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  • Author: Rosel.Ly
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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Even if I kick you out, you can't be with any other man because you're mine! ..... The life of Filippa, the beloved omega daughter of the Red flame pack Alpha and Luna, made a 180° change after her parents died during a fight with the rogues. As soon as her parents died, her father's brother, Henry, took over the pack with the promise to return the pack to Filippa when she came of age. Not long after Henry became the Alpha, he changed from being her favorite uncle to a cruel monster who made her life a living hell daily. However, Filippa always had a belief that she'd become the ruler of the Red Flame pack as soon as she clocked 18. Unfortunately, what she never expected was that Henry was never ready to give her the red flame pack. To make his wish come true, Henry ordered Filippa to be thrown down a cliff. Luckily, Filippa ended up being saved by Wyatt, the ruthless and cold beta of the power axis pack, who took her to the power axis pack after Filippa weaved a big lie. Not long after Filippa arrived at the Power Axis pack, she discovered that she was a mate to Alpha Oswald, one of the biggest Alphas of the werewolf pack. Unfortunately, Oswald already had a lovely partner and for that reason, he refused to reject Filippa but planned to kick Filippa out of the pack by bringing up a trial. However, things began to fall out of hand. Filippa discovered that her love for Oswald was reducing and instead leaning toward Wyatt. Furthermore, there was the existence of playboy Asher, who was always flirting with Filippa at every chance he got. Although Oswald wanted to kick Filippa out of the power axis pack, he was unwilling to see her with another man. Caught in between three men, Filippa will have to choose between her mate Alpha Oswald, her crush beta Wyatt, and the flirty playboy Asher.

  • Author: Rosel.Ly
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 5K
  • 6.8

“What's done is done! Let's just forget it!” He said and acted nonchalantly, even though he was cowering in fear because something was telling him that the stranger in front of him didn't intend to let go. The man's frown increases and Hayden swears that the temperature in the room increases multiple times. After winning over his heart and stealing his first, this boy wanted to avoid responsibility, which made Zenos annoyed. “You want to run away from me?” He asked in annoyance, and suddenly Hayden found himself under the man without even knowing how. “I'm just…” Hayden wasn't able to finish his words before he was domineeringly kissed by the stranger. Zenos used his left hand to pin Hayden's hand on top of Hayden's head effortlessly. Hayden tried to struggle and blocked the stranger's tongue from dominating his mouth by pressing his lips against each other stubbornly, but the man unexpectedly bit Hayden's bottom lips, making Hayden yelp in pain. The man used that chance to clean all the taste of strawberries in Hayden's mouth, while his right hand continued to stroke Hayden's body wantonly. When Hayden was starting to go dizzy due to shortness of breath, he was released by the man's assault. He breathed in and out rapidly and thanked heaven for the chance to live again. “You can't run away from me… You are mine” Zenos growled into Hayden's neck possessively. Hayden felt a shiver run through his spine after hearing the stranger's words. His breath hitched as the man licked his earlobe and kissed his neck with extreme familiarity, domineeringly. “Mine,” the stranger proclaimed again. The stranger gave a low curse word and rolled off Hayden's shivering sensitive body, “I'll spare you because you're still in pain. You won't be as lucky next time” he said and lifted Hayden's chin to peck him one more time while Hayden stared dumbfounded. As if thunderstruck, Hayden's inner self yelled as if he was finally enlightened, 'Next time?' Cover isn't mine, found online


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