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the myth

the myth

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They both reached a darkened room. Suddenly, the light rose from the lamps that were there. He realized it was the magic of the monster. The room was full of lamps and utensils. There was also a wooden swing in the middle. After releasing his hands, the monster climbed on the swing. Then she slowly swung. Arjun did not know what to do. This continued for some time. " Come close to me" Arjun stood motionless. Though an adult with a body, Arjun has now like a child. Now Arjun wants to cry. "Do not be afraid" The monster tries to calm Arjun. Arjun cursed his decision to come here several times and moved closer to the monster. Arjun approached the monster and bowed. The monster stopped playing on the swing. "Sit here" monster knocked on her next spot on the swing. Arjun sat on the swing. But he was a little far from the monster. The monster smiled. Arjun tried to convince himself that the monster sitting next to him was not a danger to him. “I haven’t sat been so close to a human being for years. “ monster told Arjun. But his thought was how to escape from there. "I will not eat you. please breath, coward."

Chapter 1 : THE ARRIVAL

Arjun is looking at the outside of the train. The beauty of nature cannot lessen the sadness in Arjun's mind. His mind is wandering somewhere. Arjun occasionally looks at his mobile phone to see if he has received a call or message from his friends or girlfriend. But the result was a disappointment. That's when Arjun's mother's call came.

"Mommy, I'm about to arrive"

"Call me after you get off the train," his mother suggested.

After saying ok, Arjun cut the call. Then he began to immerse himself in his thoughts.

After a while, the train slowed down. Through the window, Arjun saw the board of his place. He went with his luggage to the door of the train. Even before Arjun arrived, the other passengers were standing near the door. Behind them, Arjun stood with his luggage. Finally arrived at the train station. The train stopped and the passengers from the station started boarding the train, before Arjun and his group started getting off.

Those in front of Arjun stopped them and tried to get off at the station. Just then Arjun felt someone pushing him from behind. He looked behind. he saw an old man. Arjun did not care. But when the old man started pushing again, Arjun could not control his anger. He pushed back hard and the old man who had been pushed by Arjun went to fall down. Before that, someone had caught the old man.

"today’s generation didn’t have no respect for the elders. “

Those around him started blaming Arjun. But Arjun did not pretend to hear. He got off the train. Walked to the exit door of the station.

Arjun came to his house in a taxi. When he opened the car door and stepped out, he saw his mother coming down from the vegetable garden. her dress was an old sari. Arjun's middle-aged father comes from inside the house. His dress is that of dhoti and Banian.

"son, how was your trip?" “

After reaching Arjun's side, his mother asked.

"He is not coming from the Gulf. He is coming from Ernakulam’.

Arjun was reluctant to even look at his father's face. When his mother tried to pick up the luggage, Arjun stopped her. Then Arjun took the luggage in his hands. After paying the taxi driver, Arjun went inside the house with his mother. But Arjun's father stayed outside.

“mom, where is grandma? “

"grandma, sleeping in the room"

The door of grandma’s room where leaning open. There, Arjun saw grandma sleeping on the bed. Arjun leaned against the door, not wanting to disturb grandma, then he went to his room upstairs with his luggage.

Arjun enters his room. Then he put his luggage down. He felt tired and quickly lay down on the bed. Arjun could not close his eyes. A thousand thoughts went through his mind. Losing his business, friends, and girlfriend, who thought it would be with him. While lying down, Arjun pulled the phone out of his pants pocket. he received no call or message. He put the phone on the bed. Arjun’s eyes filled.

“Come eat, son.”

Arjun wiped away the tears when he heard his mother's voice coming from the ground floor. Then he got up from the bed.


Arjun changed his clothes and came downstairs. By then, the dining table was full. Mom and Dad were eating. Grandma sitting in a wheelchair. Sleep deprivation filled grandma’s face.

"Come on, Arjun, come and have something to eat." You're so tired.”

grandma saw Arjun coming down the steps and inquired about him.

Arjun slowly came to the dining table. His father was indulging in food without paying attention to Arjun. His mother serves each curry for Arjun on a plate. Arjun saw the smile only on grandma’s face. Arjun moved to a chair and sat down and started eating.

“You must come with me to the Gulf. “

Listening to his father, Arjun stopped eating. He looked at his father’s face.

Grandma says nothing. The mother shook her head as Arjun’s father’s decision was right.

"But Dad"

Before Arjun could finish speaking, his father stopped him.

"You do not have to say anything anymore. Come with me to Dubai ne


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