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Affectionate Husband🥺 Feisty Wife

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" Just say that four-letter word, I know you LOVE me, so what's stopping you from saying it?" Reece said as he waited patiently for her answer. Of course, her answer determined whether they would be together or not. He knows she loves him, but something is stopping her from saying it, or was his infatuation wrong? "Is it your arrogance that is stopping you? Are you feeling too high of yourself to say such things you believe as cheap words? " He added but her expression was something he could not describe, she did not put on a straight face nor a happy one, trying to study her, Yvonne started to speak. "I....." She paused and sigh, no she must not give up say it...... Finally, happy that his dream of getting married to his high school crush came to reality, Reece set out to make the marriage work even though it was a marriage made on an agreement, deep down, he knew that this was more of an agreement to him, this was his dream and he would not watch it crumble. He needed to make her fall in love with him. But how would he do it? Would he succeed in being Yvonne's Mr. Perfect or would he let go of his silly dreams?

Chapter 1: Confession and Rejection

"I love you Yvonne! And I won't stop pestering you because giving up is not in my dictionary." Reece cooed as he stared lovingly at Yvonne, who was glaring daggers at him and it was clear that she was disgusted by his speech.

"Maybe you need a quick reminder. "Yvonne said as she crossed her arms underneath her breast. "How many times do I have to tell you that I can never bring myself to love you even if you are the last guy on earth?" She added in an angry tone.

"Please, just give me a chance to prove myself worthy of your love," Reece begged loudly making everyone around them stare, desperation laced in his voice.

"Hah ha...very funny. " Yvonne snorted after a short hysterical laughter. 

"Are you even worthy of my love? You this useless guy? You better think of how you can achieve greater things rather than that s... Ugly fool! " With that, Yvonne walked out on him.

The cutest and richest guy in Crown lake high school was begging the infamous arrogant daughter of a billionaire.

Reece's parents are richer than Yvonne's no doubt, but Yvonne is just so arrogant and rude that she doesn't care about anyone, except for herself and her mom, not even her dad.

What a crazy daughter!

"What happened out there? I saw you and Reece, looks like you guys were arguing " Kristen asked as Yvonne approached her.

"And when did you start poking your nose into people's affairs?" Yvonne asked rudely.

"I'm just trying to see if something happened to you cause you are my best friend. Yvonne stop being rude to me, even if you are doing it to others at least make me an exemption. " Kristen had wanted to say those words out loud but she couldn't.

"I'm sorry, I was just trying to be on the lookout for you, to be sure you are okay. " She muttered instead.

"Hmm, it's okay, don't mind him. He is just going on with his regular tantrums, telling me he loves me," Yvonne said like she didn't care.

"So what was your reply, huh?" Kristen asked.

Yvonne looked at her, clearly, she was shocked at Kristen's question. "What do you mean by that? What do you expect from me? I told him to make his life useful rather than making a fool out of himself. I also told him he was not worthy of me. " Yvonne said as she flunked her hair.

"Why did you say that Yvonne? He is literally the most handsome guy in school and you know that. " Kristen countered with an expressionless face.

"And when did I start caring about that?" Yvonne huffed, signs of irritation and anger laced in her voice. "Look Kristen, I think you need to take a break from school because I see you are not feeling too good."

She didn't bother waiting for Kristen's response before walking away to the classroom.

Yvonne is a beautiful girl with a curvy shape. She has light brown virgin hair, blue eyes, and long eyelashes. She's smoking hot, no guy ever comes to flirt with her because she is infamous for her character.

Everyone is scared to talk to her and not only the boys, the girls are included too. Kristen is the only person who could come close and also talk to her because they have been childhood friends and they are close.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** 

"And when will you stop pestering that crazy girl, huh?" Albert asked his brother when he saw him with a sad expression.

"Any day she agrees to be mine, I really love her a lot and I'm never going to stop pestering her. " Reece said with a determined look.

"I don't see why you have to love her out of all the girls in this world," Albert said and he sighed not knowing what he would do to his brother who is looking pathetic in his eyes.

"Of course, she is the perfect girl for me since she's just like you and she reminds me of you with every single thing she does. " Reece said jokingly.

"Do you think that this is a joke, huh?" Albert asked, wearing a scornful look, he was tired of seeing his bro behaving weird and stupid all because of that wench.

"C'mon bro, let's forget about this matter for now," Reece said with a shrug.

"And you think I would just leave the topic like that? What do you take me for? "Albert snorted with a serious expression.

"It is not that serious, buddy. Take a pill and everything will be alright while I think of another plan on how to get her. " Reece waved it off.

"Never will I let you go back to her, if it was her best friend then I won't mind. "Albert's voice was hard as steel.

"Yeah, yeah, You have told me that a thousand times, but still my feelings for Yvonne did not change, I love her and will always do. " Reece muttered slowly.

"Alright live your life the way you want I don't f*cking care. " Albert huffed and walked away.

"I know you do care, big head," Reece called out after him.

"Dumb *ss," Albert muttered as he shook his head sideways.

"I wasn't supposed to hear that, but I do anyway," Reece yelled after Albert, who only chuckled and kept walking.

Reece and Albert are twin brothers with opposite personalities.

Reece is a carefree person that loves art. He is an artist who does not have an interest in taking over the family's company while Albert is a business-like guy, he does not smile and has a cold aura. People think Albert and Yvonne are meant for each other since one had a cold aura and the other was arrogant and rude. They were both nicknamed 'the devil lovers' or 'Heavens made'. Albert talks nicely only when he is with his family members and that's all.

Reece wanted to have some peace to himself, seeing that Albert had left a group of boys and girls who came to meet him so they could hang out. Everybody wants to be with the popular guy in the school.

Chapter 2: Another Attack

Chapter Two: Another Attack

Twelve years later...

Yvonne was sitting on her office chair working on some important paperwork unpleased with what she saw she asked

"Who did this crazy shit here? "

"Ma’am it was the secretary” Phoebe answered, Phoebe, is Yvonne P.A at Zima Air

"And you did not bother to cross-check it uh,” she asked bluntly

"You asked me to give you the files immediately” Phoebe answered

"That is not enough reason not to check it, Phoebe, I can see you are lacking behind in your job seems like you are tired of it "Yvonne bawled

"No ma’am, I promise to do better,” Phoebe said carefully to avoid making Yvonne angry.

"I don't need you to do better I need you to do your best stupid, now leave,” she said in an authoritative voice, but Phoebe didn't leave she stood still.

"Are you deaf? "She asked annoyingly

"No ma’am actually there is some


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