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The Famous Alessandra Sebastian writing career has been stagnant since she moved to the city of houston, texas. So when her editor Alina comes to her with a project unlike any other, she hopes that this is gonna be her big win. The assignment? An expose on a young bachelor billionaire tycoon Davis Smith that everyone in the city is talking about. The goal is to uncover something unseemly about his background and ruin his reputation, Alessandra feels bad about it, but if this is the price she's gonna pay for success, she decides that she's willing to pay it. Besides the public deserves the truth right but when Alessandra poses as a cleaner in his house and manages to get some time with him she finds out that he's smart, considerate, and charming he's nothing like what her and the whole world expected. The more time she spends with him the more her feelings grow untill she realizes that she's unable to complete her assignment. But if Davis Smith ever finds out about her true background, will her budding relationship with him be doomed?


Alessandra laid on her bed so tired as she felt the windy air in houston, Texas blowing into her room and sending unexplainable shivers down to her spine yet she was still sad and angry, she really couldn't explain how she feels but all she knows is that she isn't happy with herself. She regrets why she moved into this city because she has been experiencing bad lucks since the first day she arrived in the city of houston, Texas...

The Alessandra Sebastian who is known as a famous writer, people only know her name but no one has a slightest idea on how she looks because she really loves to keep it private so the media won't have to interfere in her professional and personal life. She's cool because she isn't like all those girls who only care about their hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, jewelleries and wealth, she loves an average life and she loves her work as a writer the most....

I took a glance around the room from side to side, as a matter of fact i feel like i am cursed or wasn't i destined to get opportunities in this damn fucking excuse of a city cause since i moved in here with my editor Alina my writing career has been totally stagnant and thinking about it makes me feel like a helpless soul whose hard work has gone down the drain...






Who the fuck is calling me at the early hours of the morning and as far as i know and can also recall i am new to this city and no one knows me here neither do i know anyone" I turned my head to face the direction of my phone and i saw who the caller is so i swiped the green icon to the side as i took the phone close to my right ear...

"Hey Alessandra, What are you up to??? The caller from the other side of the phone spoke

"Nothing much, am just a jobless human being, you know what i mean right Alina" I replied her as i placed my left hand at the side of my neck massaging it softly...

"There you go again, i really understand you and where you are coming from but be happy okay cause your prayers have been answered girl, now get ready to start one of your big assignment" Alina says

" I clearly don't understand you, can you please elucidate cause you are making me so damn confused that am starting to ask myself different questions"I replied her

" Okay let's make it easier, am close to your house so we are gonna talk better when i get there. I have to hang up now so i can reach fast okay" Alina says

" Okay bye, See you soon

"Sure" Alessandra says as she hangs up....

Alina Romero has been a very good editor to me for the past 5 years of working with her and she has always been there for me and hasn't allowed me to feel the absence of my parents. I left my parents house to pursue my studies and when i was done with that i got a job as a writer and i use the money i get paid for my job to fend for myself, I come from an average background and family is what matters to me the most. I and Alina became very close and we decided to take our friendship to the highest level and we became best of friends but i call her my sister, she is 6ft tall with a black hair and hazel brown eyes. I always describe her as the definition of a real beauty, she has nice curves which can make men drool at her with so much lust in their eyes and am always there to shoo them away cause i know she's looking for true love and she doesn't have the time to involve herself in such unnecessary drama....

I was lost in thoughts when my door bell rang but i didn't get up to open it cause i felt it was just my imagination i wasn't sure yet but it rang again and i stood up to open it and i saw Alina at the door....

"What took you so long to open the door, were you lost in thoughts again??? Alina says while walking her way inside the house

"Yeah you got it right" Alessandra says as she closed the door right behind Alina

"Do you want some water to cool you down, you look stressed" Alessandra asks

" Yes i do" Alina says and Alessandra went towards the fridge and opened it bringing out a cold plastic rubber and took a glass and opened the water then she pours it into the glass..

"Here you go" Alessandra gives the glass to her and she gulps down everything without taking a break and hands the glass over to Alessandra which she drops on the center table and sits down on the bed while Alina was sitting down on the couch...

"So what's the good news and the assignment that has gotten you so excited" Alessandra asks curiously

" You've gotten a job my darling girl I'm so proud of you because your gonna be handling one of the biggest assignment" Alina says

"And what's the assignment" Alessandra replies her

" It's an expose on the young billionaire tycoon Davis Smith, you know everyone in the whole world is talking about him. The media and everyone has his name on their lips, the job that has been assigned to you is to uncover something unseemly about his background. You need to find out about his dark secrets and how he worked his way to the top" Alina says

" Yeah but we all know that he made his way to the top and he is where he is today only because of his hardwork, why bring someone that has worked so hard down" Alessandra says

" But the media isn't accepting that piece of information, they have it that they are some dark secrets to his success and you are a writer so your job and your goal is to ruin his reputation and drag him through the mud. That should be your main motive" Alina says....

" But in order for me to get started i need to be with him, you are quite aware that i have handled such cases with the influential people before" Alessandra says

" Yeah you have but this case is gonna be a tough one and you are gonna get paid a huge sum of money and i have also been getting reports from my colleagues and it is said that he's looking for a personal assistant to help him at home just like a cleaner, someone who helps in cleaning his room and making his meals so you are gonna pose as his personal assistant and get to find out his dark secrets"

" WHAT!!! Are you saying i should live with him in the same house"

" Yes you have to and that way he wouldn't suspect you even for once, why are you acting as though it's your first time doing all this you've handled the influential people before"

" Yes i have but i did it from afar and now i have to be close to him in order to carry out my assignment, okay i accept so would i have to change my identity but i wonder who is spying on him and shares information with us"

" I don't know probably the person also wants to bring him down but you won't change your identity, you are lucky people know your name and not your face so your good to go and once you are done with your assignment, trust me girl i bet you will become so famous in this city this is surely gonna be our big win" Alina says


"okay I'm ready for the assignment so what's next how will i apply for the post of his personal assistant" Alessandra asked her

" You don't need to apply for anything because it had been handled by me, so you just have to pack up your belongings and move into his house"

" How did you do all that in such a quick notice "

" Don't ask me that now I'll tell you everything when the name is right but for now let's get back to work. You are gonna be moving into his house this evening so by 6pm I'll come pick you up"

" Alright I'll do as you say"

" I'll be leaving now do take care of yourself see you by 6pm" Alina says and hugs Alessandra while she makes her way through the door and closes it behind her....

"Woww... I really can't believe I'll be handling such a big assignment like it's said when a door closes another one opens..


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