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After the divorce, beg me for forgiveness

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After three years of marriage, she thought he was a licking dog who came and went when he was called. Once he got what he wanted, he finally divorced. She hit walls everywhere, and the scenery of the past is no more. And the husband she thought was a waste walked from behind the scenes to the front of the stage, made a splash, and rode the wind. Silently support you don't, hug you left and right and get out of the way!

Chapter 1: Divorce

Xinghai Group, in front of the president's office.

Li Weilong pushed open the door as usual, lifted the insulated lunch box and said with a smile.

"My president, it's time for lunch!"

Behind the desk, there was no familiar shadow, but a handsome man sitting.

The man had phoenix eyes and thin lips, his face was full of banter, and his gaze at Li Weilong was like a high emperor.

"Lu Ershao? Why are you here? ”

Hearing Li Weilong's gentle inquiry, Lu Jianming snorted coldly and pushed the documents on the desk to Li Weilong's side.

"Li Weilong, this is the divorce agreement prepared by Wanxing, sign it!"

The title of the document is exactly the five big characters of "divorce agreement".

Li Weilong's eyes did not fluctuate much, he walked closer, picked up the divorce agreement, and looked at it lightly.

"Lu Ershao, when do I need you, an outsider, to advise me on my marriage with Wanxing?"


Lu Jianming sneered and said disdainfully.

"Li Weilong, I am about to inject capital into Xinghai Group and become the vice president."

"The first task given to me by Wanxing is to hand over this divorce agreement to you and watch you sign it!"

Li Weilong frowned, glanced at Lu Jianming deeply, and spoke lightly.

"If you want a divorce, let Ye Wanxing come and tell me in person!"


Lu Jianming laughed as if he had heard a big joke.

Immediately, he looked at Li Weilong with disdain and mocked.

"Let Wanxing personally say to you, Li Weilong, are you worthy?"

"Evening Star is the proud daughter of the sky, a business wizard who turned losses into profits in three years and has a net worth of one billion!"

"At the beginning, you were able to join the Ye family, but it was just a mistake of Wanxing after being in a bad mood and getting drunk!"

"You otaku who can only cook and make soup are not worthy of the evening star at all!"

"Now, Xinghai Group is a critical period for its rise!"

"The evening star has long been a big man you can't climb, you'd better be a little self-aware!"

"Li Weilong, if you are still a man, sign it immediately to become a full night star!"

Seeing that Li Weilong was silent, Lu Jianming pursed his lips and said again.

"Li Weilong, don't think I'm lying to you, let alone feel wronged!"

"If you look at the content of the divorce agreement, you will know that this is definitely authorized by the evening star and personally participated in the drafting!"

"She left you a house and 10 million yuan in cash, which is already a wealth that you can't earn in your life!"

"You have been married to her for three years, and you only meet at noon every day to eat your loving lunch, but you have been left alone in the empty room."

"Li Weilong, you are also a man, instead of dragging down the evening star and becoming a stain on the evening star, it is better to take these properties and be chic!"

Li Weilong's brows were furrowed, and there seemed to be thousands of emotions surging in his eyes.

When they first got married, the Ye family was in debt and was about to go bankrupt.

Ye Wanxing was going to be sent by the Ye family to marry an old man.

It was he who secretly intervened to help the Ye family tide over the difficulties.

Unexpectedly, now that the Ye family has begun to prosper, Ye Wanxing actually regards him as a drag.

He no longer paid attention to the aggressive Lu Jianming, and casually opened the divorce agreement.

Looking at the terms and conditions and the bank card sandwiched inside, he had no luck in his heart.

This divorce condition is not ungenerous for a son-in-law.

It is precisely because of this that Li Weilong is more certain.

This divorce agreement is indeed from Ye Wanxing.

He took a deep breath, pulled out his phone, and dialed out.

Looking at Ye Wanxing in the background picture of the mobile phone, Li Weilong showed a bitter smile on the corner of his mouth.

Anyone has to admit it.

Ye Wanxing is very beautiful, with delicate facial features, skin like clotted fat, long hair as black as a waterfall, and a delicate and graceful figure.

It's just that since taking control of Xinghai Group, her temperament has become more and more cold and arrogant, and she always highlights the momentum of the superior.

But such Ye Wanxing has more charming qualities...

Ye Family Villa.

The whole Ye family is here.

Ye Wanxing waved her hand, and after the surroundings were quiet, she answered the phone.

"Evening Star, are you really going to divorce me? Why? Am I not good enough for you? ”

Li Weilong's voice seemed to be full of disbelief and urgency came from the earpiece.

She felt a palpitation in her heart, and she felt guilty inexplicably.

Even if it is her, she has to admit that Li Weilong is really good to her.

But after three years, he has been angry and hardworking, and he has worked hard to become an upstart in the Jianghai business community.

And Li Weilong is still a salted fish who does not want to make progress and is content with the status quo.

If it weren't for the coincidence of an overnight affair with Li Weilong three years ago, she would not have married Li Weilong even if it was to prevaricate the family marriage.

She slowly calmed down, regained her cold and decisive appearance, and said firmly.

"Weilong, you also know that our marriage exists in name only!"

"Besides, it's been three years, and I've finally built a career by working hard! In Jianghai, he is also a well-known entrepreneur! ”

"And you! Cooking soup and cooking every day, going around the kitchen, without any ambition, we are no longer a person of the world! ”

"So, let's get together and disperse!"

Li Weilong's mouth couldn't help but feel a little bitter, and the corners of his mouth showed a self-deprecating smile.

This woman was so naïve as to believe that her success was all due to her own efforts.

He shook his head and spoke astringently.

"Wanxing, in the past three years, I have cooked soup and rice, and delivered you food rain or shine, also to help you recuperate... I thought that after three years, there was still a relationship between us..."

Without waiting for Li Weilong to finish speaking, Ye Wanxing interrupted with a little irritability.

"What's the point of talking about it now!"

"Li Weilong, while we still have some husband and wife love, let's sign it!"

"Don't you like a quiet environment? The villa on the outskirts of Jianghai City and the scooter you drive are all for you! ”

"There are 10 million in the card sandwiched in the divorce agreement as compensation for you in the past three years!"

Li Weilong looked at Lu Jianming and frowned.

"Wanxing, the person sitting in your office and handing over the divorce agreement to me is Lu Ershao!"

"Listening to Lu Jianming, he and your childhood sweetheart have now invested in Xinghai Group and are about to be named vice president... Is it because of him? ”

Ye Wanxing on the other side instinctively wanted to deny it, but after thinking about it, he finally didn't explain and refute it, but nodded and said.

"At the very least, we are the right family, Jianming is from a wealthy family and works hard, I appreciate it!"

"Li Weilong, if you think that I have not compensated you enough, you can ask for anything, as long as it is not too much, I will try my best to satisfy you!"

"But, I hope you don't pester me again in the future! From then on, it was as if we had never known each other, and it was like a stranger to see each other again! ”

At this time, Ye Mu, who came to Ye Wanxing's side, couldn't hold back anymore and said loudly.

"Li Weilong, don't go too far!"

"You're just a garbage soft rice man, an otaku wreck!"

"In the past three years, you haven't been able to help my daughter with anything, and you still have a lion with a big mouth?"

"I advise you to get acquainted! Don't say that my daughter has given you so much compensation, even if you don't give you a penny, you can't say anything! ”

A spicy and arrogant voice came from the microphone, but Ye Wanxing didn't say a word.

Li Weilong's brows were furrowed, and seeing that Ye Wanxing had no intention of defending him at all, he couldn't help but look dark.

It turned out that he was such an image in her heart.

At this moment, the three-year relationship is all relieved.

Li Weilong picked up the pen and signed his name directly on the divorce agreement.

Then he stood up, his expression indifferent, and there was no warmth in his eyes.

"Ye Wanxing, garage money, I don't want anything!"

"I thought that our union was due to the encounter of fate and mutual love."

"Since you are ruthless, then as you said, from now on, just as if you have never known each other!"

Chapter 2: Ancient Martial Arts Master

Li Weilong returned to the suburban villa and packed up his personal belongings before leaving directly.

Walking on the outskirts of Jianghai City, he couldn't help but feel a little out of the world.

Three years ago, he was betrayed by his own people abroad, besieged by enemy masters, and killed 33 people to escape.

was seriously injured and faked his death to return to China, and as soon as he arrived in Jianghai, he was reversed and became the son-in-law of the Ye family.

The most mysterious organization in Great Xia, the Shenlongwei, has been leaderless since then.

He already liked and Xi the ordinary and ordinary life now.

Now, the relationship has been broken, and the strength has also recovered.

It's also time for him to settle the old grudges!

"Jingle bell..."

In the midst of contemplation, the phone rang.

Li Weilong looked at


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