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Billionaire CEO'S Obsession

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After Kaylie's mother was murdered by the Tuckers family, she was beaten and brutalized when she confronted them and barely survived it after that day, she vowed to get her revenge on them no matter how long it took so she started working at their hotel until an opportunity struck and she was forced to marry the CEO of S. Treck Austin Tucker whom she despised so much. All Kaylie hoped and dreamed of was to seek vengeance for the death of her mother but everything wasn't what it seemed until she got married to Austin Tucker who was ready to put everything on the line just to protect her and his one goal was to melt that hardened heart of hers. Will he be able to melt that heart that is filled with so much pain and mystery or will Kaylie finally get the revenge on him she badly wanted?

Chapter 1

His strong but tender arms yanked her up his desk, and she gasped, feeling her cheek turn flutter red.

He had that ability to sweep her off her feet with just a gaze from those dark blue eyes.

His fingers slowly trailed around her thighs and she bit her lower lip trying not to moan loudly.

“What do you think you are doing, Mr. Tucker”

“I want you, you make my heart feel things that it shouldn't feel. I want to hold you in my arms at all times and protect you, so let me”. His reply was in a low tone, his lips brushing through her earlobe as he spoke, sending chills down her spine.

She could feel a tickle curled up around her stomach, she wanted this man so badly and she knew it, but he was supposed to be an enemy, and she should not be messing with the enemy, but could not resist his temptation.

His lips trail down her earlobe down to her collarbone, and she moans softly with her soft pink lips tight-lipped.

“I want to taste those soft lips of yours and see how sweet they taste. The sight of it sends my entire body ablaze”. He whispered again with his lips slowly trailing around her collarbone.

He was a sweet temptation she could not resist, and although he told her how she set his body ablaze while flirting with her, Kaylie could also feel her entire body on fire and wanted this man so badly deep inside of her.

“Kaylie! Kaylie!! Kaylie!!” A loud female voice kept calling out to her while interrupting this sweet sensational moment she was having. She moaned loudly before unfurling her eyes and standing before her was her best friend Jessy.

“Oh! Girlfriend, were you having an erotic dream?”

“What!” Kaylie exclaimed and slowly tilted her head to glance at her environment, which she immediately jerked up when she realised that she was in the staff resting room of S.Treck

“What the F! Of all people I could have such an erotic dream about, why did it have to be him”. She complained and strode over to the large mirror mounted on one side of the room painted white.

There were traces of sweat on her face and she immediately powdered her face while staring back at her reflection.

“So you were indeed having an erotic dream. Tell me who it was about?”

“You wouldn't believe it if I told you.”

"Tell me”

“The cruel Boss, Austin Tucker!”

“What the hell! Why would you dream about someone you despise so much and desperately want to strangle?”

Jessy occupied the white leather couch by the side and her dark green eyes widened in amusement over her friend's narration.

“I could have had this dream about Kelvin who I desperately want to have this moment with. Thank goodness that it was just a dream.”

She replied and got on her feet. “By the way, why did you wake me up? it is just past nine, and you know how many hours I spent standing during the night shift.”

“Why do you want to go back to your erotic moment with the boss,” Jessy teased and giggled loudly, but Kaylie blushed as she threw a pillow at her.

“Naughty girl, I would have that moment with anyone else, but not with him in my entire lifetime”

“That is your problem, not mine. Your phone kept ringing, and it was disrupting my sleep, so I had to wake you up”

“Oh! It is my father, who is called Kaylie", who picked up her phone and glanced at the screen before dialling his number.

He had never called or was interested in her whereabouts, but he was suddenly calling her today and this made her feel a combination of excitement and anxiety.

“Hello, Father!” She spoke once the call pulled through.

“Kaylie, where are you?” He inquired in a deep voice which made her p*ss*d that he could not bother to ask about how she was faring.

“I am at work, Father.”

“I want you to come back home as soon as possible”

“Is there a problem, father?”

“Do not ask me. Be at home within an hour!” he commanded, and ended the call instantly before she could reply, the sound of the beep pierced her heart deep.

“I can't fathom why you still have hope that one day this man will finally accept you as his daughter.”

“He has accepted me as his daughter, he just isn't familiar with me yet, considering that I did not grow up with him.”

“That is what you want to believe, keep believing that” Jessy shrugged and slid back to bed.

“I have to go. He asked that I be there in an hour.”

“Alright, but remember to be back in three hours because your shift starts then, and you do not want to see Ms Lilian's bad side.”

“I will be back before you even blink an eye”. She replies, picking up her purse and striding out of the room.


The air around the large Mecham's mansion was silent and gloomy as Kaylie walked in so that the sound of a pin would be heard clearly.

The mansion was an extravagant one with expensive interiors and decorations, a set of expensive leather couches at the centre of the living room and on the wall were portraits of the entire family except for Kaylie hung there and some pieces of artwork.

The flower pot at the centre of the table was enamating a sweet aroma of roses and filling the room with a relaxing air and yet Kaylie could not relax with their long and dark gaze at her.

Her stepmother, Mrs Rosellle, sat beside her husband, Jones, and their daughter was engrossed in her phone and did not realize Kaylie had walked in until she spoke…

“Father, good day, what was so urgent that you needed me here in an hour?”

“Is that a sound of groaning I hear there, are you complaining?” The brows of the middle-aged woman with light skin that was almost glistening furrowed while she spoke.

“I am sorry Mother, if it sounded like a complaint.”

“I warned you, do not ever refer to me as your mother, your mother is dead, and it was her evil deed that murdered her”, Roselle exclaimed and there was a broad smirk spread around Bella's thin lips.

“I am sorry ma”. She apologized calmly, although her hands were clinched firmly behind her back.

“Kaylie, how is it work?” Mr Jones finally spoke and Kaylie felt a tickle of excitement in her heart like this was all she ever wanted, for him to just glance her way, even for a while.

“I am fine Father, thanks for asking.”

“Well, you will be getting married and it is today” He exclaimed sternly and she could not help but chuckle lightly at the words that sounded like a joke but no one had that look on their face and fear immediately curled up her stomach afraid of who her father might want to sell her out to.

Chapter 2

Kaylie stopped laughing, the smile that once spread around her pretty face was replaced with a deep frown.

“What are you saying, father?”

“Several years ago, I made a pact with a very wealthy family after they helped me with my business. I promise them that my daughter was going to get married to their son and, now that he is of age, they are asking for their bride, or else they are going to pull out all their support to my business.”

“Who still operates a business like that in such an era, but Father Bella is your legitimate daughter and should be the one getting married over the pact you made and not me?”

“How dare you mention my name! Looks like you have grown some wings!” Bella, who got on her feet yelled out, a frown still lingering around Kaylie's face as she clung to her purse firmly, her eyes glaring hot at Bella.

“Why can't you marry him? You all claim to b


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