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Absorbing Her Darkness

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Love is "Growing Together". Love is "Realizing that a flaw makes each other perfect." Love has countless definitions. Reveal the defi…. PROLOGUE The story takes place in the beautiful Indian city of Dehradun. It is the twisted romance of EKANSH and BHAIRAVI (aka AARNA). The novel explores college life! Here, Bhairavi changed her name to hide her identity. Her code name is Aarna. Why? Let's take a look together. The story will be told from the point of view of both main actors. Sometimes also the author's point of view. You will be informed about the POV at the beginning of each chapter. As I am busy with my college and studies, parts will be published every alternate day including Sunday. [The characters and plot are only the author's imagination. No one is harmed in the real world.] PROLOGUE: (flash of what happens later in the story, it changes fate all) Author's POV: She walked quietly through the dark corridor of the college. She didn't want to leave. She loved the city. She loved the people who live here. She loved the air and everything! Since the electricity had been cut off, it was completely dark. It also thundered. She could hear her ankles jingling as she moved. She wore a floral print skirt and a flat crop top, leaving her dark brown hair down to her upper waist. She was forcefully heading to the administrative office to collect her TC. A tear welled up in her eye because no she wanted to go back to her past life. She hated it. And after coming to this city, she hated it even more. She walked slowly and wiped her tears with her left hand. “BHAIRAVI!!”, someone called from behind. She stood motionless as thoughts clouded her mind. No. No one can know who I am. I don't want them to know my real name. That will make it harder for me.. She turned with an absent mind. Like her she answered the name, the person in front of her having just been confirmed in her true identity. Her eyes were full of tears, so she couldn't see the person clearly. She focused the torchlight on him. Ekansh. who else would it be? He stared at her. He had no idea of ​​her pain. She had always been a mystery to him. And he loved mysteries. So he wanted to solve it. He never gives up until he finds his roots. And he managed to find the roots of this mystery. “Bhairavi,” he said calmly, this time slowly pacing back and forth towards her. "How do you know my real name?" she asked as her heart rate rose. He was standing very close to her. His face tilted parallel to hers. The gap was less than a few centimeters. She shivered as her eyes caught his. He grabbed her waist with his left hand to erase the remaining gap. She was breathing hard because she was tired from crying. And now his actions made her knees buckle. “I love you Bhairavi,” he said, stroking her cheek with his right thumb. She didn't know how to answer. She didn't want one more thing to be added to the list she had to leave behind. When she didn't answer, he realized she was in pain. Now he could only see her tears flowing faster. He lowered his face slightly to capture her lips. Sometimes falling in love is the easiest thing. How far would you go to save it?

Chapter 1

Aarna's (Bhairavi's) POV:

My heart skipped a beat when I heard footsteps

approaching me became louder.

The entire city was in darkness due to a power outage.

Geeth is the best hacker and I love her. I am able to

escape for her.

I want to leave my city. I can't live here anymore!

"Go see if he's at the station." I heard a man's voice.

I had no other choice and got into the train that was already leaving. Where? I don't know.

I gripped my whale tightly around my face. I sat down on one of the seats.

I called Geeth using the new phone.

"Where are you?" she asked in a low and worried voice.

"I- I'm on the train. I don't know where it's going."

also. They were very close to me, Geeth. I thought I was going to die-"

"Calm down. Nothing's going to happen, Bh-"

"Don't call me that name, Geeth!" I shouted.

"Sorry. I'll call you B, okay?"

"Fine. Go ahead."

"I just followed you through your new phone. You're heading to Mumbai. You'll be there by 11:40pm. There's a 1:00am flight to Dehradun. I'll book a ticket, okay?"

I felt uneasy because everything I do now is for the first time.


"Yeah fine." I replied and stood up. Yes, I can do it!

"Don't worry. Everything will be fine."

"I hope so." ended the call.

As she said, I reached Mumbai around 11 at night.

I took a taxi to the airport.

The driver often looked at me.

My face was completely covered, hidden behind a scarf. Only my eyes are visible.

I hoped no one was following me anymore.

Seeing them behind me gave me goosebumps.

What if I got caught? My life would be over.

I want this new life even if I risk it.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I missed my parents. I don't know how they will react.

1 occurred to me. I wiped away my tears.

"Madam ji, we have reached.", said the driver.

"Thank you," I said and paid him the required amount.

I got out of the taxi with the trolley.

I looked at the luxurious airport in front of me.

I walked slowly. My ankles just make loud noises.

I got everyone's attention because of that and because of my covered face.

The guy at the entrance asked me, "Passport?"

I showed him.

Looking at my photo, he smiled, "Welcome Miss Aarna." he said, gritting his teeth.

I just nodded and entered.

Yes, my identity has changed. From now on I am Aarna Shivastav. Fortunately, no one here knows the real me.

I lowered my wallet and revealed my face. Nobody knew me here. So I went in peace. Geeth sent me a copy of ticket and details.

My luggage has been checked.

I was waiting in line to pick it up when I heard from behind

"Did you check? She could leave through any gate."

"What if they leave the country itself?"

I stood still and couldn't breathe. They are here too.

They are looking for me. I can not believe that. What on earth are they doing in Mumbai?

I couldn't cover myself with war again, they would find out.

I saw the ladies room. I slowly approached him. Luckily there was a huge crowd and lots of noise to help me go inside.

I locked myself in the washroom.

I gasped. My face was sweating bullets. On to the stupid announcement!

"The flight to Dehradun leaves in five minutes. I request all passengers to board."


I calmed down and rinsed my face with cold, fresh water.

I looked out and didn't see anyone.

"God protect me.", I prayed, taking the cart and running to the gate.

Tickets and all were checked again.

The guy checked my passport and called someone.

"Sir, I have checked the last passenger as well. He is not on this flight.", he said and my hands started shaking.

"Ma'am, you should have worn a jacket. It's too cold here," he said with a big smile.

I nodded and climbed the stairs to the flight.

I slept the rest of the way.

We reached Dehradun after few hours.

I headed to my dream college with the help of a taxi.

The landscape was simply stunningly beautiful. These valleys and the smell of wet soil refreshed my spirits.

When I saw the huge gate open, a smile immediately crept over me.

I headed to the admissions office.

Unfortunately, the office was not yet open. Yeah, it's still 6 in the morning. morning.

Luckily the hostel manager was there. He checked the documents and gave me the key to my dorm. The hostel was two blocks away. Oh my god. What a huge campus!

A quiet breeze carried the entire campus.

I wanted to take a shower badly. Like yesterday it was a full travel day.

I'm still in a yellow parallel palazzo and a white crop top with a scarf on top.

My left hand has black metal bracelets. My hair is a bit messy.

Ugh, I wanted to get clean before anyone saw me.

After ten minutes of walking I saw a board. It said Hostel. But something on it was deleted.

No one was there either.

“Everyone must sleep.

I was at the top to go up the stairs when I was startled by a voice,


I slowly looked to my right.

Maybe a guy my age. He could be older or younger than me. I'm really guessing wrong. Eh! Who cares?

All I saw was a guy with silky dark hair and dark black sharp eyes. I have never seen this shade of black. Usually the orbs that appear to be black are dark brown in color when viewed up close.

But his. It was the definition of black.

He was in sweatpants. A thin plain brown jacket that only fastened at the chest. His top was bare and his hair was covered by a cap. Only the front hair that lay on his temple was visible.

A sharp, straight nose, with pink little lips underneath. His jaw was almost perfect. D*mn! I have never seen such a man.

I was startled again when he spoke again, "Thank you for examining me. How do I look?" he asked and smiled.

I raised my eyebrows.

I slowly climbed the stairs without answering.

"Where are you headed?" he asked.

Why does he care!

I turned to continue up the stairs when he held my wrist. What the hell! He was down at the last second. How did I climb up so fast?!

I was so busy thinking that I forgot he grabbed my hand.

"Stop it." I warned, curling my eyebrows and lips.

I waited a few seconds, he didn't seem to care.

I had no other choice and twisted his arm with my grip and left him in pain.

“Ouch,” he said, shaking his hand constantly.

"How dare you touch me?!" I said turning to climb the stairs.

"Fine. Go! This is a boys' dormitory

hands too.” he shouted and came down the stairs.

I stood still. Sh*t! Now I realized it. He was trying to help me! If these are the boys' dorms, where the hell are the girls'?

Hell. I got lost on campus.

I ran down. The guy disappeared. Again

the hallway was covered in nothing but silence.

Chapter 2

Ekansha's POV:

I have been on this campus for the past two years! AND

I will fly back to Mumbai in two years.

Basically I am from Mumbai who is forced to do this

board here. I am labeled as a celebrity child

Bombay. To be honest, I don't like fake fame.

I feel that life is a challenge. Every day is an opportunity

win it.

I was very careless and jovial. Cooling my life, in a

good way.

My mom wanted me to stay away from them

spotlight and she was afraid I would spoil myself because of the high profile!

My dad wants me to learn to be independent and serious. And that's how I got up here.

It's really hard to believe that this place is so magical. In the two years I've spent here, I feel more mature and responsible. My mom is on cloud nine noticing my good behavior change.

The best thing you can do in life is make your parents proud. That luck will hit you differently!

As I


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