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Billionaire Boss Obstacle Love

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Tasya's life was never as beautiful as she expected. Not because of personal problems, but rather the presence of a figure who always disturbs the calm, Mr. Revan. As the CEO who took over the company from his father, Revan not only manages the business, but also manages Tasya's life. Every step he took was haunted by Revan's interference, whether it was a late night call or a text message while on holiday. Tasya, who is trying to find peace, instead has to dream of unexpected pressure from the annoying figure of her boss. In situations that are always filled with tension, Tasya learns to find a balance between respecting Revan's position as a superior and maintaining the boundaries of her personal life. However, the question is: will Tasya succeed in finding peace amidst the chaos created by Mr. Revan?

Chapter 1

Tasya applied for a job at Adityaswara's company. When she stepped into the company, she asked the receptionist whether there were job vacancies or not? Hopefully there are job vacancies here.

"Sorry, sis, I wanted to ask if there were any job vacancies here." Tasya saw the receptionist who was dressing up so that her makeup wouldn't fade.

"That's really cute." Tasya muttered as she saw the receptionist, who was still decorating her face with make-up, with one hand holding the mirror.

"Wait a minute." The lady put all her make-up tools into her bag.

"It's been a long time, sis, she's pretty, she's not ugly, oh my God, why am I giving her so much credit, Napa can't keep her mouth shut." Tasya covered her mouth with one hand to cover her mouth, luckily she didn't hear, otherwise it could be serious.

"There are still job vacancies, sis. Just meet Mr. Revan in his room."

"Where's the room, sis?" asked Tasya.

"Come follow me." Ms. showed me her boss's room on the 20th floor, it's crazy, the company is so big, how luxurious it is, maybe the boss is rich, so the lift opened, we walked to her room, the receptionist just took Tasya to the front of her room, she told Tasya to go inside, then she went in, bismillah. I hope you can be accepted by this company.

"Excuse me, Sir." Tasya saw her boss who was sitting in his oversized chair with a cold and flat face.

"Quite interesting too." Revan muttered, seeing Tasya's appearance from below different from the other employees who wore very tight clothes.

"You are the one who wants to apply for a job here, right?" asked Mr Revan.

"Hehe. Yes, sir. I intend to apply for a job at this company, sir." Tasya also gave the file to her boss.

"Your grades are quite good. Looks like you're a smart person too."

"Not really, sir"

"You were accepted at this company, now you can work here."

"But sir, isn't it that every company doesn't work straight away? Maybe do some training first, sir?"

"There will be no training from now on. You will work as a personal secretary, I understand." Revan stressed.

"But Mr___?"

"Don't argue, oh yes you can sign this." Mr. Revan showed a letter of agreement regarding his contract work.

"What is this for sir." while raising both eyebrows.

"Still can't see it, look here is a paper agreement where you have to obey orders in this company."

"You can't do that, sir."

"You want to sign or you don't work here."

"Okay, I agree.” Then Tasya signed a work contract agreement without first looking at the contents of the agreement.

"Your desk is outside my office door and bring all these files." Revan ordered.

"Oh my God, I've just come to work and I've been given an assignment, everything could die." Tasya thought, looking at the pile of files on her boss's desk.

"Sir, I just applied for a job here but...!!" Revan interrupted his words.

"Remember the agreement you signed."

"What is the agreement, sir?"

"Didn't you read this agreement first before signing it?"

"Emmm... Not yet sir."

"You are so stupid."

"Why did you say that to me?" Tasya couldn't accept being insulted like that.

"Just read the agreement." Revan gave him the agreement letter to tell him to read it.

Agreement letter

1. The second party must obey the orders of the first party.

2. Work contract for 2 years. If the second party stops working, they have to pay 100 billion.

3. The second party must follow where the other party goes.

4. The first party must interfere in the affairs of the second party.

5. The second party may not interfere in the affairs of the first party.

"What is this, sir? Why are all the contents of the agreement about personal matters, why is there nothing about any work here." Tasya argued

"No need to argue."

"I can't do that, sir. It's better if I don't work here."

"Yes, you can stop working here, but you have to pay 100 billion or I will put you in prison for violating the rules of this agreement."

"Sir, you can't do that, why are you bringing the police into this? This is about work, not corruption." Tasya's opponent, she doesn't want to be trampled on by her boss.

"After all, I don't care, it's better for you to get out." Revan chased away.

"But our business is not finished yet, sir."

"Bring this file and work on it at your desk." Tasya surrendered that she couldn't do anything else, it would be better if she took the file and worked on it at her desk then she left her boss's room.

"Crazy boss." When I got to my desk, I vented all my frustration in the room.

Lunch time has arrived and finally I can rest, if I can't die, I've been taking care of this task and haven't finished it since before, luckily I brought some supplies, just try it, otherwise I'll have to eat with whatever money I have, there's no where to pay for the boarding house, it's a hassle. If I live alone, far from patient parents, well, I also work to support my mother's life there. Tasya walked to the canteen to just buy a drink and sat down in an empty chair.

"Oh, this is the new secretary." Suddenly a woman who looks like a b*tch comes in s*xy clothes.

"Are people going to work or looking for s*x? They're really dressed like this." thought Tasya as she glanced at the way the woman who approached her was dressed.

"What happened." Tasya just pretended not to know because she didn't want to make a fuss here.

"Eh, what are you doing eating here?" asked the Songong woman who was beside him.

"So why, this is a public place so anyone can eat here." answered Tasya, who was surprised why she met someone like this who had no manners, she had just started work and she already had a lot of enemies.

"You're really annoying here, oh yes, you brought lunch like an elementary school kid hahaha." they laughed at Tasya who was carrying lunch like an elementary school child.

"It's true that there is a prohibition that you are not allowed to bring provisions here." Tasya quipped, making the three women angry.

"You're really arrogant, what are you doing, girl?" asked the other friend.

"Maybe just bully me, okay?" teased the other friend.

"People like this need to be taught a lesson." one of the three of them dropped Tasya's lunch on the floor, causing it to fall and fall apart.

"Oops sorry." he pretended to cover his mouth with one hand again.

"Huftttt, can you just respect people a little? What did I do wrong to you that I threw away my food, huh!!" Tasya couldn't stand the three of them suddenly dropping her food.

Chapter 2

"I know Dinda, your boss's girlfriend, I remind you once again, don't be too sassy with my girlfriend."

"What's wrong with you? I don't know anything from just approaching your boss." Tasya's opponent, who doesn't want to be trampled on by her, can do whatever she wants, but don't let her throw herself in a public place.

"Because you dared to get close to Mr. Revan." everyone stared at the four of them who were the center of attention.

"When will I approach you, huh? Once again, I'll tell Mr. Revan that I'm just a secretary and boss, okay?"

"I don't believe it, who knows, you might want to get close to Mr. Revan and then take his wealth until it's gone."

"Gosh, why are your thoughts going that way? Even though I'm a poor person, I have no intention of taking away Mr. Revan's wealth."


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