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  • Author: Sudha
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Love is "Growing Together". Love is "Realizing that a flaw makes each other perfect." Love has countless definitions. Reveal the defi…. PROLOGUE The story takes place in the beautiful Indian city of Dehradun. It is the twisted romance of EKANSH and BHAIRAVI (aka AARNA). The novel explores college life! Here, Bhairavi changed her name to hide her identity. Her code name is Aarna. Why? Let's take a look together. The story will be told from the point of view of both main actors. Sometimes also the author's point of view. You will be informed about the POV at the beginning of each chapter. As I am busy with my college and studies, parts will be published every alternate day including Sunday. [The characters and plot are only the author's imagination. No one is harmed in the real world.] PROLOGUE: (flash of what happens later in the story, it changes fate all) Author's POV: She walked quietly through the dark corridor of the college. She didn't want to leave. She loved the city. She loved the people who live here. She loved the air and everything! Since the electricity had been cut off, it was completely dark. It also thundered. She could hear her ankles jingling as she moved. She wore a floral print skirt and a flat crop top, leaving her dark brown hair down to her upper waist. She was forcefully heading to the administrative office to collect her TC. A tear welled up in her eye because no she wanted to go back to her past life. She hated it. And after coming to this city, she hated it even more. She walked slowly and wiped her tears with her left hand. “BHAIRAVI!!”, someone called from behind. She stood motionless as thoughts clouded her mind. No. No one can know who I am. I don't want them to know my real name. That will make it harder for me.. She turned with an absent mind. Like her she answered the name, the person in front of her having just been confirmed in her true identity. Her eyes were full of tears, so she couldn't see the person clearly. She focused the torchlight on him. Ekansh. who else would it be? He stared at her. He had no idea of ​​her pain. She had always been a mystery to him. And he loved mysteries. So he wanted to solve it. He never gives up until he finds his roots. And he managed to find the roots of this mystery. “Bhairavi,” he said calmly, this time slowly pacing back and forth towards her. "How do you know my real name?" she asked as her heart rate rose. He was standing very close to her. His face tilted parallel to hers. The gap was less than a few centimeters. She shivered as her eyes caught his. He grabbed her waist with his left hand to erase the remaining gap. She was breathing hard because she was tired from crying. And now his actions made her knees buckle. “I love you Bhairavi,” he said, stroking her cheek with his right thumb. She didn't know how to answer. She didn't want one more thing to be added to the list she had to leave behind. When she didn't answer, he realized she was in pain. Now he could only see her tears flowing faster. He lowered his face slightly to capture her lips. Sometimes falling in love is the easiest thing. How far would you go to save it?


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