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A girlfriend of lies for the millionaires.

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Christian, consumed by the pain caused by his wife's betrayal with a younger man, decides to hire Sophia, who is also underage, to be his baby suggar, a contract in which only she must act as if she were his girlfriend to make his ex-wife jealous and thus make her return to his arms repentant. Sophia is 14 years younger than Christian, which is why they think that a relationship between the two is completely forbidden, and they just carry a contract, but in time, he falls madly in love with Sophia and she reciprocates, causing the story to become an inveterate romance, but she must face the gaps of the age difference, The jealousy, the lies, the betrayal and, above all, the anger of a bereaved ex who will want to come back to regain everything she has already lost.

Chapter 1

Point of view, Christian MacGregor

"Joshua, man, I really want to go, this is not a place for a man like me, look at this number of young people, I feel like a piece of furniture here.

I couldn't remember when was the last time I decided to go out partying with my friend, I was over 35 years old, and I was no longer a child, despite being a billionaire CEO of a major industry in New York, my thoughts were those of an old man, I married Georgina very young, she is the same age as me, But a few years ago, she became interested in younger men and fell in love with the charms of my younger cousin, Alan, a 25-year-old man with a statuette body, dark hair, and a BMW that my uncle gave him. I suppose it was a pin in the bed for her to have decided to trade me for it; Because I forgave her infidelity, but she was the one who filed for divorce so she could be freely in his arms.

"Christian, it's been a year since your wife went out with someone else and asked you for a divorce, and I remind you that she went out with a man ten years younger than you, who by the way is your family, in case you forgot, friend, relax, enjoy, look around, there are a dozen beautiful women waiting for men like you and me to win them over.

"A bunch of girls who are just looking for a suggardaddy, and I don't want to be one of them, sorry buddy, I'm leaving.

I took one last sip from the glass in my hand, got up from the table ready to leave, but stopped immediately when I realized that Joshua was toasting in the distance with a couple of girls, who were smiling at him delightedly.

"What are you doing?" Don't you realize that they're just "girls"? we might be in trouble," he said to Joshua, grabbing him tightly by the arm.

"They're a couple of very young adults who are looking for fun, they look like nothing but gorgeous, and they're coming here," Joshua smiled as if he'd won the night's trophy.

My cheeks flushed, I adjusted the tailcoat of the jacket, and fixed my hair, my friend was right, they were a couple of women, very young, but beautiful, especially her, her face was charismatic, her skin very white, she only had a little makeup, and her body was stunning.

"Go ladies, we want to buy you something to drink" Joshua invited them to sit next to us.

"Joshua, you s*ck, how can you make this up?" I whispered in her ear, I couldn't stop feeling embarrassed, and I couldn't stop thinking that I was being unfaithful to my unfaithful ex-wife.

"Hey guys! My name is Nicol, and she's Sophia," the blonde greeted, pointing to her friend, who I had impressed, we introduced ourselves and Nicol sat very comfortably next to Joshua, while Sophia shyly stood next to me.

"Hello" nothing else could come out of my mouth, she nodded, I felt uncomfortable, she was a much younger woman than me, I had never noticed anyone who was even three years younger, it seemed sacrilege to me, but she was really beautiful.

My friend, on the other hand, had already established himself as the suggardaddy of the night, as he had paid for everything the girls wanted, while Nicol was already hanging around his neck, Sophia and I had barely exchanged two words, but suddenly, as if the last two drinks had contained an extra effusiveness, I ended up dancing on the dance floor with that lady.

"And tell me, Sophia, how old are you?" I asked her at the same time we danced, she smiled at me and answered.

"How many can you put on me?" Her hips were swaying in front of me, and my concentration started to fail at that instant, I just shook my head, trying to tell her I didn't know, she got too close and whispered in my ear. "I'm twenty-one, what about you?"

I felt a chill run through my body, I was fourteen years older than her, it was impossible to feel any kind of attraction to someone so young, so I decided to lie, luckily my physique helped me, took care of me, and fed me well, pretending my age wasn't a problem.

"I'm thirty" with this question we sealed what started to be a crazy night between Sophia and me, the drinks started to take effect and we both understood each other perfectly, neither of us bothered to ask about the other's personal life, we were only interested in enjoying the moment.

I couldn't remember when the last time was, I danced so much with someone, Sophia's energy was impressive, her vitality, her movements, and the joy on her face, definitely her youth radiated happiness.

For a moment I had completely forgotten about my suffering, the image of my ex-wife riding my cousin, and the pain that my divorce was causing me, I hadn't smiled for almost a year, and Sophia in a few hours, had managed to get a thousand smiles out of me, I don't know in what song or at what moment she hung around my neck and stared at me.

"I had a great time with you, Christian," his sweet look kept confusing my thoughts.

"And I'm with you Sophia, you're full of energy and vitality" she stared at me, bit her lower lip, and consumed by my base instincts I kissed her passionately, the most amazing thing of all was the way she reciprocated me, we were both engaged at the time.

The next day

I opened my eyes slowly, the hangover was killing me, I didn't remember much of the night, I drank too much, I took a hard swipe when I realized where I was, it wasn't my mansion, it was a nice hotel room, I closed my eyes when sudden memories of the night before came to my head, and I turned to look at the other side of the bed Sophia was there, Naked, covered only by a sheet, she slept like an angel.

But what did I do? I slept with her and I don't even remember, I'm an animal, I got out of bed without making a single sound, I got dressed, I took small steps, on the bedside table I left a nice roll of beads, I don't know why I did it, but it was a way of thanking her for the beautiful night I spent with her, I took my belongings and left the place.

Sophia's point of view

I left the hotel room completely indignant, that this guy had thought she was a prostitute and so he paid me, I took the roll of bills without counting the amount and went to my small apartment, the one I shared with Nicol, she was already there waiting for me, she was choking on a can of strawberry ice cream, Her favorite, cravings consumed her.

"You almost didn't make it there Sophia, I was worrying about you, next time he calls, how was it with the mature?" What delicious guys," my friend said

"Well, I don't know what to tell you, and stop expressing yourself like that, it sounds horrible Nicol, I want to rest, in the evening I have to go to work in the restaurant" I left my bag on the counter and gave him a bad look.

"You won't go to sleep without telling me everything in detail, I got along very well with Joshua, wow, he's a spectacular man, and he has a lot of money, too bad he doesn't want anything serious would have been the perfect suggar" my friend looked at me and sighed as she remembered her companion.

"Good for you that you had fun and get rid of the idea of getting a suggar, no one will support you, you better work" I said as I remembered the pile of money that was in my purse.

"I know one day someone will stand up for me and give me what I deserve, but tell me, why is Sophia so upset?"

I kept thinking about the night I spent with Christian, I didn't like older men, but nine years, it wasn't that many years apart, he was so sweet, so kind, so affectionate, but most of all so special, it was a shame that it had just been a crazy night, as he called it, it could have been something more interesting.

Chapter 2

Suggar daddy out of spite

Two months later

Christian's point of view

After a year of working in my mansion as a result of my pain over my ex-wife's betrayal, I decided to go back to work at my company, I no longer wanted to be in the house that reminded me of the years lived with her, that, despite loving her and having begged her not to go with another man, She broke my heart the moment she formalized her relationship with my cousin.

"Sir, welcome, I'm glad to have you back in the company" Neila, my secretary gave me a warm welcome, but I didn't have time for that, I had to start taking my seat.

"Thank you, Neila, but everything must go on, how many interviews do we have today?" I need to fill the position of assistant manager immediately.

"We have five interviews sir, the first one is in less than an hour, I have chosen the best candidates for you" Neila


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