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Alison Tyler- The Path To Top

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In "Alison Tyler- The Path To Top," Alison Tyler inherits her late father's business, which plunges her into a world of peril and intrigue. She had no idea that her mother, a former Mafia boss, would come to her rescue and guide her through the perilous economic world. Alison discovers the corporation is in serious trouble as soon as she becomes control of it. She is unsure of how to turn things around because she has a lot of debt and unhappy employees. Yet with the help of her mother, she starts to take calculated risks that pay off, and the business starts to thrive. But success doesn't come without effort. Alison must negotiate both the hostile economic environment and the perilous organised crime underbelly. She makes tough choices, occasionally compromising her morals for the benefit of the company. As she rises to the top of both worlds, Alison becomes a powerful leader, inspiring her team to give it their all. Her mother's support proves invaluable as she demonstrates her strength and ability as a CEO and Mafia boss. "Alison Tyler- The Path To Top" is a thrilling story of a woman's journey to the top, filled with danger, intrigue, and unexpected twists and turns. It's a story of the power of family and the strength of a woman who refuses to be held back by her past.

The Letter

Alison Tyler, sat alone in the office. The sound of her typing on the keyboard could be heard in the empty office thanks to the absence of any other noise. She was a successful person in her life. Well, at least it is for any middle class family in the country she lived in.

She had been living this working life just after she graduated from a well known University in the States. There are many who want to enter such prestigious institutions, but only selected few are able to enter and get their graduation from such institutions. And Alison was lucky and worthy enough.

Like any other person who had just entered the society after graduation, she decided to start something of her own. So she started a business. It was a simple Investment company, that she had set up, using everything she had. It was also because of this that she and her mother were now living in a single room apartment at the heart of the city.

It wasn't even five in the evening. And since Alison worked alone, there was no one to disturb her. She was like the one man army, but in her case, one woman army.

Alison was obviously sad from the fact that her dreams had caused the problems her mother suffered from. But this was also her reason to strive for success. Her mother, the only family she had.

Alison wasn't ugly looking. She was alright. Not a university flower, but good looking enough to have many suitors. But being too focused in her life, she lacked social skills and had no boyfriend throughout her education life, when she was in school and her college.

And this was also why she had no one other than her mother in her life. Moreover Alison was happy as she was. At least no one had to suffer with her. She was already feeling guilty for her mother's suffering. But her mother would never complain about those sufferings, which instead made Alison more guilty.

Despite her success, she couldn't escape the clutches of her single room apartment where she lived with her mother. It was as if it always pulled her towards itself. Her work was having no benefit, like she had planned before.

As if on cue, her phone rang. She glanced at the caller ID and she couldn't stop the smile that blossomed on her face when she saw the ID. It was her mother. Alison picked up the call with a smile. It showed how much happy she was to hear from her mother. But where did she know that she wouldn't be happy for too long.

"Alison, darling," her mother said, her voice tinged with urgency. "I need to talk to you about something important."

Hearing her mother's tone, Alison was shaken. Instantly she was worried. Many thoughts came in her mind. Every possible scenarios played in her mind, one by one. Was it the people they had lent money from? Was it the landlord, who had came to ask for the rent for this month?

But Alison discarded that thought, since she remembered that it hasn't been a month, since the last time she had paid the rent.

The worried Alison asked her mother in a worried tone, "Mom, what's wrong? Are you okay? " But her mother was quiet. She heard her mother sniffling, like she was crying. This just made Alison worry more about what was going on. Having no one else in her family, Alison had been greatly attached to her mother. And if something were to happen to her mother, she would lose her everything.

Alison's hands hovered over the keyboard, not making any noise, waiting for her mother to say what was going on. Finally her mother said, controlling her sniffling. She said, "Ali, it is about your father.. " Alison was surprised when she heard her mother speak about her father.

Alison had lost her father when she was born. She had no idea why her mother just spoke about her father who had been dead for more than twenty years. But what her mother said next, shocked Alison to the level, she never thought was possible.

Alison's mother continued, "I just received a call.. sniff.. from your father's lawyer.. sniff.. He is no more.. sniff.. " Alison didn't react. She spoke with a bit of surprise, "Dad still had a lawyer.. Wow.. But still it took his lawyer more than twenty years just to find us both... " Before she could continue anymore, her mother said, "Your father died yesterday... "

Alison felt her whole world shake, when she heard her mother's words. She couldn't believe her ears. She asked a bit hesitantly, "Dad died yesterday? What do you mean by that mom? Dad has already been dead. It had been twenty years.. "

Again, before she could continue anymore, her mother stopped her. She said, "No.. I lied. Your father wanted to not involve you in his world, for the dangers it would bring to you.. He was never dead. We had divorced, that was also the reason why he isn't together with us. And since he didn't want to have you fall in danger, he never came to visit you. There were eyes on him everywhere he went. But now, he is really dead. " Alison went silent. It was like her entire world had suffered from all kind of disasters at the same time.

It was like the grief she never had to experience through these many years came rushing to her, with hundred times more intensity.

Her mind was already blank, but she was brought back by her mother, who was calling her name in worry. Her mother had been calling her name, since she was silent. Her mother was worried for her safety. It would obviously be shocking to hear that your father who you were told died when you were young, was alive. And it would just be more intense when you learn that your father had died just yesterday.

Alison felt weird. She had a lump in her heart when she heard what her mother said, but the reason why she felt it weird was, she had never met her father ever in her life. She had never expected to feel something for a person she had never met in her life. She even felt the wetness on her cheeks. She wiped it subconsciously, and what surprised her more was that she was crying.

"I'm sorry, Alison," her mother said, sensing her daughter's distress. "I know this must be difficult for you. But there's something else I need to tell you. Your father left you something in his will."

"He did?" Alison asked, surprised. She had never expected to receive anything from a man she had never met.

The reason why she felt how she felt was because it was her dad, but she never knew that her dad would leave her something even in his dying moments. It would be weird for others if they see and understand Alison's condition. She wasn't at all interested in what her father had left for her. But still it would have been weirder if she hadn't felt what she had felt.

Her mother asked her to return home quickly since she hadn't revealed what Alison's father had left for her. Alison decided to go home, because even though her mother didn't show it, but Alison knew the condition her mother might be in.

Alison always felt her mother to be one of the kindest soul she had ever seen. And she was sure how much she loved her husband, i.e., Alison's father. Alison remembered that they have some things that belong to her father, like a pocket watch. Obviously it didn't have any ways to identify who her father was, but her mother always told her that the pocket watch was a symbol of her love. It was her father's first gift to her mother. So it was evident that both of them loved each other. So it was obvious that her mother wouldn't be in a good situation considering what had happened. Ending the call, she turned off her computer, and ran quickly shutting the windows. Grabbing all her things, she turned off the light, and locked the door. She hurriedly moved on the road, as she found a cab and returned home.

If it were to be a normal day, she wouldn't have hailed a cab. But today, she was worried and wanted to reach home quickly, so she decided to spend the fare for the cab, so that she could be with her mother. She was also interested to know about who her father was, but she knew it very well that her interest has to wait, since now wasn't the time to find who he is. First she had to get to her mother quickly then handle the situation there, only then can she find out who her father was.

It took about twenty five minutes for her to reach home. It was rather fast considering the traffic on the road during these hours, since almost every working person is on his/her way home at this time. Soon the cab reached just outside her apartment. She quickly exited the cab and ran as fast as she could inside the building. She soon climbed the stairs and knocked the door of her apartment. She could have taken the elevator, but Alison thought that it would take some time for the elevator to come down and then again go up. So she instead chose to dash through the stairs. It was probably the best idea she could have come up with at the time.

The door opened, as soon as she knocked on it. She couldn't help but look at the face of the person that opened the door with worry. The person who opened the door was obviously her mother. The beautiful face of her mother was long replaced by the face of a woman who looked like she had lost everything in her life.

As soon as Alison's mother saw Alison, she immediately hugged her. Alison held her mother, as she sobbed in her arms. She was afraid a little since this was the first time Alison had seen her mother in such condition. Alison had always wanted to be like her mother, the strongest person she ever knew. Her mother always stood before her throughout her life. And now, her mother was crying like she was broken. This was something Alison couldn't see. She did everything she could think of to calm her mother down. And it took her another half an hour just to calm her mother down. Then she listened to her mother, how she came to know about Alison's dad's death. And she was a little surprised when she heard everything her mother had to say.

It turned out that her mother had received a call about an hour ago, from a lawyer of dad's. And the news he disclosed was of his death, yesterday at around nine at night. And like his client wanted, the lawyer informed Alison's mother first, since she was the only close family his client had. His client had given him the address and the name of the person he should send the news to, and it was Alison and her mother. And since she was the ex-wife, Alison's mother was the first to receive the news about her husband's death. The lawyer also asked Alison's mother to call him, once Alison was home.

The reason was that Alison's father had clearly mentioned in the will that he wants his ex-wife and daughter to be together when the lawyer reads out the will be had left for his daughter.

Alison called the lawyer immediately. She wasn't greedy for the will of her father, but she still did that just so that both mother daughter duo could have the final closure. But when the lawyer arrived later at their house, he gave her the letter, which was meant to be read only by Alison. Only after reading the letter, would be read out the will.

And curiously Alison decided to read the letter.

The Legacy of Tyler Industries

She read the letter..


Dear Alison,

As I sit down to pen this letter, I am filled with a sense of regret for not being able to meet you in person. I know this may come as a shock to you, but I have been keeping a watchful eye on you from afar ever since you were born. You are my daughter, and although I was not able to be a part of your life, I have always loved you deeply.

I have spent my entire life building a successful business empire, but it has all been for naught without someone to carry on my legacy. That's why I have decided to entrust my company to you, Alison. You have grown up to be a strong and capable young woman, and I have no doubt that you will make me proud.

But there is more to life than just business, Alison. I hope that in the process of running my company, you will also find happiness and fulfillment. Don't forget to take care of yourself and those around you,


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