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Sophie Kingston is a secretary to a popular and influential company, Cross Tech. She finds herself busy with work mixed up in an affair with her boss. Plunged into the mess of family wars and strife, Sophie wishes to focus only on her job and end whatever feeling she has developed for Adrian Cross, her boss. “All is fair in love and hate” Sophie Kingston can't exactly remember the phrase. What she does know is that she is completely done with men. Rescued from an alcohol poisoning by her Hot CEO Adrian, with Adrian showing her unwavering attention constantly, Sophie tries to build her walls higher, but can she succeed in this when Adrian is set to always get what he wants, even when what he wants is Sophie Kingston?

Chapter 1

Sophie. "It's not fair!" I yell, startling the man beside me. A few of the people around turn towards me in sympathy. I can't really blame them, my hair is a mess from running my hands through it numerous times and my eyes look like they could burst from the tears I try to hold in. It's not fair. I don't deserve this. My eyes move around the crowded bar. Some hulk of a man has been eye-f*ck*ng me for a while now but I don't have the strength in me to tell him off. I'm so tired of everyone and everything. All I do is give my best over and over again and even that isn't good enough is it? I've done everything, everything right! I loved him no matter what. I was there for him, we were supposed to be there for each other. What does he do? He goes behind my back to cheat on me. And of all the whores in the world he does it with our neighbor? I have never felt this humiliated in my entire life. And to think our love was strong enough, we even moved in together. Now I'm all alone and homeless at that. I am done with men. Completely! They're all just a bunch of assholes who use me for what I can offer. Jason is the biggest of them all and this time I'm going to focus on my career and nothing else cause they all don't deserve me, I scream internally, before taking another large gulp of my comfort drink- Scotch. He is not worth it, I try to tell myself but the tears prickle the corners of my eyes and I can't help but feel like maybe it's all my fault this time. Maybe I could have been a better girlfriend. "A little more over here." I manage to mumble out to the bartender who seems to be trying to hide the fact that he's staring at me in sympathy. I shrug him off. Men are all the same anyway. They just want a glimpse of your panties and they're settled. I guess I should be happy I broke up with Jason. How did he expect a woman to be happy when she lacked a good orgasm? Dang *ssh*l*. "She doesn't need another one, thanks." Someone speaks from behind me and the bartender looks up, eyes searching for the speaker. I scrunch my eyebrows when I realize the person is talking about my drink. The bartender nods at whoever is behind me and glances back at me with an apologetic look. I roll my eyes. "Um, I do need another one, thanks." I turn around quickly to find the speaker. I have to grab onto the back of the chair when the room starts spinning. Once it stops my eyes lock with an icy blue pair. "Excuse me, do I know you?" I stutter out squinting my eyes at the man standing behind me. "Someone needed to stop you from consuming all that alcohol, you could get alcohol poisoning you know?" He responds and I tilt my head at his deep voice. He sounds familiar. I involuntarily inspect my unwanted babysitter, taking in his dark blue trench coat, and the way his black hair is slicked back, yet the waves are visible. My boss. I turn back to the bar waving the bartender down. "You're not my dad." I finally speak, drumming my fingers on the bar counter. The alcohol is to be thanked for this outrageous rush of courage. A part of me knows I shouldn't speak to my boss this way. The other part just doesn't care who he is.I am already feeling the effects of the alcohol in my system, but it won't stop me from enjoying a few more drinks. There is some shifting to my left and I glance over to see my boss move a chair out of his way and lean on the bar counter raising his brow at the drink in front of me. "Thank you." I give the bartender a sweet smile. He gives my boss an apologetic look. "I may not be your dad baby doll but you do work for me. And I don't like my employees hungover during working hours." He whispers lowly behind my ear. A huge wave of pleasure hits me so hard, I turn to him in shock. Just great! All I need is to be turned on by my boss for my week to be complete. I peer at him closely. Is it the alcohol? Or did my insanely hot boss get any hotter? The smirk on his face is a clear indication that he knows what he does to me, the effect his words and action have on me and the way my legs cross over each other on their own, it's obvious another part of me feels that way too. Sh*t.A small gasp escapes my lips as he scoots closer to me. Of all the times in the world Sophie? I face palm myself internally. The heat in the room seems to have increased by a thousand folds and by now my poor panties were a mess. I take another gulp of my scotch and look away from him. "You didn't look too good earlier." his voice is raspier than before and I close my eyes at how close he is to me. I don't want to come off as too affected by him but the alcohol in my system seems to have a mind of its own. "Since you seem to care so much about my well-being, give me a ride." I fold my hands over my chest and lock eyes with him, which proves to be a hard task in itself. He is like a massive giant. Taller than me even in heels. I am 6ft tall in 4-inch heels, which means he has to be at least 6 ft4. He lets out a small chuckle, a small dimple appearing on his right cheek. "You trust me enough to give you a ride. How bold of you?" I shrug, adjusting my knee-length skirt, "My night can't get any worse so all I ask is for you not to kill me or mess up this pretty face of mine," I take a deep breathe and stand on my tippy toes, " And I just might let you take a peek at what's under this dress." I give him a wink that makes him chuckle again and walk right past him toward the exit. As soon as I push the door open, the wind from the night chill smacks me in the face, making my teeth chatter as goosebumps pepper my skin. I remember having my suit jacket on at some point tonight, but I can't remember what happened to it. And my chiffon top wasn't doing me any justice tonight. "Here." My boss takes off his trench coat, revealing a dark blue sweatshirt tucked neatly into black slacks. Even his dark blue shoes were dressy. "Where'd you just come from? A business meeting?" I snort as I grab his coat, sighing as the rich material warms my body immediately. The smell of sandalwood engulfs me, and I inhale, loving the scent. "You smell nice." I compliment him before he can answer my question. "Thank you and yes I did actually," he answers me, making me tilt my head in confusion. "Yes, you did what?" I ask, looking up at the sky as if it has the answers to why he is saying yes. Did I ask him a question? I can't remember. He glances at me, a side smirk growing on his face before he raises his arm in the air. "You really need some water in your system, asap." He steps into the streets as a sleek black car pulls up to the curb. A man exits the car, tossing the keys to my boss. He mumbles something to the man and hands him a fifty-dollar bill. He walks to the passenger side of the car, opening the door. "Come." He nods at the car and I walk his way, stopping right by the door. I glance at him. The sudden urge to have those powerful arms of his wrapped around my shivering hot body as he pounds me into undeniable pleasure overwhelms me. My eyes go lower to his full lips, soft and begging to capture mine. The heat that dropped low to my stomach earlier intensifies. He catches me staring at him and his eyes darken. "Don't look at me like that Miss. Kingston," he whispers roughly. I feel like I might expire with all the waves of desire crashing through me at this very moment. I look up to meet his eyes and answer defiantly. I don't even take the time to dwell on how he remembers my name. "Or what?" He inhales sharply before a devilish look takes over his eyes, "Or I might not be held responsible for what happens next." His voice is thick and controlled. I can tell he wants me as much as I want him right now. Tomorrow I would regret this, but for now, I want my fantasies fulfilled, right now. Finally making my decision, I grip his coat tightly and bend him till he's at my height level before placing my lips on his in a rough kiss. At first, he seems shocked by the kiss but before long he is kissing me just as fiercely as I am kissing him. We struggle for dominance before I submit to him. Who knew kissing my boss would feel this good?An animalistic groan escapes between us and I worry for a minute that the sound came from me. The way his hands lower behind and grab my *ss firmly has my mind reeling. I'm so drenched and hot all over. I don't know if I'm just s*x-starved or if he just has the best hands in the world. We finally break away from each other and I stare at his hooded eyes that seem like they might snap if he doesn't get a release soon. A small smirk plays on my lips. "So, your place then?" I say. ******* "How about some water first?" he drapes his trench coat over a chair in the living room we're in. "You had way too much whiskey." I nod at him sheepishly. Why do I feel so nervous suddenly? Normally, I have the upper hand in situations like this, but for some reason, his impressive demeanor throws me off my game. The look on his face tells me he knows it too. I turn away from him to admire his beautiful place. I have never been to such an impressive place before. The big entryway where we came in opening up to a spacious living and dining room. A long dining table with a high-backed velvet chair is in the center of the room, set as if ready to host a dinner party. Towering floral arrangements adds color and freshness while the art hung on the wall reminds me of pieces I have seen somewhere. The state-of-the-art kitchen was off to the side, and I can only imagine the masterpiece I could create on the granite countertops and endless array of appliances. I love to mess around with cooking, but it is an art form when you have this kind of equipment at your disposal. He seems to know his way around the kitchen, finding glasses and water quickly. For a moment, I wonder if he has done this kind of thing before. I continue into the living room, running my fingers along the smooth silk leather couches. They are so pristine, it is hard to imagine they've ever been sat on. A giant beanbag in the center looks like the perfect place to curl up and watch a movie, but when the tv is nearly the size of the wall it is hung on, there isn't a bad seat in the entire room. The exterior walls are made up of floor-to-ceiling windows and we are so high up that I can only see a few other buildings in the entire San Francisco skyline that are as tall as we are. Two other rooms break off from this main space, and each is its own bedroom suite with a king-sized bed in the middle, piles high with heavenly-looking linens and pillows. A part of me wants to fling myself into the mass of white fabric just to see if it is as soft as it looks. A few seconds pass before I realize I'm not alone anymore. He is standing next to me, leaning against the door frame and holding two glasses, one filled with amber liquid and the other holding clear water. "I'm sure we'll make it here eventually." he chuckles and nods toward the bed. "There is something I want to show you first." "Lead the way." I grin, taking the glass away from him. I take a sip and feel my head clear up a little. Dang! Why did I drink so much? His hand grazes the small of my back, gently guiding me to the sliding door, and presses a button on the wall. All of a sudden, the doors part, and the entire wall of windows disappear so that the living room opens into the patio. "Wow!" I am speechless as I step outside and take in the sights. It is breathtaking up here. The night sky is illuminated by the city lights, and even though we are close to the hustle and bustle below us, it feels like we are a million miles away. The hum of the city isn't even audible up here. "This place is really amazing." "It is, isn't it?" taking a big gulp of his whiskey. The pull between us is magnetic. I find myself leaning towards him and before I know what is happening his lips brush against mine. It's a small, gentle touch, but it ignites an inferno between us, and soon his hands are traveling all over me. He presses his body against mine, easing me inside the room. I backpedal until my ankles hit the couch and we both tumble back into it. I take a second to appreciate how hot he is- those deep blue eyes that feel like they could see your soul, the small trail of silver tattoos on his skin, the way each of his muscles is so perfectly toned it looks like he was sculpted out of stone. My boss, Adrian Cross is gorgeous, head and shoulders above anyone else I have ever been with, and once again, I feel nervous. If men less than him couldn't appreciate me, more or less the Adrian Cross. I shake my head to get rid of such thoughts. He is my boss and this is nothing but a one-night-stand. We would forget about it by tomorrow. As he hovers above me, his lips trail from my lips to my neck to my chest. The way he kisses me is like nothing I have ever experienced before-so sensual and commanding that I feel the electricity down to my toes. His lips meet mine again and he slips his tongue inside my mouth, exploring every inch of it as he twines his fingers in my hair. With a gentle pull, he takes full control over me. I am completely at his mercy with just a simple kiss. Our kiss turns hungry like we are desperate for each other. I fumble with the buttons on his shirt as he slips my skirt and top off me so expertly. He rips at the buckle of his belt and takes his pants off hastily. He wastes no time in taking control, pinning my wrist above my head and kissing my lips briefly before working his way down my body. First my chin, then biting gently at my neck, to my chest and finally stopping when his head was even between my breast. He drags his tongue along the sensitive skin and then pulls back slightly, blowing cool air against it and sending chills over my entire body. I jerk against his restraints of arms but he holds me firmly in place. There is nothing gentle about this man, but I am loving every second of his domination and control. "You are so hot." A smirk forms at the corner of his lips. "You liked that, didn't you?" I nod, "It feels incredible, I don't think I can wait any longer. "Patience beautiful." He returns his lips to my chest, and takes my n*ppl*s in his mouth, sucking and flicking his tongue against them. His teeth drags over it, eliciting just enough pain to drive me absolutely crazy. He is rough and commanding, but the feel of his body against mine takes me so high I'm not sure I'd ever come down. I could already feel the slickness between my legs, my traitorous body giving my arousal away. I bend my knees, letting them fall open softly and exposing myself even more to him. He twitches in surprise at my willingness but quickly regains his composure. His head dips between my legs and when I feel the flick of his tongue against my thigh, I let out a sharp gasp. How is it possible he already knows exactly where to touch me? My reaction only eggs him on and he lets my wrist go, dragging his fingers down my body, painfully slowly until they reach my thighs. I can tell by the devilish look on his face that he knows exactly what he is doing to me and is enjoying every second of it. His eyes lock with mine as his fingers plunge inside of me. He strokes slowly at first and then quickens his pace, pumping ferociously as I arch my back, tethering on the edge of an orgasm. He plays with me like I am a puppet on his strings, and he is the domineering master that watches me wiggle and squirm for his pleasure. "Mmm..." I can barely form words. It feels so good. I rake my fingers along his back, holding on as if my life depends on it. No one has ever made me feel like this before- it is absolutely intoxicating. I could never get enough of him. As if reading my mind, he reaches into the pocket of his pants for a condom. I take it from him, tearing it open and then slipping it over his rock-hard length. "I wanted to make this a little more special for you, but I don't think I can wait either," he whispers. "It's already been perfect. I want to make you feel good too." I grin and run my fingers through his hair, pulling him to me until our lips connect again. "Give me your ankle." He orders. I lift my leg and he takes it, resting it on his shoulder and stroking the sensitive skin of my thigh. "You're sure?" He asks, checking to be sure I'm still okay with all of this. How is it possible he is still a gentleman even in the middle of rough, hot s*x? I nod. Without any further encouragement, he slips inside me. It takes my breath away first, filling me up to the very brim as he eases himself in. He moves slowly, letting me get used to it as his hips pump against mine. My lips part in a moan but he muffles it with a kiss. "Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?" I turn crimson. Something about the way he says it, makes it sound so much better. His hips buck against mine a little bit faster, our bodies moving together in perfect rhythm. I arch my back, gasping sharply as each thrust feels better than the last. I can't contain my moans and screams, but he doesn't seem to mind. Faster and faster he pumps against me, driving me to the brink of a mind-boggling orgasm. "You feel so good." I purr, stroking his cheek. I can tell by his thrusts that he is nearing the peak, and a few seconds later our bodies writhe against each other in pure ecstasy. We collapse against each other onto the couch, both panting and out of breath. "Wow." His voice is husky as he drapes his arm around my shoulder and I settle into his chest. "That was incredible," I say, trying desperately to catch my breath, but still sky-high in the clouds with pleasure. "I'm not sure I'll be content with just once." He chuckles. "Good thing we've got all night."

Chapter 2

Sophie.I roll over, groaning as aching in my lower back forces me to open my eyes. I squint from the harshness of the sun and roll over again, pressing my face into my pillow. "Morning." I freeze when a voice I don't recognize speaks up. I have to be dreaming. I ignore the voice, hoping and praying that it is just my crazy imagination. "I know you're up, so there's no use in pretending you're still asleep." This isn't a dream. I shoot up quickly, squinting, and look around frantically for the source of the voice. This isn't my room or Jason's either. His voice isn't that deep. After a quick search, my eyes land on the one man I didn't expect to wake up in bed with - my boss. Adrian Cross?I scramble up, my heart beating quickly as I try to analyze the situation. My boss is laying shirtless on my bed MY BED? And...I don't even want to look any lower to see what he wore undernea


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