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A contract with a Billionaire

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While playing truth and dare with her friends, Isabella is forced to kiss a handsome stranger in a club. When she goes for an interview, the man she kisses turns out to be a billionare and blackmails her to signing a contract with him. Justin Noble wants a wife to secure his family inheritance so when Isabella presents herself to him, he offers her a contract marriage but this marriage doesn't last. When Justin's true love returns, Isabella is kicked away ruthlessly but what happens when she discovers that she's pregnant with twins? What will Justin do when he realizes that he can't live without Isabella? Follow me to discover what happens when the two pursue Love, revenge and redemption.

Chapter 1


" Congratulations Miss Smith, you are one month pregnant." The gynecologist announced to me.

I had a lost look on my face, tears stinging my eyes.

" You have to be extra careful, you are carrying twins." She added a smile on her face. With a simple thank you, I walked out of the room, tears washing over my cheeks.


" Next." A soft yet powerful feminine voice called. I watched as a blonde dressed impeccably in a black skirt suit made her way to the interview room.

I was seated outside, patiently waiting for my turn. My heart wouldn't stop panicking.

It's been hours since I arrived at YTC Corp, the largest company in Los Angeles.

I was here to try my luck despite knowing the chances of getting hired were close to zero. After all, who wants a freshman to work in their company without prior working experience? Especially if that company is as famous and developed as YTC.

I had come across an online ad, advertising a secretary to the CEO of YTC.

Without a job to support myself after graduating from college with a degree in business communication, I decided to apply and see if I could get shortlisted for the interview.

If not, it would just count as a wasted effort.

Who would have thought that a few hours after applying, I would get an interview invitation?

My mind thought back on how I got this opportunity, I adjusted my slim fitting black suit for like the hundredth time. It was already a privilege to be picked out by YTC as an interviewee.

After seeing how the rest of the applicants were dressed, I was already losing my confidence.

It did not help that I had always had inferiority complex, not to mention how low my esteem always was. Unlike some here, I was from a more than regular background. How wouldn't anyone feel nervous and inferior?

Two minutes later, the blonde left the hall with her chin held high.

I almost turned to leave when a voice interrupted my actions.

" Is there anybody else remaining?" The familiar feminist voice called from inside.

Taking a deep breath, I made my way to the door.

After knocking twice, I pushed the door open and the sight before me made me turn cold and stand with my mouth literally agape.

" Miss Smith, we meet again." The man seated behind the table said with a grin.


" Come on Isabella, you can't chicken out now. Make your choice already!" Sabrina yelled at the top of her voice. She was always hyperactive.

" That's right Isa, what is it, truth or dare?" Kayla chirped in.

We friends had gone to the popular club called IMAGE to relax and have a few drinks. After all, it was Friday night.

I bit the bottom of my lips. There was no way I would answer the question they were asking.

But choosing a dare might not be a good idea either. My friends were always up to something especially doing mischievous things. I didn't like the sound of this at all. Either way , I knew that it would be impossible to escape them tonight.

" Dare " I finally answered, making Kayla giggle while Sabrina had a smirk on her face.

I was more than familiar with Sabrina's evil smirk, I could already tell that something was cooking inside her mind.

" Kiss the man on your left with a red t-shirt." Sabrina declared, making my eyes widen in disbelief.

I expected a prank from Sabrina, no doubt but not something as serious as kissing a random man.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no Saint at all, at least not with my shady and dark past but even at that, I had never kissed any random man.

" I can't do that!" I refused outrightly. How on earth was I supposed to kiss someone I know nothing about?

" A deal is a deal Isabella, there's no backing from this one." Sabrina was not going to let me go. She was definitely enjoying this.

We had known each other for two years and since then, we had always kept a distance from men.

They had even doubted at some point that I was straight but I told them that my past experience with men caused me to start staying away from them.

Although they did not dig deeper, that didn't mean they didn't want to help their friend overcome whatever fear I had for the opposite gender.

" Alright, I'll do it!" I finally agreed. I knew what my friends aimed for with such an absurd request so I decided to play along.

Jumping off the high table stool I was seated on, I began to take confident strides towards the man described by Sabrina.

Tapping on his shoulder twice, the man turned to look at me and all I could do was gasp at the handsome man that stared me in the eye.

The man looking at me curiously was the most handsome man I had ever seen. His sky blue eyes seemed to pierce straight through my heart.

I gulped. What was wrong with me?

I was against Sabrina's request but seeing the man I was to kiss, I no longer had any hesitation.

' At least he's handsome.' I consoled herself before leaning in and capturing the stranger's lips with her own.

The idea was to kiss him shortly but when I was about to pull away, the man's hands snaked around my waist, pulling me into his arms before he deepened the kiss.

What was meant to be short and brief turned out to be a passionate fight of dominance.

From the intensity of the kiss, I could tell that the man was a pro when it came to kissing.

After almost a minute of kissing, the two of us pulled away, our gazes locked together.

I was lost in his deep blue eyes, that's until the whole club burst out cheering and clapping.

Looking around, all eyes were fixated on me. I immediately panicked, turning around and running out of the club.

Kayla and Sabrina had teased me all the way home, making me regret agreeing to the truth and dare game in the first place.

End of flashback.

I shook my head, dispelling all the memories of what happened that night before I finally composed myself..

" I don't know what you are talking about Sir." I decided that I was going to play dumb. I would not admit to meeting him. I would simply just pretend to have no idea of what he was talking about. It was night and although the lights were on, they were dim. There is no way he could have recognized me, I thought confidently.

" Do you two know each other?" The woman seated next to the man asked, her eyes darting between I and the man.

" No."

" Yes."

We answered simultaneously, making the lady smile secretly.

" Take a seat, you are the last candidate for this interview." The woman announced.

I didn't know if I should proceed with the interview or just flee.

But won't that prove to the man that I was lying?

With that in mind, I took confident strides before settling on the chair facing the woman.

" Can I see your CV?" The woman inquired and I passed her the file in my hands.

While the woman went through my papers, I could not help but sneak a peek at the man besides the lady, he was handsome and I couldn't deny it.

Our gazes collided, making me look away almost immediately.

For some reason, my heart was beating impossibly fast.

" I think we just found the perfect candidate for your offer, president." The woman announced with a smile but her words were like a bombshell to me. What did she just say?

" President!" My mouth hung low with disbelief.

" Oh, allow me to introduce myself. I am Samantha Lewis and this is Justin Noble, the CEO of YTC."

The lady named Samantha introduced him.

If I was shocked earlier, I was now astounded by the news.

Did that mean the man I had kissed the other night is none other than Justin Noble?

Turning to look at the man, he had a playful smile on his face.

" As I was saying, you are hired for the position of secretary. Remember, you are the personal assistant of president Justin and when I mean personal, you have to agree to whatever it is he wants." Samantha said, making my eyes widen. I wasn't sure if I heard clearly or if I was the one misinterpreting what she had just said.

" To cut the story short, I want you to be my wife."

Chapter 2

" What?" A frown settled on my face as I tried taking in the CEOs words.

What in the world was he talking about?

I must have heard him wrong or perhaps, he was playing a prank on me.

Yes, that must be it.

" I think I am speaking in a human language, Miss Smith. I am hiring you as my personal assistant and that means I want you to be my wife. We will sign a contract, the duration of this contract is one year. After that, our contract will become void." Justin explained, his playful smile all gone and replaced with a serious face.

My mouth hung open with disbelief.

" Why in the world would I accept such a deal?" I asked, albeit calmly.

Be a contracted wife? That's not something I’ve never considered.

" I believe Miss Smith is wise enough. I will provide you with a financial reward. You will be paid for all the twelve months you w


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