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Billionaire's First Love

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He fell in love with her at the very first sight. She is a sassy, rich and arrogant spoiled brat. He is very calm and understanding. She is an extrovert. He is an introvert. She is careless and rude. He is caring and kind. She is bold and he is shy. When there was a chance they could be together he chose to love her from afar. The interesting part is he didn't confess his love to her but she did. Everything was fine now. But then something happened and she broke his heart. After five years their paths crossed. The pain she gave him he felt again, and now he wants to take revenge on her. He left no choices for her except to obey him. Will he be able to forgive her? She still loves him and he always does but both of them never want to understand their feelings. Will they be able to fall in love again with each other? Work state: Ongoing

Chapter 1 (Meeting)

Chapter:1 (meeting)

Seher's POV:

"Miss Sethi, are you done with your presentation?" one of my colleagues asked.

"yeah" it's almost complete, I answered without taking my eyes off the computer. It's a very important deal for our company and today is the first meeting with the "khurana industry".

"It's done" I said and stood up from my desk and walked to the meeting room. We all were waiting in the meeting room when one of our employees came and informed us "boss they are here".

I am a bit nervous, don't know why? It's not my first time giving a presentation. I heard about this company with whom we are going to make a deal. It's a very well known company"khurana industry". But who is the boss? I didn't know about him, and never saw him on the internet. I started rubbing my palms, then my manager "Mrs. Mittal" noticed me and patted her hand on my shoulder to support me.

"Don't be nervous, you can do it I believe in you" She said and smiled at me, she has been very supportive and kind towards me since the first day when I joined their company.

The door opened and two men came into the meeting room and everyone stood up from their place.

My eyes widened as I saw him. He is none other than him. It's been five years since I last saw him. Seeing him after so many years I became so happy.

"nerdy boy" I whispered only to myself, I didn't know when my eyes get wet, I am staring at him like dumbfounded until I realized he is staring back at me with anger filled eyes I felt hurt to seeing anger in his eyes for me, I immediately took my tear filled eyes off as I don't want him to saw my tears but it seems he did notice.

"Welcome sir please have a seat" Manager said to them. "Thank you, " They nodded.

"Seher go and start your presentation " she told me and I nodded.

I started giving my presentation but his gaze was still on me. I was getting nervous but I managed to focus on my work. Everyone seemed impressed with my work. I completed it and now it's the time to sign the contract.

"Here's the contract agreement you both have to sign on it" his assistant said . But he is staring at me, I noticed it and looked away as I don't want to look into his eyes. To be honest I don't have the courage to look at him.

"Let's call it off I don't want to do business with your company" He said in his ruffled tone as everyone titled their head quizzically.

"Sir, did we make any mistakes? Please let us know this deal is very important for us" Manager asked him to plead but he didn't even bother to pay attention to her and was still staring at me as if he wanted to kill me with his dreadful eyes.

I got a sense why he doesn't want to make this contract because of me. Manager still asked him the reason for canceling the deal but he was not answering.

Then he said "Mrs. Mittal if you want to do business with us then you have to kick out your employee" pointing towards me, I got startled as well as manager,

"But sir, she is so incredible and hardworking that I can't fire her without any reason," Manager said to him.

"I don't care who she is and what she is. If you want to make this deal then you have to fire her or else you know". He said while gritting his teeth and left the meeting room slamming the door hard.

" Manager I want to resign "I said as I stood from where I was sitting before. "No Seher you don't have to do such a thing, I will talk to him if he still doesn't agree then we will let the deal go off" She said as she comforted me, but I know the real reason why he wants to fire me.

"It's okay manager, I know how important this deal is. If you do not get this deal, your company will go bankrupt" I said but she was not ready to let me go. "I don't understand why he only wants to fire you, did you guys know each other before? She asked in confusion.

I refused because I didn't want to tell her about it.

"Okay if you want then you can resign but I won't fire you and I will introduced another job to you which suited yourself best"and "I am sorry too dear because of this deal you have to left the company" She said in a dull yet sad tone, she's very supportive towards me not only in company but as a friend too.

"Ok softly I will do as you say" I chuckled and she laughed a little "don't call me that I hate sweet things' ' But you are"I said and she smiled.

I handed over my resignation letter to the manager and collected all my things from my desk after bidding bye to everyone I exited the office building.

I turned back and looked at the building for a while and got lost in my own thoughts.

I joined this company two year ago. I worked very hard and now I have to leave this company. But what's shocking the most is how he came back again, what he wants now? I heaved a sigh and turned back to the left but bumped into someone's hard chest. I looked up and found him.

"Mayank" his name first come out of my mouth and my eyes filled with tears, I want to hug him tightly and wanted to say a lot, how much I missed him, how desperately I want to met him back then, but I saw something in his eyes this is not only filled with anger but something else may be hate but I don't want him to hate me, I stepped back and start leaving but stopped by his grip on my arms,

"How dare you come here ?" He said coldly while gritted his teeth his face turned red in anger I don't dare to looked back at him "I didn't know that it's your company " I said calmly looking down as I tried to freed myself from his grip, but he tightened his grip his nails dug in my hand and it's paining, he made me to look at him by holding up my chin with his finger.

"Mayank Leave my hand, it's painful", I said, holding back my tears that were just about to fall.

"it's paining "huh? And what about the pain that you gave me back then? He almost shouted and I taken a back.

"I_I am sorry for back then" I said still shuttering.

"Sorry" Huh? He said while laughing sarcastically.

Do you really think your only sorry can make everything better, your one sorry can erase the pain from my heart which almost killed me everyday, he yelled at me and I took back.

"Why? Why did you do that to me, Seher? Why?" He yelled too loudly. I shut my eyes as I got afraid of him, he's looking too dangerous right now, if I try to explain he won't gonna listen to me a bit.

He then jerks me towards him by shaking my shoulder too tightly, he is too close to me I can feel his warm breath on my face.

"I almost forgot you, I almost forgot that I loved someone like you, your existence included what you did to me". He yelled at me and I closed my eyes in fear.

"But you dare to appear again in front of me and "that pain which you gave me" I felt again, he said in the saddest tone and now I opened my teary eyes and saw tears in his eyes which he tried to hide but he did not succeed, I could see the pain in his eyes.

"I_I am sorry mayank" I said while sobbing.I tried to take his hand but he stopped me by showing his palm.

"Your sorry can't make anything better, now you will have to pay for your own deeds' ' Seher "I promise you I will make your life hell as you made mine in the past' ' He smirked evilly.

I got scared seeing this side of him "I know he loved me once but now his love turns into hatred which I don't want to but I am the reason for his changed behavior".

"I can't do anything to erase your pain, Mayank ,but I was really guilty at that time and even now" I said to him while tears found their ways to come out.

"Don't you dare to shed fake tears in front of me it won't work, I will make you pay, just wait and see" He said while smirking devilishly and walked away pushing me. I felt on the ground recalling my deeds and regret.

Chapter 2 (He is back)

Seher's pov:

He sat in his luxurious car and drove away. I watched him until he disappeared from my sight. I lost everything and came to my house and rang the door bell.

"Welcome dear you came early today" my aunt Ashwini asked me. When she opened the door for me, I smiled mirthlessly and came into the living room without answering her.

"What happened, baby? Why are you so sad?" She asked me when she stumped and now I can't control my emotions I hugged her and put my head on her shoulder and shed tears

"Seher, you're scaring me. Please stop crying, Bacha," she told me and patted me on the back.

He….he….he….came back, Ashi Ma !! I still cried (her name is "Ashwini" and I used to call her "Aashi Ma" and "Ma" means mother, she is my father's sister).

He came back, I said, still crying.

WHO? Seher!! she asked.

Mayank !! I replied.

What? Mayank !! she as


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