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A Clash of Passions

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She slowly got up to leave and I stopped her with the next words I uttered. "You're easy, afterall." Her brows knotted in confusion and disapproval. More of confusion, because she wasn't really sure she heard right. "Sir..?" "Oh, come off the pretence already. You're just good at pretending to be what you're not, and acting all prudish when in actual fact, you're cheap and disgusting." I was still mad from the encounter with Mr. Jones, and my anger had in no way dissipated. "What did you say to me?" She asked in stupefaction, slolwly turning to hold my gaze in growing annoyance and fury. I pursed my lips in annoyance. "I'm sure you aren't deaf. You're nothing but a cheap b*tch who wouldn't mind f*cking any man simply for the fun of it." "Don't ever... in your life, call me a b*tch or cheap again." Her warning came in a tone that was low, menacing and threatening. She sounded like imminent danger- a ticking time bomb. My eyes flickered with shock as I stared at her. "Who do you think you're talking to?" I questioned with anger. "Jeffery f*cking Hamilton! The most conceited, self-assured and narcissistic b*st*rd to ever grace the planet!" She spat venomously. My eyes were the size of saucers right now. My mouth was agape, my jaw slacked, and my face paled. I couldn't believe what i had just heard. No, she did not just speak to me like that Brianna's fresh start at JETON is threatened when she discovers her new boss, Jeffery Hamilton, is her high school bully who made her life a living hell. Unfortunately, he now holds her career in his hands. She must choose between revenge and submission. Jeffery who is one of the most famous bachelor and playboy in Los Angeles is a devastatingly handsome man who is notoriously hard to please. He exudes power, dominance and great s*x appeal, leaving a trail of broken hearts in his wake. Can Brianna resist his charms and tame the beast, or will she become his next conquest?

Chapter 1: Hurt


I was alone in my room, lounging on the bed. I was completely immersed in thought. After a while, i picked up my phone and scrolled through my music playlist. I selected a track, plugged in my earpiece, and settled back to listen. It was Lewis Capaldi's 'Before You Go'. I closed my eyes and relaxed into the song.

Maybe music was my way of coping with my boyfriend's absence. Kenneth got a job in New York and had to move, and i've never felt lonelier. I missed him terribly. I stayed in Los Angeles, so it didn't make it any easier to commute, especially since the flight from California to New York was about five hours. Our relationship had transitioned from an in-person relationship to a long-distance relationship. It changed from one where we saw each other regularly to one where we interacted primarily by phone, and nothing frustrated me more.

With my eyes still closed and my feet outstretched, I let the music take me away from the world around me. I had almost begun to doze off when my peaceful state was interrupted by some noises. It became too loud to ignore even with my earpiece.

I quickly pulled out the earpiece only to realise the noise was coming from my parents' room. They were quarelling again. Tossing my phone on the bed, I dashed out of the room to go see what the issue was.

I burst open their door, and the yelling amplified. My father's deep, guttural voice was enough to let me know there was trouble in paradise. I saw my father roughly folding his clothes into a suitcase, and i was bewildered. My mother stood over him with her arms wrapped around her body. She was crying.

"Dad? What's going on?"

I asked, pining him a suspicious look. He continued as if he didn't hear me, and i yelled his name again.


"Your mother has developed cancer again!"

"I'm fed up, Brianna! I'm tired!" Came his snappy response.


"Mom, what happened? I thought you are okay now?"

I asked, hurt by the news. From the look on her face, she didn't want me to know she had another recurrence.

With my gaze fixed on her, i moved closer to her and touched her shoulders in concern, and she started crying again, this time, harder. My heart broke. My mother had been battling with colorectal cancer for a while now. I thought it was over since the last treatment. Obviously, it's recured again.

"Dad, it's not her fault that she's sick. Sickness isn't something we can control as humans, you know that. We can only but take precautions."

I said, in her defence.

"Well, i'm tired of the incessant bills!"

"I can not continue to spend my hard earned money on hospital bills."

He spat.

"Dad, how can you say that? How do you even expect her to feel?"

"That's insensitive!"

I said, already getting upset.

"I don't bloody care! I'm tired."

"Look at her. She no longer even takes care of herself. I'm tired of her constantly needing help."

He said, motioning towards my mother like she disgusted him, and it broke my heart.

"I've had it up to here, and i'm tired."

"In fact, I'm tired of you both. I can't do it anymore. I'm leaving!"

He said, as he used his hand to press down on the clothes in the suitcase to compress them, while simultaneously making more room for the zipper to close.

I gaped at my dad, too shocked to speak. What did he mean by he was tired of us?

My dad hadn't exactly been the best of father to me, or a great husband to my mother either. But i guess we reposed in the knowledge that he took care of our financial needs like every father would. And now, i guess even that was no longer part of it.

He was a manwhore and an alcoholic. And i was sure that part of the reason for his frustration, which he refused to admit, was apparently because there was no sexual contact between him and my mother, since the sickness.


I exclaimed.

"We're your family. You can't just wake up one morning and decide to leave!"

I said, battling back tears.

"Watch me."

My father said, picking up the suitcase and dragging it along the floor as he tried to step out.

"David, don't do this. Please."

My mother pleaded as she held his leg to stop him from leaving. It was the most pathetic scene I had ever seen in my life, and my heart ripped to pieces. Upon closer inspection, my mother had emaciated, and her collar bones were quite noticeable. The image of her on the floor holding on to his leg and looking so frail made the tears I was struggling to hold back, spill over.

"Let go off me, Patricia. I'm sick of you, can't you see?!"

My father spat. The way he eyed my mother with so much contempt and anger, scared me. I wondered how it got to this point.

"Dad, please, don't do this, i beg you."

I pleaded, crying so hard as i held on to his arm. I was hurt and angry at thesame time. I also felt betrayed. But i was more interested in trying to convince him to stay. If not for anything, but for the sake of my poor mother.

"We're your family. And what about me, dad?"

"How could you even think of leaving me behind? I'm your daughter, don't you care about how I'd feel if you leave?"

I tried to appeal to his conscience. With my mother's hand gripped on one of his legs and with me firmly holding his arm, my father remained fixed at the door, brimming with anger.

"Please, Dad, i beg you. Don't leave."

I said, crying profusely. After a while, my father shook my mom off and yanked his hand away from me. He dragged his suitcase along with him and walked out of the room without even sparing us a final glance.

It finally dawned on me that my father had just abandoned us without any single care in the world how we would fare, and this completely crushed me. My mother and i both crouched on the floor and hugged each other as we sobbed together. We cried buckets!

The thought of how she would battle cancer without any support suddenly hit me, and fear washed over me. We stayed in that position for a while, as our cries turned to hiccuping gasps.

Now more than ever, i needed a job.

Chapter 2: Monday


For someone who hated mondays, i was extremely excited.

I was in a baby blue top, which had three-step petal-shaped fringes on the fitted sleeves, and a sheer upper neck with pearls on the neckline. I paired it with a black high-waist skirt that stopped just above my knee, giving me a stylish and glamorous look.

Then i opted for some black heels to go along with my outfit, which helped to create a polished look while also adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. My long, black hair was up in a neat bun, giving me an overall professional look. I radiated an image of composure and confidence.

It was my first day at the office, and i couldn't be happier. Not only did i pass my job interview, but i also landed the position of secretary at one of the most reputable telecommunication companies in Los Angeles, JETON. It was four gruelling months of job hunting. But looking at the office right now, it was worth it.

I couldn't stop gazin


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