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Tired of all the blood and Gore , he dropped out from military, he found a job as a security guard in a big consortium, life is as peaceful, and he do like it , until one day , he saved a beautiful woman from a group of thugs . She's the CEO of his company , and the press has shot several photos of him holding her tightly in that alley way. Gossip spread fast in the city , and the stock of the company he work for, as dropped 10%. The CEO found out that he work on her company, she threatened him to marry her to stop the rumor or he would be fired on the spot and also paid for her lost in the company. Being a lowly security guard and the son in-law of a huge consortium is not as fun as it sounds. And his name is " ARYAN" A 25years old guy , who has been in the street for years now, he doesn't have siblings, mother non father . " What a sad life huh " he would always say. The lady who rescue him from the forest were he was lost , died by cancer when he was just eight years old. So from then, he has being struggling to care for himself, he doesn't remember anything about his past, non how he ended up in that forest ... After rescuing the arrogant CEO from the group of thugs, she threatened him to marry her to stop the rumor going on in the city or she would fired him and he will also pay for the loss of the company. He declined it at first, but when he gave it a second thought, as a lowly security guard, he have no choice than to accept to be the husband of the arrogant Mrs CEO .... They both made a deal , that if the rumor is over, they would sign a devoice paper, which means the marriage is over. Would they be able to sign a devoice paper?? Who is ARYAN?? Why can't he remember anything about his past ?? Follow me up !!

Chapter 1

Chapter One


"Help! Somebody help me!"

I stopped immediately after hearing those words. Wait. This doesn't feel right. I waited for a while but I didn't hear anything. I began to walk again but then those words became louder than I thought they would be.

Someone is in danger.

Yes, I can feel it. I can hear it.

Sounds like a woman in trouble. Dropping the bottle of coke I had in my hand on the table, I turned on my heels and approached the direction where the voice was coming from. The voice grew louder

as I approached. What the heck was happening? What was wrong?

I stopped on my track when I saw what was happening exactly. Three thugs were trying to force themselves on a woman. My gaze shifted to the woman on the floor with her clothes almost ripped apart. Who the hell could do this to a woman? Why were they forcing themselves on her?

Who are they?

What offense has she committed? The guys were no different from thugs. With their dirty, messy hair and their ripped jeans. Compared with the woman on the floor. She was nicely dressed and she looks rich.

Wait! Were they trying to r*p* her and force her to give them some money? Stupid low lives. I shifted back, trying to picture the situation. Without any more doubts, I rushed them and they all diverted their attention to me.

"Let her go," I said.

The second guy in brown scoffed at me.

"Run for your life and never come back." He said.

Stupid sh*t.

"I should be telling you that, you piece of sh*t," I smirked at him and a frown appeared on his face like he was going to beat me up but they were no match for me. They all look skinny, unkempt, and unhealthy. With just a kick and punch, they would retreat. Just some high school kids trying to get money illegally. That's so bad.

"Hey! Who are you calling a piece of sh*t? " The first guy pointed his index finger at me trying to lunge toward me but then I dodged it and grabbed his limbs, twisting them behind his back and pushing him to the third guy. What the f*ck was wrong with them? I trained in the military and they are trying me. How dare to do something like that to a woman?

Scum bags.

The third guy looks so scared of me He was about to retreat when the second guy pulled him back and landed a punch on his nose. I clenched my fist. It occurred to me that the second guy was the one controlling them. I moved towards him and grabbed his collar, bringing him up. I lifted him from the ground. I will show them just how far I had gone In the military. Teaching them a lesson won't be so bad.

"Let go of me. This is child abuse." The second guy said.

A smile curled up my lips. " you are a child? I am so sorry dude. But you need this."

After I said that, I dropped him on the floor with all the strength in me. As soon as I did that, the first guy picked up a race. The third guy was still on the floor with blood gushing out of his nose. He was brutally hurt by that brat. Seeing what he had done, I picked him up and landed a blow on his nose. Three times harder than what he did to his fellow guy.

Turning them into his puppets.

"Please...." He pleaded as I kept landing blows on his nose.

I was carried away as I almost destroyed the guy's face. Summing up all of the bad things he had done. First, trying to make his way with that lady and forcing and punching the third guy.

"Stop! " I heard a voice.

My fists froze in the air. My gaze shifted in the direction where the voice came from. I saw that lady on the floor trying so hard to breathe. She was forcing herself too. Her breathing wasn't stable. Immediately, I threw the guy away and ran to the lady. Her hair was all sprawled on her face and her back almost touching the floor but before it could touch the floor. I grabbed her by the waist.

She rested her back on my chest.

Using my hand to push her hair away from her face behind her ears. Her hair was so long that it got stuck on my ring. I had to let her back rest on my lap. I untangled her hair from my ring and tried to make her breathe well. But she couldn't. It was getting worse.

Her eyes watered as if she was about to cry.

" me please." She stuttered.

"Hold on! Please. Hold on." I said trying to get on my feet to carry her. I need to find a comfortable place to stay and make her breathe. Nothing terrible just happened.

"Hey...get a taxi," I said not taking my eyes off her. As I expected some movement but got none. Everything was static, nothing was moving. I got mad and frustrated.

"Get the f*ck*ng car you brats..." I raised my head just to see that there was no one in position.


I move.

I got on my feet and carried her in my arms. She wasn't that. I stood by the roadside hoping a taxi or car would pass by so it would help us but none.

This is f*ck*ng impossible! How come there is no car here?

"Are you kidding... Hold on right there. Don't shut your eyes ma'am. We will get help. Please." I soothed as I looked at the lady. It was obvious I was much older than her.

She looked rich.

Waiting there for a few seconds, I saw nothing.

"Where's your car?" I asked.

She raised her arm slowly pointing in a direction.

Chapter 2


Taking her to where she was pointing, I hastened my footsteps. I can't imagine her dying in my arms. I needed to save her. I raised my head just to see some people rushing in our direction. Some of them were holding microphones while some were already flashing camera lights. What the fuck was this? Was this a prank or something? Why are they taking photos of us? This isn't a prank, is it?

They were already a few distances away from us. "No...oo..take me away. They...are also " The lady said trying to stabilize her breathing. I nodded immediately and rushed into the car. The key was left carelessly in the ignition. What if someone else drove the car and run away? So many thoughts ran across my mind.

I dropped her in the back seat and close the door. They were almost catching up. "Wait! Where are you taking her? Tell us how you are related to her." A man said running closer to me. I entered the car and locked the


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