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A Wonderful Nanny

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Simone is a simple country girl sunk in debt, unable to get a job where she lives, and recommended by her aunt to work as a nanny in the big city. Miguel Fonseca Germanni is a man who only has time for work, is bitter about life, and does not give his son, Fabio, the attention he needs. The nanny wins Fabio's heart, giving care and love to the boy, who was never truly cared for by his father and was abandoned at birth by his blood mother. Gradually Simone and Miguel get to know each other better, and feelings begin to well up between the two, but will Miguel change his attitude? Or, are the worlds of the two too different for them to mix?

Chapter 1

POV Simone

I sigh looking at my untouched coffee, restlessness consumes me as I think about the bills and bills waiting for me on the little table in the living room. Since I left my last job as a caterer life was getting harder and harder, being in a small town that has nothing my chances of getting anything are almost nil.

"There, Simone, your dream of starting college is getting further and further away every day..." I mutter to myself as I try to think of a solution.

I hear my cell phone ring and get up and go to my room to answer it:

"Hello, Aunt Roberta? How are you?"

"Fine, my child, how are you? Have you managed to straighten out your life?"

"Nothing yet, Auntie, the situation is worse than ever."

"Then get ready, I have great news for you! My boss is looking for a nanny for Fabio and I got him to hire you, but you'll have to move here to be with him full-time.

"Thank God! I'll even move to another planet if I can change this situation, I'm already going to buy a bus ticket and get things ready around here, kisses."

"Take care, my daughter, and see you later."

I look at the house that has been my home for all these years, I adjust the bag on my shoulder and go outside, locking the door.

"It's going to be okay or not, my name is Simone Teodoro Mattos!" I smile as I walk towards the bus station.

After long hours in a crowded and cramped bus, I finally reach my destination, get off and go looking for my aunt through the crowd.

"Simone! Over here!" She runs towards me and gives me a tight hug.

"Auntie, how I've missed you."

"Me too, dear, but let's go home, you need to rest from this long trip!"

Arriving at the house, we went inside and packed all the bags, after that we fell on the couch and talked about the big day that would be tomorrow.

"Auntie I'm so excited for tomorrow, it's the first time I've been in a city like this and even more so working for such important people," I speak as I look at her distressed.

"Come on Simone, the boss is a good man, closed in on his own, yes, but he always treats us, employees, very well." She takes my hands and squeezes them lovingly. "You'll see that everything will work out, but now let's go to sleep because tomorrow the day will be long."

I smile at her, and we go to rest, I hope she is right about everything.

Dawn breaks and I get up and go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face, I put on my uniform and go downstairs for breakfast.

"Good morning auntie." I kiss her cheek and sit down beside her.

"Good morning, dear, let's eat soon, so we won't be late on your first day." We laugh together and focus on our coffee.

We finished and tidied up the kitchen, grabbed our bags, and left, took a bus, and soon arrived at the big mansion that took up an entire block.

"Oh, my God! It looks like a castle." I stare dumbfounded at the beauty of that place.

"Yes, Simone, I had the same reaction as you did when I first started working here." She laughs and goes on to tell me more about the house and the employees.

We enter through the back door and pass the most beautiful laundry room I have ever seen in my life with state-of-the-art washing machines and dryers, I walk down the hallway looking everywhere simultaneously.

We enter the kitchen, the morning light makes the place bright and airy, I study the place that contains luxurious white cabinets, technological and shiny appliances, giant quartz countertops, and a delicious smell everywhere.

My aunt chats with her colleagues and introduces me to them, after a few minutes of chatting I am called to talk to Mr. Miguel about the job.

I am led down an impeccable and bright hallway, with beautiful works of art and vases of flowers, in the middle of the hall there is a huge chandelier full of sparkles that makes me sigh. We reach a wooden door carved with illustrations, and I am left alone.

I take a deep breath and knock on the door, hear a deep voice telling me to come in, and I swallow and go in. I look at the place with admiration, an office furnished with a sofa and two leather armchairs, a mahogany desk in the center with a computer and several sheets of paper, and an incredible bookshelf filled with the most diverse books.

I look at the man sitting behind the table and freeze, time seems to stop, he has beautiful blue eyes, straight coal-black hair, a fleshy mouth that seems to call out to be bitten, and a statuesque body in a structured linen suit.

Hypnotized, I don't understand him calling me.

"Miss? Can you hear me?" I finally realize the situation I am in and quickly pull myself together.

"I'm sorry sir, I was a little distracted" I blush to my ears as I speak, trying not to look into his eyes.

"Very well! Have a seat and let's talk about your schedule and responsibilities." He indicates the armchairs in front and I sit down, straightening my clothes.

"First of all, let me introduce myself, my name is Miguel Fonseca Germanni." He extends his hand to greet me.

"Pleasure, my name is Simone Teodoro Mattos." I smile as I greet him back.

"Good, your aunt recommended her very highly, and since she is trusted by me, I decided to give you a chance." He grabs some papers as he says. "We'll start this week as a trial run, to see if you and my son adapt."

"Fabio has strict schedules in his activities, from 08:00 AM until 12:00 PM he stays at school, you go with the driver to pick him up and bring him home, bathe him and see if he is hungry. Then you can let him play until 03:00 PM, his afternoon nap is at this time, he sleeps every day for an hour. When he wakes up give him his afternoon snack and help him with his chores, that's it for now" He goes on explaining and stares at me waiting for an answer.

"Thank you for the opportunity, sir, I will try my best to meet your expectations." He stands up, and I follow him toward the door. "I will take very good care of Fabio."

He nods and opens the door leading me into the living room, with a giant plasma TV, a small coffee table with a fluffy rug underneath, and a huge, very fluffy couch that will probably swallow me up if I sit down.

"Well, I'm off to work, you can wait here until it's time to pick up Fabio from school." He warns, giving a nod, picks up his briefcase, and leaves the house.

I look around after he leaves, sigh loudly, and head toward the kitchen to drink some water. I find my aunt cooking, with her assistant, Berta.

"I'm back, I wanted to order a glass of water." My aunt nods pick up a glass and hand it to me. I walk towards her while Berta asks me how the conversation with the boss went.

"It was normal and formal, he was polite and helpful, I can't wait to start taking care of Fabio," I explain as I sit down on a stool on the bench.

"Just helpful right? You were charmed by him weren't you Simone, with those beautiful eyes of his." Berta looks at my aunt as she speaks and laughs out loud!

"Come on people! I'm just here for work. I blush, looking everywhere but at them. Inwardly, I think of Miguel and shiver.

"Relax, Simone, this girl is a real jerk." My aunt slaps a rag on Berta as she laughs, "Why don't you go upstairs to Fabio's room to catch up, you better do that before he gets home from school."

I nod to her, get up from the stool, head toward the second floor, find Fabio's room, and enter.

It is the biggest room I have ever seen in my life, with thousands of toys and with a Toy Story decoration, I walk around for a while and go towards the bed. Next to it, on the bedside table, I find a picture frame with Miguel, Fabio, and a beautiful woman with blond hair and green eyes.

"I wonder if she is the boss's wife...?" I question out loud. I shake my head and put my curiosity aside, look once more at the beautiful children's room, and retreat, going back to the kitchen to eat lunch.

After I eat, I get up and head towards the garage, in the distance I see the chauffeur, an elderly gentleman with white hair in a dark suit standing beside a black sports car.

"Excuse me? I'm the new babysitter, Simone." I introduce myself by shaking his hand.

"Yes, yes, the boss had already warned me about this, I'm Antonio, but let's get going, or we'll be late." Antonio smiles and opens the door for me.

I get in the car and put on my seat belt, the car starts, and we get out onto the street.

The block is the most beautiful and chic I have ever seen, with millimeter-trimmed trees, everything clean, and perfect streets, without any cracks. A few minutes later, the car stops in front of a children's school, very colorful and with a playground in front. A teacher was waiting in front of the school, letting the children out as their parents arrived.

I get out of the car and walk towards the gate.

"Good afternoon, I've come to pick up Fabio, I'm his new babysitter." I smile at the teacher. "My name is Simone."

"Hello, Mr. Miguel told me you would be picking him up, I'm Fabio's teacher, Rosangela." She introduces herself and goes to get Fabio in the line of children.

They approach hand in hand and I finally see him, a little boy about four years old, with big green eyes and black hair down to his shoulders. Rosângela gives me her backpack and says goodbye to both of us.

I take his little hand and look at him, he has his other hand in his mouth and looks at me curiously.

"Hi Fabio, nice to meet you, I'm your new babysitter." I smile at him, winking one eye. "You can call me Simone."

"Dad had told me you were coming today, you're very pretty, you know that?" he says as he smiles at me.

I start to laugh, embarrassed, and lead him into the car.

"Thank you, but you are much more beautiful, my angel." I stroke his hair, and fasten the seatbelt on him.

After a while we arrive at his house, we go inside, and I take him to his room.

"Alright! Young man, it's time for your bath." I tickle him as I speak. His laughter echoes through the colorful room, I take his hand and lead him into the bathroom adjacent to his room, I wait for the tub to fill while I help him take off his clothes.

I put several toys and foam in the water, after which I help Fabio get in and sit in it. We play for a long time, I sponge him with a very nice-smelling soap, rinse him off, and wrap a towel around him.

I put fresh clothes on him and comb his hair, and we go down to the first floor and out into the garden. We sit in front of the pool, at a table with a parasol, eating fruit and drinking juice.

I let him play on the grass while I watch him, Fabio is a fussy and restless child, and I can also see that he feels lonely, even though we met today, he has quickly become attached. I sigh, enjoying the fresh air, as long as I work here I will try my best to give this child affection.

"Fabio! Come here!" I shouted and he came running towards me.

I get up and hug him, start spinning around and hear his loud laughter. After a while I stop, a little dizzy, catch my breath and throw myself on the floor, lie down, open my arms and place his little head on my shoulder.

We lie there waiting for our breathing to normalize, I see a cloud with a strange shape, looking like a cat.

"Look, look, look, Fabio, what does that cloud look like?" I point, getting his attention.

"A kitten, Aunt Si!" He gazes enchantingly at the clouds with his eyes shining.

My heart fills with tenderness as I watch him, this job is going to be better than I expected.


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