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Maxwell left the country when he was 15 and she was 12. They were separated when Maxwell was forced to leave the country with her elder sister due to some circumstances. After ten years , he came back with an aim and expectation to marry her childhood friend (Anabella) But it all shuttered when Anabella told him he is getting married to the affluent man called (Robert) he had to get his love back but Anabella only sees him as his childhood friend . He had to remind her of their past romantic events and promises. Let's follow their story.

Chapter 1

It was a bright morning and a good spot, they usually meet there everyday. He have been waiting for an hour and she still haven't arrived yet. He sat there and waited ,and finally there come a beautiful girl with a cute face, blue eyes, brown curly hair . She run towards the teenager boy."Hi Max" she breathlessly said it out.Because she have been running non stop for thirty minutes to reach there."Hi Ana " he said in a sadistic tone."Max, what's wrong, what happened, you didn't even hug me or kiss me like you always do" Ana surprisely asked." Sorry am sorry Ana" he bust in to tears "No no no, Max don't cry" the girl cleaned up his tears. Max why are you crying."Ana we are moving out of the country" he bust into more tears.Out of shock Ana stood there like a statue, she couldn't speak."Ana pls say something, don't stand there pls" Max intoned with tears rolling out of his eyes and"But why , nooo you can't leave me no" Ana said whiles crying.Max hug Ana and they both hug and cried for quite long, they left each other embrace and out of the blue Ana was spin around she fell into Max arm and they looked in to each other's eyes.Max kissed Ana , and she deepened the kiss. it turned a bit rough , they stopped when both of them were breathless.Max run from there and Ana followed. when they reached at Ana's house her grandma and Max's sister where there and Car.Max was hesitant to get in the car, Ana hugged her tight and they both hold each other tight they were not ready to let go of each other."Max please don't leave me,pls" Ana begged."Max is time for us to go, we will miss our flight. Max sister said." No Rina pls, l don't want to go' Max begged.But suddenly Max was feeling dizzy he let go of Ana and fell, they took him to the car. Her sister knew very well that Max won't go so she drugged his juice when they were having breakfast."Where are you taking him, no please don't do this" Ana begged."To where he belongs, we are going to London" Rina said to Ana "London ,Max!! Max!! please wake up"she shoutedThey drove off and Ana was running after the car, she fell ,she couldn't run after them because she was tired, she sat there and cried her eyes out.Her grandmother came and console her she took the girl to her room, her grandma went out of the girl's room to prepare some food for her, immediately she went out Ana closed the door she threw herself on the bed and cried her eyes out, she was sad that she and her bestfriend are separated.She smiled when she remembered the kiss, what was she thinking,why did he deepened the kiss,why did she ,why did she felt good About that,this was the question running through her head , until she saw Max picture and bust into tears again she cried until she slumber in a sleep


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