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Baby On Contract

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Kelly Parker is the head secretary of a large company, but when the owner dies, it passes to the son. Barry Freeman has inherited a large inheritance, however, his father has set certain conditions for him to collect his fortune. One of those conditions is that he must be married and have a son... Barry will have to find someone who can help him... Their love will come to life after they both sign a contract that will unknowingly change their lives. However, they will have to go through so much that for a moment they will have to let go. But their love will triumph.

Chapter 0

I love spending quality time with my family, I recently decided to become independent, honestly, it's the best thing I could have done. I can be freer than before… I had to follow my brothers' orders... they are a pain in the *ss, while my father and my stepmother Carlota always encouraged me to go out. But my brothers have always been the problem, as I have three brothers, and I am the only female.

Because I had the urge to get out of the house (unlike my brothers who still live in my parents' house) my father got me a job in the company where he worked, he was a good publicist and a very close friend of my boss. I love my father because he took care of me and my twin brothers for a long time when my biological mother died, he is so strong that I can't help but feel proud to have a father like him. The fact that my dad met Carlota was a blessing for all of us, she was not a bad stepmother, on the contrary, she raised the four of us with a lot of love and respect. That's why I sometimes forget that she is my stepmother and not my mother, but she has always treated us as such, like children. I had the good fortune of knowing my mother, as she died at my birth, so Carlota is practically my mother.

Carlota and my father got married a year after they met, there was a lot of chemistry and my father was alone with us for a long time, he deserved to find a good woman and that is my mother. Soon after they had a son, Steven, he is in his teens and is the darling of everyone, especially Carlota, for obvious reasons, but even so, she still loves us just as she did before the birth of my younger brother.

On the other side, there are the twins, Denis and Dale, who for a long time were my bodyguards, overprotected me, and scared off my suitors. What was a blessing for some of my friends was a curse for me, because if I was invited to a party, Dale and Denis would go too. My friends would go crazy when they went with me, they couldn't wait for their friend's two older handsome brothers to come to their party. I think that's why they invited me, because of my idiot brothers. The twins are older than me by five years, but I seem to be the oldest, they are immature and as I said, they still live at my parent's house.

It's the sound of my mobile phone that interrupts my peace, I look at the screen, it's Barry Freeman, the (handsome, charismatic, and unbearable) son of my boss. I've had problems with him repeatedly, and I hate him, his personality doesn't suit me in any way. He's presumptuous and he's too… I don't know how to say it, but he's too egocentric, and I already have enough with my brothers without having to put up with another one with a superiority complex.

"Yes?"I answer reluctantly, I want him to know that his call is not something I was expecting, and I hate to hear his voice.

"Hello Parker," so at least today if I say hello, "I need the contact of the investor who went last week to see my father," he finishes saying almost in a low voice... the time that rich kid has been working here, I have discovered his tactics to make me angry and to find a reason to yell at me. One of his tactics is to say something to me in a low voice so that I can say I haven't listened, and he can go on to scold me for not paying attention.

With all the intentions in the world, I manage to say reluctantly, "I'm not on duty anymore," I sigh irritably, waiting for his unpleasant response.

I hear him reluctantly close a folder, someone is angry, and I'm glad "My father needs him" he bluffs, because basically with that he can send me to do whatever he wants.

I fill my lungs with air, and sometimes I can't stand it, and today is one of those horrible days. " Well, it's not my problem" I know he's the one who requires it, if only he would ask for things please and with a different attitude, everything would be different.

" Well, I hope you don't mind signing your resignation letter tomorrow." His threatening tone doesn't scare me a bit, as he's just the boss's son, not the boss.

" All right, I'll bring my pen"I dislike this guy so much "Good afternoon Mr. Freeman, have a great Sunday "I say goodbye and end the call victorious because I feel I have won, that man didn't get his prized number, and I'm going to rest at home quietly.

Today things have been pretty straightforward… but Monday will be the day when my boss, the mighty Mr. Freeman, will finally retire from the job and the company will finally fall into the hands of his son, Barry Freeman. I'm sure I won't last a week being his secretary because he's an unbearable blond… self-centered and naive, but I've never liked him. I should probably write my resignation letter at once, so that the first time that rich guy yells at me or tries to humiliate me, I'll run away from this place.

I grab my bag and my jacket, close the door of the general office and go home to enjoy a long weekend in the company of pinky, my pet. A Chihuahua I adopted a couple of years ago and thanks to that, now it's just me and her. Well... no boyfriend, just exes with whom I ended badly and visits to my family's house... That's my plan for this weekend...

Chapter 1

1. Cloudy Days

I look out of the big window of my small office, or rather the corridor that is supposed to be my office… there is a beautiful landscape that I can see from here… the sky has black spots, a warning that at any moment a rain may be coming that will limit everyone from leaving their house. Today the day is cloudy, for me, clouds are a bad mood, blue sky is joy, but there is always something that has to change your mood. Exactly as it happens to me every time I arrive at the darn company I work for, my life was pretty normal before the boss's son took over the company where I have spent the last five years working as a secretary. Every time I see Barry Freeman, my stomach turns, and he's handsome, I have to admit, he's the best-looking man I've ever met, but there's a problem… his attitude. His damn temper and his everyday bad mood are what makes me hate him, he makes me angry all the time, and sometimes it makes me want to pull my hair out


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