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A deal is a deal Reviews


Tina Batts

Review after half of the novel

I love this story in this book I can't pronounce her name but I love her and her husband and I hope her and her husband and baby stay together I just wish that he didn't use a contract for their marriage I wish they had nothing better off than what they are now but she's going to have his baby and he's going to be a father and he loves her and I wish in this book it was longer

April 15, 2024

Mathabo Moukangoe

Review after half of the novel

The story is amazing and and contains a lot of emotional drama and Mason sacrificed a lot just to see Amaya happy even though her hormones get the best of her ❤I love it❤the storytelling is unique and I can't get enough of the book. At the beginning it was heartbreaking for Amaya as her first sexual experience with Mason was not a good one because Mason could not control himself and his anger because he was used to being in control but little did he know that he's going for a long ride that's going to change him .

March 22, 2024

Fikile Malefo

Review after the novel completion

the book is great with lots of wrong errors tha needs to be fixed so that we can understand and make it more enjoyable. the costs of the book per chapter are reasonable for each and everyone I love it. blossoms relationships story is not finished I like to know more about their union. please continue writing other chapters we need to see bb2 having girlfriend and getting married with there children. Amaya must have another baby boy to complete her family 👪. keep writing.

March 13, 2024