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A baby for a Billionaire

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Rubbed off her innocence and left broken by a handsome young man at the bar she worked at, Amelia Stanford discovered that she was pregnant for an unknown, since all he left behind was a wristwatch. Weeks later Amelia discovered that the wristwatch belonged to a Billionaire in the city she lived. That was when the realization hit her that the owner of the wristwatch was the father of her unborn baby. Eyes opened, Amelia confronted the young man regarding her unborn but he denied it and kicked her out, nevertheless she wasn't going to give up since it was her only chance of survival. What does fate have in store for Amelia? Do you think she can win over the powerful billionaire? More importantly, do you think he will accept the baby?

Chapter 1: Pregnant? Who? Me?

“You are eight weeks pregnant.” The doctor's voice came out low as she passed the ultrasound report to her.

Hell stunned! If there was a greater word to use in describing her facial expression right now, then It would help since her expression right now is something that can't be written about.

Still shocked she reached for the Ultrasound report to see for herself since she couldn't believe her ears.

*Eight weeks pregnant* Amelia Johnson suddenly felt her entire body go numb, as though she had been poured ice water immediately she saw the three words that appeared on the ultrasound report.

But how did she get pregnant? It only happened once. And how is it that she's just finding out about it after two months? Was she really that naive? What was she going to do about it? How is she going to live while carrying a baby all by herself? Was her baby going to be fatherless?

Amelia repressed her rampant thoughts and rubbed her forehead softly. Suppressing the frustration inside of her, she gently shoved the ultrasound report into her bag and made her way out of the hospital.

Just as she stepped out of the hospital, her phone began to ring and she halted on her track before bringing it out of her bag. She saw Brittany's name flashing on the screen, so she quickly swiped to the answer button and placed the phone on her ear.

“Amelia, where are you? Madam Jenny is looking for you. She looks so angry, so please get your *ss back here now!” With that said Brittany hung up.

Amelia sighed and bit her lips before bringing the phone down from her ear. By now the fingers clenching her phone were already turning white.

What does Madam Jenny want from her this time around? Why is everything going bad for her today? First, it's a pregnancy result and now the angry Madam Jenny is looking for her? Could her life go any worse today?

“One problem after the other huh?” Amelia forced out a chuckle, trying to console herself and fight back the tears that threatened to fall down her cheeks.

“That one night, b*st*rd!” she cursed, referring to the handsome young man who had forced himself on her that night. “All this happened because of that stupid man! I just wish the universe would curse you wherever you go!” Amelia screamed at the top of her voice which caught the attention of pedestrians as they looked her way.

She hurriedly flagged a taxi and headed back to the bar, where she usually works at night. After she arrived she brought out some cash and quickly paid the driver off before rushing into the bar.

Immediately she stepped foot inside the bar, she realized that the atmosphere was unusually awkward. Everyone was not busy working, instead, they gathered in a small group to discuss something she had no idea about.

Seeing that Amelia walked in, Avery, a worker at the bar, walked over to her and folded her hands under her boobs while wearing a smirk on her face and asked “Look who we have here.” she chuckled and continued “Aren't you afraid of getting jailed?”

Baffled, Amelia frowned at what Avery had just said and before she knew it Brittany held her by the arm and dragged her to a corner before she whispered “Madam Jenny wants to see you in her office this instant.”

“What happened? What was Avery talking about?” Amelia asked instead but before Brittany could utter another word a male rushed to the scene.

“Amelia, Madam Jenny has called for you. She needs you in her office right now.” The male said in a hurry and Amelia let out a tired sigh. After a little hesitation, she took the route to Madame Jenny's office.

Taking a deep breath, Amelia closed her eyes as she suddenly became nauseous. She rubbed her forehead softly and slapped her face gently to get rid of anything bothering her at the moment. Having a wide smile on her face, she placed a knock on the door.

“Come in”

Amelia heard Madam Jenny's faint reply and pushed the door open before entering inside. There she met a man seated on the opposite chair of Madam Jenny's desk.

“Madam Jenny” Amelia struggled to make her voice come out steadily. “You called for me.”

Madam Jenny hummed in acknowledgment, bothering not to look at Amelia's side since her gaze was all fixed on the man who was seated in front of her.

Amelia cursed inwardly as she couldn't wait to hear from Madam Jenny any longer. Her stomach was beginning to churn at the smell of alcohol in the atmosphere and she frowned.

“Huh, why am I feeling this way? I usually work here but now I'm irritated by this place?” she thought and placed her hand on her tummy. “Is this all happening because of you?” She broke into a small smile before putting her hands down.

Amelia realized that things were going to take a long time between the two adults in front of her, so she decided to take a look around the office instead. Though she had been to the office before only for emergency issues and not for a look around.

Madam Jenny's office wasn't so large but it fitted the kind of Job she had. It was quite luxuriously furnished and all objects were mostly in the red since that was the woman's favorite color.

“Amelia” Madam Jenny's voice came out loud interrupting Amelia's little tour around her room.

“Yes madam?” was Amalia's response in a shaky voice. The way Madam Jenny had called her wasn't in a friendly or soft tone but in an inhumane tone which caught Amelia off guard.

She gestured for Amelia to come over and Amelia quickly did as instructed. She rushed over to Madam Jenny's side and that was when she finally saw the face of the man in the room. Letting out a frown her mind wandered around.

“This face looks...”

“The man whom you are standing in front of right now is Mr. Steve Hills, the owner of the *Hills designers world*” Madam Jenny interrupted her thoughts and she suddenly became tense.

“Hello, we will meet again.” The man sent a wave across to Amelia. He was having a victorious smirk on his lips which irritated Amelia at the moment as she found herself wanting to slap it off.


Chapter 2: My life is such a mess.

“What do you want?” Amelia's voice came out frostily and Mr. Hills let out a stiff chuckle, which sent sparks flying around the office and Madam Jenny apologized.

“Amelia” Madam Jenny banged her fist on the desk. “Do you have no idea of what you have done? You hit this young man in the face and still, you have the guts to become so rude? He is a model for his company and is not supposed to have a scratch on his face. But there is a red bump on his face and instead of taking legal actions, he wants to settle this issue quietly so you be grateful and apologize to him this instant.”

Amelia only pursed her lips and started to move them soundlessly. They haven't even given her room to explain what happened and yet they wanted an apology from her? Never! She wasn't going to say such a thing!

“I didn't do anything wrong” she rebuked in a frosty tone. By now her folded fists were already turning pale. “He tried to force himself on me and I lost my co


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