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Between Masks and Passions: The CEO's Secrets

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In "Between Masks and Passions: The CEO's Secret," we enter a world where identities are forged, and secrets are traded like currency. Meet the intriguing story of Magdalena, a shy young woman by day, and Lilith, a fearless prostitute by night-two distinct personas inhabiting the same body. While Magdalena tries to lead a normal life, facing her own demons and seeking a better future, Lilith personifies seduction and desire, becoming one of the most coveted women at Lux, a renowned establishment. Lilith skillfully satisfies the deepest desires of the men who visit the place, making her highly sought after. Magdalena's world takes a dramatic turn when Gavin Ferri, an enigmatic CEO, appears at the establishment with an unusual proposal. Willing to pay an exorbitant sum, he seeks to spend a night with the beautiful Lilith. This unexpected encounter sets off a series of events that will drastically change both of their lives. As Magdalena and Gavin grow closer, they realize they have more in common than they ever imagined. While they try to unravel the secrets that haunt them, they become entangled in a dangerous game of trust and betrayal. While Lilith hesitates to reveal her true identity and dark past, Gavin also harbors a secret that could shatter their lives forever. Amidst forbidden passion and the struggle against their own demons, Magdalena and Gavin embark on a journey of self-discovery, redemption, and revelations. "Between Masks and Passions: The CEO's Secret" delves into the complexities of identity and the unexpected paths love can take, showing that behind the masks we wear, there is always the possibility of finding true happiness.

Chapter 1

“Magdalena, please come to your lordship's room to receive your payment.”

I stretch my legs lazily on the double bed and leave the book on it. I put on a robe and slip on flip-flops before heading downstairs.

Last night had been exhausting. Five mega-millionaire men competed for the chance to spend the night with me, but only Mr. Rubens succeeded.

Sometimes it was like an auction. The man who offered the highest price was the "lucky" one chosen to spend the night with me.

Being the most sought-after girl in the house ensured me enemies. Celeste, a blonde with blue eyes and a stunning body, was the worst of them. She did everything to get the attention of those who desired me, but it backfired. They wanted me.

They always want me.

I knock twice on Astrid's door before she tells me to come in. The woman in her forties was behind her huge wooden desk, counting money.

"Have a seat, darling."

Sometimes she was like a mother to me. Whenever any of the girls picked on me, she was the first to defend me. But it was no wonder. I was the one who made her the most money.

"Last night was a success!" She smiles. Her eyes gleam as she counts those bills. "Rubens paid ten thousand! Ten thousand just to sleep with delicate Lilith. And here's your share. Five thousand!"

The money division, at least with me, was like that. Half for me and the other half for her.

"And he said he'll be back. That you were super attentive and hooked him."

I smile.

"He was nice. I still can't believe he paid ten thousand for vanilla s*x."

The old man played with my breasts and then asked me to ride him. Two bounces later, he was panting.

"He's almost eighty years old. He doesn't have the stamina for anything better than that."

"Yeah, must be."

“My dear, I want you to keep your money safe. Your vacation is coming soon, and I want you to take a trip. Enjoy yourself.”

Vacation... as if I would go anywhere. It's been almost two weeks of non-stop work, and I haven't even been able to sleep more than three hours in one night.

"I will keep it safe. Well, I'm going upstairs, do a few things, and sleep. Is that okay?"

Astrid was still focused on the money, but she quickly raises her head.

"What? Oh, my dear... I still need Lilith for today."

"But I..."

"Magdalena, the auction starts at eleven," she says firmly. "Be ready."

I nod to the woman and get up.

"Exhausted" should be my middle name. I've been working non-stop for days, barely getting any sleep. All I wanted was a little break, and my boss wanted money.

I make my way to the back of the bar, where our kitchen was, and greet Eva.

"Hello, Mag. How are you?"

"With money," I show her. "And I want you to keep this portion."

"No... I... I can't accept it, my dear."

"Eva, you're the one who earns the least here, and I'm the one who earns the most. I want to help you."

"I don't need it, dear," she wipes her hands on her apron. "Keep it."

"I don't know what to do with so much money. How long has it been since I arrived here? Five months?"

"And a half," she smiles. "Since you arrived, the house became happier. I became happier."

I smile and hug her.

"I know. You're the best person in the whole world."

"I still don't understand why you're still here. You're so beautiful, and I know you have a good amount of money saved. Why don't you leave?"

"Because this is my home. It's where I truly feel good."

She smiles melancholically.

"That's so strange. The others are dying to leave, but they don't earn enough for it. Besides, they spend almost everything they have on beauty products."

"They are immature. Celeste, especially. She just keeps picking on me and saying that I shouldn't be the most sought-after one."

"I'm just telling the truth, darling."

I roll my eyes at the blonde b*tch's intrusion into my conversation with Eva.

"I should add one more thing to my list, Eva," I say, standing up and facing the girl in front of me. "She's nosy too."

"I don't know what our clients see in you," she crosses her arms. "You're short, your black hair has no shine. Not to mention those droopy eyes."

"Magdalena's green eyes are the most beautiful things in the world."

"I wasn't talking to you, you old gossip!"

"Don't talk to her like that!" I step closer to Celeste. "I genuinely pray every night that some idiot who sleeps with you makes a millionaire request to Astrid and takes you away from here. I can't stand looking at your face anymore."

"Oh, sweetheart, then keep praying. That's what I want the most. A millionaire who takes me out of this life. And even better, who takes me away from you."

"Amen," I wink at her. "Eva, I'm going to get some sleep. Call me if anything comes up. Well... except if some blonde b*tch catches fire."

I ignore Celeste's awkward laughter and head to the second floor, where all the rooms were located.

Mine had the walls painted black. Next to the double bed, there was a small dresser where I kept some erotic toys. There are men who, in bed, aren't as mansly as they appear.

On the other side of the room, next to the door of the small bathroom, there was an old wardrobe with a padlock. The key was under the mattress. I take the key and open the wardrobe to store the money I received. I grab a blue box and add today's earnings to the others. If I were to count, there must be around thirty thousand there.

The auctions fetched high sums.

When I arrived, I only serviced those Astrid told me to. But as I got used to my new routine, men wanting the chance to sleep with me increased. They increased so much that Astrid decided to hold auctions.

Prostitution is a taboo where no one admits to enjoying it. I'm the opposite. I like feeling desired. Being among several and being everyone's first choice. Since that was the only thing I felt capable of doing, I might as well do it with pleasure.

Chapter 2

"Can you tighten it, Eva?" I say, holding my breath.

"Already done, Mag."

I exhale and look at my reflection in the mirror.

I was wearing a black lace corset that made my ample bosom almost burst out. The bottom part was a small panty that would be hidden by a black miniskirt. My shaved legs were covered with black stockings. On my feet, heels of the same color. My long black hair was pulled up into a loose high bun, but some strands fell on the sides of my face. The makeup was angelic, because that's what those men liked. Women with angelic faces.

"You look amazing," Eva says, running her hands over my shoulders.

"Thank you."

"I hope tonight the man who comes up with you is a gentleman."

"They always are."

"But also handsome, caring. Someone who is amazed by your beauty and wants to take you away from here."

I furrow my brow and stare at her.



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