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Between love and revenge

Between love and revenge

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it's the story of a young girl who loses her sister in childbirth and makes a promise to take revenge on all the people who have hurt her all the people she considers to be responsible for the premature death of her sister basically she plans to take revenge on one of the most powerful families in town, the DE LUCA family she was so blinded by her desire for revenge that she doesn't wonder if she is choosing the right targets, her sickly obsession leaves her no choice but revenge so as not to lose her nephew who is also a member of this family whom she despises so much she finds herself forced to accept the marriage proposal of Gianni the eldest son of the DE LUCA family a wealthy businessman as handsome as he is ruthless in business what she thought to be hatred is gradually transformed into love, this man she hated more than everything in the world becomes the object of her love, what choice she should make between her love for this man and revenge her dead sister? In Reading this story we will find the story of two personne that will fall in love of person they don't mind

Chapter 1



I'll go into the waiting room Like a zombie, when I find a chair I sit in it, I turn around what the doctor just told me over and over in my head but I can't get over it. idea, I can't believe it, it can't be possible, this family of assassins are going to pay for it, they managed to take away everything I had in this life, how am I going to be able to get away with it? go out alone?

I can't even think, I'm in so much pain I can't even cry, I was sitting there when I realize how much I have to do, there's no one now I have to take care of everything now, I get up and walk to the morgue to say goodbye to my sister, the one who took care of me like a mother does, the one who put me first in her life, for once she decides to think about herself, she finds herself in the morgue

I enter the morgue they take out my sister's body, her face as sad as she had lately, I would have liked so much that she could take advantage of these last moments on earth, her body is frail , and her bones that were visible through her thin skin, I can't hold back my tears in front of this image that I have in front of me, I don't have the courage to look at her any longer than I run out of the morgue, why, why?

Life has been so ugly with us for no reason, I don't know what sin we could have committed, my God why did you forget us? Why do you let us suffer so much? Can't you see us? Can't you hear my cries and my pain? Aren't you the God who doesn't let your children suffer, aren't you the God who sees everything and hears everything? Why did you forget me? Why are you ignoring me?

I take my courage in both hands and I head for the maternity ward, I see the baby from afar lying in his cradle and sleeping peacefully

Me whispering: I'll do anything to make you happy my darling, so that you never taste the venom of man, so that you can't know the wickedness of man

Voice behind me: is that him?

I directly recognize this voice, this voice which has uttered so much wickedness, I will never be able to forget this voice, when I turn around it was beautiful and good him, this bastard who did us so much harm

Me: and me who thought the devil only lived in hell

Gianni: I sometimes go out, I guess that's my little brother right?

Me getting mad: This kid has nothing to do with freaks like you

Gianni smiling: instead of considering you happy that we recognize this child that your trailing sister imposed on my family

I don't wait for him to finish his sentence that I slap him so hard that he loses the thread of the conversation, I was about to give him a second when he stops me, and my glue against the wall

Gianni mad with rage: little insolent, dare to start again and I promise to bury you with your sister

Me: If you think I'm as docile as my sister to put up with all your contempt and abuse let me tell you you're cheating, I'm not going to stand around letting you tarnish my sister's memory, you disgust me so much that I disgust you, so get out of my way

He stays there looking at me

Me screaming more: I say well out of my way….

Chapter 2



I am Jade ROBERT I am 22 years old I was born to a Togolese mother and an English father, we have lived in France since we were little children, we lost our parents a few years ago and my sister Ambre had to stop studying to take care of me, I just got my degree in marketing, my sister is Ambre ROBERT, she was 25 and she was the best sister you could dream of having, she took care of me like a mother, she always did everything so that I lacked nothing and I cursed the day she met this man, this man who brought only suffering and sadness to my sister Mateo DE LUCA, this man who promised him heaven and wonder when he was a married man, a family that hurt us so much until my sister died.

I just had a violent altercation with this savage Gianni DE LUCA who thinks he's allowed everything and who allows himself to gossip about my sister, he's the last person who can afford to talk badly about her

I go to see the doctor who gives me his agreeme


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