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Aeritha: The Girl In My Dreams

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She was humiliated on her biggest day by her highschool sweetheart and her younger sister. Humiliated,assaulted and thrown over her wedding yatch into the sea. Her whole life flashed right before her eyes,the betrayal by the two people she trusted most in her life,the humiliation and suffering she had to bear made her heart heavy . She touched her necklace,closed her eyes as tears escaped. Her necklace gave off a bluish glow as she sank into the bottom of the sea. Only wake up on her nineteenth birthday, given another chance at life. She decided to make everyone who humiliated and stepped on her in her past life,pay for everything. She won't stop until they're at her feet, begging for mercy. Little did she know,she has begun to attract the attention of the town's richest man,Stuart Yates the expressionless, cold-blooded and youngest billionaire. Her attitude is not the only thing attracting Stuart,her face has been appearing in his dreams since he was 5 and now that he has found her. He's never going to let her go Stuck between the sparks ,romance found only in fairy tales and the rage, resentment from her past,her revenge game Aeritha finds herself stuck. A strange event happens and Aeritha's life is about to change forever Find out what goes down in this amazing,twisted plot that will have you on your toes

Chapter 1

******** Bali,200X***********


"Wowwww" a voice shrilled as her stubby feet carried her around the house. The view zoomed in as the curtains shielded her face while her midnight blue gown danced with majestic awe,her ashen blonde hair fell almost to her waist with strands flying all over her face in wild curls. The sun peering through the thick glass ceiling cascaded its glow on her,making her look angelic,the breeze blew her gown softly.

"Adrianna, just look at this house" ,her twin brother Adrian called out to her. GEMINI views was their parent's latest in the collection of vacation homes. They had gotten the house on the twins' fifth birthday as a gift,the house had nature's vibrance and man's attitude to it just exactly like the twins. That's why they named it GEMINI Views,it was the perfect getaway for a vacation surrounded by a garden so big,a river and huge mountains worth hiking.

"This is Mini Heaven" Adrianna said to Adrian as they walked around the mansion ,she came across a garden so beautiful yet mystifying. It was wide and open, sloping gently down to a cosmic-blue river. A grove of cypress pines flanked the garden on one side, with a grove of peaceful beeches standing guard on the other. Apple trees run through the centre of the garden, casting a lake of claw shadows onto the grass.

Her eyes swelled up with emotions,when she began to imagine this garden in various seasons. She had a strong power of imagining things even at her tender age,though she felt all human could do this. She laughed and twirled around,her gown rolling around her legs.

Past the river, there is a plush-green meadow which stretches away into vastness and a dragon-backed mountain. The stricken loneliness of its peak sent shivers down Adrian's spine,he started wondering how anything could survive up there. The fog that coiled around it seems as old , fey and grey as the mountain itself. Since it was spring time, rainbows drenched the mountain with coloured fire and the light leaked into the garden.

She fell in love with the garden so much. It must have rained last night, because there was stained glass clarity to the sunbeams. It started with panes of light poking the shadows and making the earth steam. Midges rose with the grass mist, hanging like moon dust in the glassy haze. Daffodils detonated from the , the potpourri of scents registers as a sweet mix of jasmine, grass vapour and blossoms. This was another heaven and she didn't want to leave the place,the scent overpowered her senses and she smiled wholeheartedly. She ran back and held Adrian's hands, dragging him to the Middle of the garden.

" Let's make angels in the grass" she said pouting and batting her lush eyelashes.

" You can't make angels in the gra......" He couldn't finish his statement before his sister grabbed his hands , making him fall on the grass along sides with her . Her giggles filled the air as she spread her arms and legs, trying to make a grass angel.

" This is best place in the whole world" she shrilled and giggled. Adrian just laid down comfortably in the grass and watched his sister having fun,he smiled. Adrian was the older of the twin by 5 minutes and he acted like he was 2 years older than Adrianna. He seems to treat her like an egg,cried whenever she got sick and got upset if she cried. He doted on his sister so much. Even though they are both five years old,Adrian was by far mature for his age. He already knew some of the advanced maths even their elder sister,Maria Lou couldn't solve yet but he still went to kindergarten school for his sister. He was the sweet 5 year old twin to his sisters but a prodigy son to his father.

" Do you like this place?" He asked Adrianna

" Yessss, everything is like my fairytale except I don't have a castle and a prince" she sighed over the last part.

" I'll give you a castle when you're 10 " he said, seriousness vibrating in his vocal cords. Immediately her eyes lit up with excitement and fire,she jumped on him, hugging him so tight. Adrian patted her head ,her hair wafted in his nose. It reminded him of pineapple, he salivated at the thought of pineapples. He loved pineapples so much,he could eat them for days- the juiciness,the sweetness and the feelings it evokes in him.

A teenager walked up to them and sneered at their sweet moment ," mom's looking for you" she said stumping her feet.

"Maria Lou!!" Adrianna shrieked and hugged her sisters too. The anger in the teenager's heart melted away at once,she wanted to stay home and hang out with her friends all day long. She didn't like the fact that she had to go away for a vacation, spending time with family is good but she really liked to stay with her friend. None of that compare to the joy of seeing your siblings happy.

" Adrianna"

"Maria Lou,this is heaven."

" More like hell"

"It's beautiful, don't you think so?"

" Yeah, it's but ....."

" Your friends"

" Yes ,my friends. This place is weird"

" Maybe we should go back tomorrow. We've seen the place" she responded sadly

"That'd be nice! Away from this weird,out of the world-where in the heavens place we are"

" Stop complaining, it's not like we moved. We just came here for a vacation" Adrian responded coldly after noticing the sad look on Adrianna's face.

" Well mom said you should come inside" she slowly muttered , meeting her brother's cold glare. He took Adrianna's hands and went in together with Maria Lou

Chapter 2

The next day as the chefs made breakfast for the family. Mr Cayden had some documents in hand, glancing through them at a very high speed making sure there was no mistake in the documents before signing them when his wife, Beatrice walked up to him sneakily but her perfume betrayed her. He already knew her motives and intentions and he prepared himself as his wife slowly slid her hands down his chest and kissed him on the neck. He moaned softly and tenderly pulled her hands closely, kneading on her flesh like soft modeling chocolate. Beatrice ran her fingertips along the side of his face before making to sit down in between his legs. He already developed a boner, they kissed slowly and she dipped her hands into his silk pyjamas, fiddling with the helms of his shorts.

"I see you're still crazy for me" she muttered beneath her breath as his member felt almost as hot lava in my hands.

Looking at gorgeous woman sitting on his laps,he chuckled heartily and said


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