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A deal is a deal

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Amaya didn't expect her life to drastically change, she had moved to the US to work and support her family. She thought she was coming to work as a house maid not knowing she is going to be surrogate for a billionaire who has decided not to marry but want to be a father. "Amaya honey bring the pot for me." I heard my mom say, I quickly shut the novel in my hand and rush to go do what my mom ask me to. Ah pardon my bad manners, I am Arrey Amaya Besong, I live with my mom in the city of Limbe Cameroon. My mom is a single mom, she shoulders the responsibility of three kids who are my brothers Blossom and Bello, my dad died few years ago. "Mom what do you plan on cooking?" I watch her place a tray on her lab before saying "What else? Our normal rice." I laughed because it is true. "Let me handle the tomatoes." I took a bowl and pour water in it before taking the tomatoes, a knife and a plate. Mom and cook the food, it was empty but it smell nice, the ingredients doesn't matter what matters is that it fulls my belly. My brothers came in not too long after we were done with the cooking. "Your back." They took turns in hugging before hugging my mom. My brothers love me so very much and they are overly over protective of me, as in I am twenty six but am not allowed to have a boyfriend. "Go take a bath while Amaya and I set the table." Mom instructed which they happily complied. At the dining table which was not big enough to carry more than four persons "how was work at the site?" Mom ask when she saw Blossom stretching his neck. "Nothing we can't handle mom, they constructor us strict but we can handle him, can't we Bello?" Blossom ask Bello. "Of course we can. Plus if we get tired, Amaya is here to give us a body massage." I smiled but didn't comment on the topic. "That's true, her hands work like magic." Mom wave her hand to stop them from talking. "Shut up and eat before you choke on the rice." After our meal, I massage my brothers. "Let's go watch a movie, Jerry gave me his flash which is packed with movies." We went to the sitting room, I connected the flash into my BP laptop, a gift from our president. "What are we watching and why did Jerry give you his flash? Hope there is nothing going on between you two." I rolled my eyes at Blossom and said "no there's nothing plus he is not my speck." "Let's watch Drag Me To Hell." Bello gave me look "you want to watch a movie which you wouldn't end and won't let us watch it in peace because of your screams which I believe will wake mom up from her sleep." "I won't scream this time, I can stand it." Blossom didn't comment, he played the movie. I place my head on Bello's chest and he rap his hand on my waist. We watch the movie together, I didn't scream because nothing scary happened. But it didn't last long, when the old woman who wanted her house began the fight with the girl, I shake uncomfortably on my seat, I lift up my head which was on Bello's chest to look at him. He gave me a knowing look, a look which says 'don't scream and am not going to comfort you.' I move to Blossom's side and he held me, I stick my tongue out mocking Bello. Like Bello said, I didn't complete the movie I left going to my doll size room to sleep. I could hear Bello's laugh echoing inside the house. The next day, mom and I went to the market to buy food stuff. The new town market was noisy as always, women shouting what they are selling to gain customers, children who are not privilege to go to school turn to hawking. Boys using all measures to sell their clothes, they even go as far as pulling you to their spot and putting the dress on your body. Mom held my hand like am some kid, scared that we will get separated, old habits die hard. We went to the area were women sell vegetables and other food stuff. "Mom what are we cooking today?" I asked, she paused to greet her friend ignoring my question. This is one of the reasons why I don't like coming to the market with her, she will greet everyone she knows, make long discussion. "Mom, we still have to buy things to cook remember." She scratched her head before leaving her friend unwillingly because she wasn't done talking. "Okay let's go." We went to buy veggies meaning we are going to have a change in the menu. "We are going to cook fufu corn and vegetable." She answered my question from earlier. "Okay." After buying what we needed for today's meal, we went home taking a taxi. Mom and I prepare today's lunch like we always do. Even though I am a university graduate, I don't have a job. My country is a place were even after you graduate with the honor role, without connection you won't get a good paying job. "Blossom and Bello will be coming back very soon, we should speed things up." Mom said. "We would be done by now if you hadn't stop to greet everyone in the market." I muttered under my breath. "What did you say?" Mom asked. "Nothing mom, nothing important." She looked at me before saying "I thought as much." "Hmm this is one of the reasons why I jump with joy every time I close from that boring job of mine." Bello said. Bello and Blossom are twins and as you've noticed, Bello is the talkative while Blossom is the quiet one who doesn't speak unless it is necessary. "Mom's food is always delicious, I wonder when this one will learned how to cook." Did I tell you Bello is annoying? Well if I didn't, now you know. "For your information, I cooked today's dish. Mom just helped me out." "No wonder it taste like trash, I wonder when you will learn." Even though he said it he continue to eat the food. "Says the person who keeps eating the food and humming in approval." I muttered under my breath but he heard it.


Tina Batts

Review after half of the novel

I love this story in this book I can't pronounce her name but I love her and her husband and I hope her and her husband and baby stay together I just wish that he didn't use a contract for their marriage I wish they had nothing better off than what they are now but she's going to have his baby and he's going to be a father and he loves her and I wish in this book it was longer

April 15, 2024

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