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“Any woman who by chance becomes the first alpha to this pack, shall not be mate with anybody lower than her title, she must only be a mate to an Alpha of her class, if she by any means goes against this rule, she must then step down from being the Alpha and must therefore transfer her title to another member of the pack who is next in line ” with this rule, Erica accepts being the Alpha of the pack and vows to make her father happy by granting his wish of not violating the rules. Read the intriguing story of Erica who is the only child of the most powerful Alpha in history of Wolves. From childhood she had always wanted to become the first Wolf to break history by becoming the Alpha female in the pack. It was her biggest dream and goal to accomplish. She grows up and ends up becoming the first Alpha female in her pack. As the first Alpha female to the pack, by rule leased on their family by their ancestors, with this rule, Erica accepts being the Alpha of the pack and vows to make her father happy by granting his wish of not violating the rules therefore removing her mind from having a mate because she felt it would be impossible to find an alpha as powerful as her. She ends up meeting a new worker of low ranking her beta recruited into her business who ends up being her mate, she tries really hard to develop hatred towards him but falls deeply for him. despite knowing the rules of the pack, she becomes stucked between her dreams, the pack, her father’s wish and her mate, Will she reject him as her mate or go against her own pack to fight for her mate?

Chapter 1

My name is Erica Mareen, I was born into the moonwalk pack. I am the only child of my parents, the alpha and the Luna of this pack.

I grew up not knowing who my mother was because according to my father she lost her life trying to give birth to me as a pup.

My father has been really sad after losing my mom, it shows on his face all the time. Losing a mate can be very drastic and it takes only the strongest wolves to overcome such tragedy.

Even while he was being pressured by the packed council to mate with another Luna (wolf). He refused and decided to protect the pack solo which was the first time an alpha ruled without a Luna in the history of the moonwalk pack.

My uncles had always questioned my father about who would be the next Alpha since I didn’t have a brother but he would always tell them not to worry about it.

“Time shall tell who the next Alpha would be,” he said to them.

My father Karlos Mareen, the Alpha to the pack is a very loving man, not only that he is one of the most popular business gurus known in the city.

I’ve always wanted to be like my father, but so much better than him, growing up I always wanted to be a very powerful Alpha female, a wolf the pack members would respect.

In the type of pack I grew up in, wolves didn’t believe females were capable of making such historical steps so my cousins, aunts, and uncles would always laugh at me when I ever say such things around them.

“You can only become a Luna, beta, or a pack member, not an alpha,” my uncle said laughing.

This made me dislike certain members of the pack, I had no feelings for the pack anymore, and slowly I decided to keep my ideas and dreams to myself since no one believed in me only my father.

One day, after I came back from the pack training, I heard my father was bitterly sick and I would have to find my mate in the next few months for him to become the next Alpha and me the next Luna.

“That is crazy, I can’t just find my mate that easily, the moon goddess has to bless me with one and besides you can’t just crown anyone the Alpha to this pack, he has to possess the alpha gene in him”, I said opposing the packed council.

“We are aware of that, getting the Alpha gene into your mate wouldn’t be a hard thing to do since your father is still alive but sick”,

“All he has to do is bite him for the gene to be transferred to him,” the council said in return.

“What if my mate is an Alpha of another pack?” I asked

“Then another alpha would be chosen from the pack” the council replied to me

“Why can’t I just take over from my father as the Alpha?” I asked them growling

“It has never happened before, that a female is an Alpha of this pack, you would have to fight with another male pack to become an Alpha of this pack..”

“… this would only happen if your father passes on but now that your father is still alive, you’ll have to find your mate,” the council said in return.

“Fight for a title that rightfully belongs to us?” My wolf Avila said growling. “Calm down,” I said as I tried to control her.

“Alright,” I said leaving the council.

“I can’t believe you accepted their nonsense,” Avila said to me growling.

I have a bossy and most time angry wolf who doesn’t accept trash from anyone.

“I didn’t, I have no other choice, if fighting with other male wolves would make me rule after my father and become the next Alpha of the moonwalk pack, then I’ll do what it takes but for now, my father is still alive and I hope on the moon goddess that he remains alive, I can’t live without him” I replied to her.

Weeks passed and I searched and waited for a long for my mate, praying that my father should get better so I wouldn’t have to continue this search of finding my mate.

Months passed and still, nothing, while I waited for my mate, I was asked by my sick father to join my uncle in running the pack business and his company in the city for the main time.

I was so sad about my father being sick and wasn’t sure I would be able to run the business the way he did.

I went to his dark quiet room and turned on the night lamp looking at his pale white face with my eyes full of tears.

“Don’t do that” he said cleaning my tears.

“Dad” I called out to him holding his cold weak hands.

“Nothing is going to happen to me, don’t worry about that,” he said giving me a weak grin on his face.

“I know but you can’t contact your wolf……is he still…” I said being interrupted by my father.

“Listen my little pup, you worry too much. I don’t need you bothering yourself with me, there are many things for you to bother yourself about, you are the only one I have left in my life, you know you are the only one who may understand the way this business and the pack works more than anybody, you are 19, you are old enough to take over” he said putting his weak hands on my head.

“But daddy are you aware that the council has asked me to find my mate in other to still rule in this pack but as a Luna?” I said to him

“The council and the pack members don’t want you as their next alpha, they have been against it since the day you were born, I am the Alpha of this pack, and tomorrow at the pack meeting I will declare you as the next Alpha, anyone who doesn’t agree to this should leave the pack. There would be rules that would come with you being the next Alpha and you have to promise me that you wouldn’t violate those rules” my father said assuring me of the position of the next Alpha.

Chapter 2

“I won’t daddy” I said to him.

“But right now I need you to promise me that you would take charge and rule the pack with honor, please do it for me” he said as he held my hands. I felt so bad and decided not to let my father down.

The next day before my father could declare me as the next Alpha, he passed on. And I was asked to either fight for the position of the next Alpha with other male wolves which some were my cousins or back down which I would never do.

I was so sad about my father’s death that I couldn’t contact Avila. She was more hurt than me. It took me a while before I could finally contact her.

The day for the fight had been declared. I focused on my father’s business along side on my pack training, I didn’t want anything coming between me and the title of becoming the next Alpha. I didn’t want any distractions not even this so called thing called mate.

Sometimes I would let my wolf take control and go running in the forest, pounding my


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