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Billionaire Bloodlust: The Vampire's contracted wife

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After facing so much humiliation from the city’s most famous billionaire, Audrey’s parents were left with no other option but to sign a contract stating that their daughter would be given to Mac Jonas, as a means of repayment of their debts. Audrey and Mac eventually fall in love but things turn sour when she finds out about the contract, his brother, and his true identity.

Chapter 1: The contract

Ballina, Australia….“Dad?” Audrey called out her dad with a shaky voice and tears streaming down her face. She still couldn’t believe that she was going home with a stranger.“You’ll be happy, and I’ll come visit you regularly. He’s a nice man, you’ll be happy with him than those boys”. At the sound of this, Audrey glanced at the fair-skinned tall man as his mesmerizing lips glistened before her.Audrey’s gaze swept past his vivacious figure and back to her father, who was deliberately avoiding her gaze. “It’s time to go, we should leave now”. “Yes, you should. Audrey common”.Left with no words to say, Audrey walked to the car with them and embraced her dad before going in. The duo had a brief talk before he joined them.On getting home, Audrey was shown to her room, where she stayed all day with the lights turned off.“Where’s she?” “She hasn’t stepped out since you both got here.” “Has she taken anything?”“Not at all” Upon completion of the housekeeper's statement, she was instantly gripped by fear after seeing the deadly look on his face. He quickly dropped his cutleries and walked elegantly towards Audrey’s room door.“You’ve been indoors all day, are you good?” Feeling the unexplainable cold that accompanied his question, Audrey remained mute and rested on the bed in her dark room.“You’re a tough one, but that’s okay. I’m yet to introduce myself to you, so let’s start from there. I am Mac Jonas, your husband!”Audrey felt chills all over her body as he remained mute for some seconds. Sitting up immediately, Audrey gazed closely at the door, hoping to see his shadow, but all to no avail.“Mr. Mac? Are you there?” silence followed next, giving her nothing but rapid breathing. Audrey dropped her legs to the floor and was about to stand up when she felt cold hands on her feet.“Oh, my days!” Audrey freaked out, scared to her bones. Filled with fear, her chest moved up and down rapidly as she imagined what would happen next. She quickly draped the bedspread all over her body, hoping to feel safer that way.The next minute, Audrey was left bare, without the sheets. “Okay, this is very frightening!” Audrey cried out. The cold aura in the room became stronger as she felt chilly breaths on her neck and cold fingers on her arms. She tried to wriggle, but the grip on her was stronger than she imagined. Feeling aroused, Mac planted his nose on her neck and inhaled her scent. Her earthly scent satisfied his nostrils, as he ended up running his hands all over her arms.“NO! Don’t!” Audrey’s cry for help drew him back to reality he quickly turned on the light and sat on the bed in a matter of seconds. On seeing him on the bed, Audrey sat up at once and created a distance between them as she gazed at him, ready to throw a truckload of questions at him.“I apologize for frightening you. I shouldn’t have done that” Mac felt uneasy, seeing the fear in her eyes. Her earthly scent unexpectedly aroused him. Despite being ageless, he had never come across a woman with such a powerful scent that could make him act crazy.***********“Audrey!” Carlos Cameron came calling out to Audrey while knocking on the door. “Come in!” Mr. Bridger’s stern voice came blaring in his ears.“Hello sir, I’m here to see Audrey, is she in?” Carlos spoke up. “No she’s not, and she won’t be around for a long time” Mr. Bridger replied dryly.Taking out his phone, Carlos dialed her number in a bid to understand the situation better. “That’s a waste of time, too”. Mr. Bridger spoke up again, causing Carlos to gaze with so much confusion.“Where could she be? I need to see her”. “You won’t be able to see her for a long time, you should leave already”Carlos was going to push further but eventually gave up after seeing the look in her father's eyes.**********Mac’s Consortium“The copies of the contract should be hidden in a safe, not to be brought out except if need be. Remove the Bridgers from the list of our debtors, everything has been settled.”“One more thing, watch him closely. He’s meant to move to another city anytime soon, make sure that happens. Keep tabs on the other family members, anyone can become repulsive.”Mac ended the call and went back to his table. Dressed in champagne-colored suits, he looked breathtaking as his curly hair rested on one side.His lengthy fingers softly landed on the keyboard as he seemed to be occupied by what he was working on. Feeling a familiar presence, Mac waited for her to speak up, but she remained mute.“You should stare responsibly”“My apologies boss, here’s what you asked for”The junior staff in the welfare department quickly dropped his coffee and left with her tail between her legs. “Is it just me, or is our boss stunning?” Carmen spoke up, totally distracting everyone. “He looks breathtakingly handsome”“Sometimes I can’t help it”“It’s weird how he maintains his skin, glowing from year to year” “Yeah, he was created specially” Alice grinned while shutting her eyes.Upon sighting a figure they all feared, everyone went mute without waiting for the other. Dressed in a sky-blue shirt with white stripes, black pants, shining black shoes with a gold design, and dark glasses, Dexter gave off a wealthy vibe.The aura he exuded and the straight look on his face always scared the talkative workers. “You are all lucky, if it were in my place, I’d have fired you all and easily replaced you in a day”“Mac is too lenient, that’s why he ended up with nothing but loudmouthed workers” Dexter claimed while taking off his glasses, looking them straight in the eyes.“Come in already, you reek of anger” “It’s different here, you’re unusually happy” Dexter blurted out as they both locked eyes.“What!”Mac had just entered his head and told him what he least expected.

Chapter 2: With you, I'm better than I was

2018…..Time came to a halt as the company’s door unveiled a stunning figure. Dressed in a matching peach-colored blazer and loose pants, dark glasses, and a golden handbag, Audrey elegantly walked into DEX construction.“You look nothing less than a CEO.” Dexter flattered as he winked at her, causing her to turn as red as a tomato. “You can say that. As the PRO, I should be worth looking at, I’m just trying to do my job” Audrey retorted happily.“I get your point, you’re excellently carrying out your job. Are you this dedicated to everything?” Dexter probed happily.“Once it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing well. Enjoy the rest of your day, sir”.“Fast one! I didn’t see that coming” Dexter placed his hands in his pocket as his ever mean face returned, immediately leaving the other staf


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