has gone with his fiance, we can't disturb him,”

the lady replied and a thunderstorm fell on Abha's body, her legs started trembling, suddenly, she felt as if her heart got stabbed by a sharp knife and that stab at heart was even worst than her stomach.

“ By the way, can I know who are you, Miss? And why do you want to talk to Mr. Goenka, can I know your relationship with our boss? ”

It was not so casual for the receptionist to receive a call from a woman who wants to talk to the richest man in the country, and hence she was curious to know the identity of this caller.

“ I.. am.. his maid ”

Abha replied and hang up the phone. But, was she really his maid?

No, she was his wife. She was the wife of a man who was the most eligible bachelor in the views of the whole country. Businesses tycoons dreamt of setting their daughter's marriage with him, girls adore him, and reserved his all magazines pictures. Many women could even die for him, but no one knew that the man whom they were thinking is single, was actually married. But, he was ashamed of his wife, he was so much ashamed of his life partner that he didn't want his wife to show up in front of anyone.

But, was it his fault?

She was ugly, illiterate, and good for nothing. Why would a man like him would like such a type of girl? It was not like he married her on his will then why would he take her as his wife?

She couldn't help thinking of the day when she first met this man.

It was the same date but two years before, when a billionaire's car punctured in a silent Valley of northeast India amidst the darkness. He couldn't find any mechanic at the moment because of the remote area of Assam, but luckily he found tribe ' Kuki ' and decided to spend his night in the tribe and leave the next day.

But, that night, there was a local festival for the tribes Kuki, and their members were celebrating their festivals while drinking and dancing. They dragged him into their celebration too and he got drunk.

Abha, who was wearing a blouse with a skirt covering her knees, was asked to send the blanket to the guest by his father as the night was cold.

“ Mister, this is the blanket, keep it with you, the night is cold here,” she said with a smile and turned to leave his tent, but to her surprise, the man grabbed his wrist and pulled him in his arms.

She looked into his eyes, his gaze was fixed to her eyes, slightly moving from her eyes to her nose and then intensely looking at her lips. Her heart started beating faster, she swallowed her saliva and said,

“ Mister, I have put your blanket in your bed, now, let me go.. ” she said in a pleading tone, however, her eyes were telling something else.

He didn't let her go, instead, he covered her lips with his and kissed her intensely, then whispered into her ears

“ The night is very cold, so I need you to warm my bed, ”

he said as he picked her in his arm and pushed her into the bed.

The next day, when no one found Abha in her tent, everyone started looking for her, and when they found her lying half-naked in the stranger's bed, all the tribe's men became mad as hell.

“ We gave you shelter and you... You ruined the innocence of our head's daughter, ”

“ You bastard.. We will not let you go from here ”

“ We will bring Justice to our tribe's girl ”

“ We will kill you for your sin”

He was still not in his consciousness, his hangover was not gone, and was now tied to a big banyan tree while the tribe men were ready to push him into a fire. Meanwhile, his friend who had also come with him made his way to the tribe head and begged him for Krish

“ Sir, please, let my friend go, he was drunk last night, he didn't know what he was doing, let him go.. ”

They could get legal help from lawyers, but the tribe men were so stubborn that they weren't letting them go and were so destined to kill Krish. After an hour of negotiating, they came to the point that Krish had to marry Abha, only then they would spare his life. And by this way, he was forced to marry her.

The next day, Abha was brought to Delhi from Assam in her newly married husband's car. In all the journey, he had pulled a long face to everyone, he didn't spit a single word from his mouth, it was only his friend who was sometimes saying something to make Abha a little bit comfortable. But after coming to Delhi, he too have to leave and now only two-person were sitting in the back seat of the black Maybach that stopped in front of a big apartment. As soon as the car stopped, Krish get off the car while talking to someone on his Bluetooth. He didn't say anything to Abha, but she followed his every and stopped only after they arrived in a room.

After hanging up his phone, he looked at Abha, and sighed. Abha bowed down her head like a guilty child while he walked up to her and said

“ Look, our marriage... ”

he paused as he rubbed his forehead and then continued

“ Don't take our marriage too seriously, it was just a play to come out from your tribe, I know, I shouldn't have done those things with you, but I will compensate my mistakes to you. From now on, you can live here and do whatever you want, but, never, I repeat never say anything about our relationship to anyone, understand? Our marriage must be a secret between us. You can get anything you want from me but don't expect that I'll take you as my wife. You were just a key to me to get out of that freaking place, there could nothing be happened between us ”

After throwing out these words he left the home, leaving her alone at herself who just received a big shock from her husband with whom she was dreaming to live a happy married life.

After that day, he didn't show up for five days and came back on Saturday. After this, it became his routine, he used to come only on Saturday night and would leave early on Monday. They even sleep in different rooms with almost negligible interaction with each other. There was nothing in this marriage from his side, but there was everything in this marriage from her side. She continued applying her efforts to win her husband's heart. From cooking to managing his belonging, she tried everything but to him she was always an ugly, illiterate tribe woman who didn't deserve such an elegant man.

After applying so many efforts, she once managed to grab his attention towards her. One night, he visited her room, he didn't say anything but started removing her clothes, she didn't struggle as she finally succeeded in gaining her husband's attention, but all of sudden, when she was completely naked and he had touched her by all the means he can, he left the room angrily. She couldn't understand his reaction. Why did he leave so angrily? Did she do something wrong? But, she didn't resist him, what had she done that he became that angry? Was she that bad to him that she can't get a night with her husband?

Chapter 2

The airport was crowded with media, reporters from all the channels had been standing in a queue, waiting to take the picture of the most famous billionaire so that their channel could get the limelight for a week.

“ The function was so peaceful, I'm so glad that Madam Rashmi asked you to come with me, Mr. Ahuja was so happy to see us together in the function, also the auction went high only because of your presence, ” Aliya said excitedly while holding his hand.

“ Mm.. ”

he said while moving his hands away from her.

“ Ah, I'm so sorry, Krish, I didn't think much before updating my status that I attended the charity function with you, and because of that the airport is now crowded by the reporters, ” she said while looking at the crowd that was trying to barge in, some had already started taking their photographs.

“ I guess they will not let us go without taking our photographs, I know you don't like being photographed with someone,


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